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Spawn makeup artist Greg Nicotero compares reboot to ’90s animated show



Makeup artist Greg Nicotero compared Todd McFarlane’s Spawn reboot to the ’90s show, saying it’s inspired by David Fincher and “down and dirty.”

Despite languishing in development hell for years, veteran makeup artist Greg Nicotero offered an update to Todd McFarlane. Spawn reboot, comparing its tone to the ’90s animated show. Created by McFarlane in 1992, Spawn is a gritty antihero originally named Albert Francis Simmons. A former CIA agent, Simmons is killed and sent to Hell where he makes a deal with the demon Malebolgia that allows him to return to Earth as Hellspawn where he fights organized crime in New York City, along with other demons and angels. A film adaptation starring Michael Jai White was released in 1997 but was criticized by critics; however the animated series, The appearance of Todd McFarlane which ran from 1997 to 1999 and with Keith David won two Emmys during his run.

Originally announced in 2015, McFarlane will be the director of Spawn reboot, having also written the script. In 2018, it was announced that Jamie Foxx will star opposite Avengers’ Jeremy Renner, with the film described as low budget and inspired by David Fincher. Sadly, the project struggled to get off the ground and seemingly caught up in the developmental hell of production company Blumhouse, the force behind many horror films, including the Halloween to restart. However the success of Joker in 2019 would have breathed new life into the film, with a production reboot following the success of the R-rated film.

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While there have been few words about the reboot lately, Nicotero, who has been a makeup artist on The walking dead for several years and co-founded the KNB EFX group which won an Academy Award for its work on Suicide Squad in 2017, provided an update. Talk to Comicbook.com, Nicotero said McFarlane is still very passionate about Spawn and he wants the movie to be “a little rough and dirty “. Specifically, the artist said the plan was that the film “more like the animated series, where it’s like Spawn meets David Fincher ”. You can read Nicotero’s full statement below:

“We have drawings … [McFarlane] came in, and he said, ‘Look, we’re doing this thing, and it’s going to be a low budget, and it’s kinda dirty. And I want it to be more like the animated series, where it’s like Spawn meets David Fincher. He wanted to do that kind of gritty, dirty kind of thing. And so, we’ve done a lot of concept work here. We did a bunch of design busts and a lot of really, really cool stuff. And then it kind of got stuck. Every now and then I reach out and say, “Hey.” I’m looking at the busts in my office and I’m like, ‘Hey, Todd, what’s up with this? Are we ever going to do that? ‘ Because I am really in love with the design work we did. Look, I hope this will happen. I know he’s very passionate about it. And look, if you really think of Spawn, Todd McFarland was way ahead of his time, man, way out of his time in terms of what he’s done with this character. I really feel like there is a world where there is a good Spawn movie. “

King Spawn

From the noise of things, everyone involved is eager to start work on the Spawn restart with Nicotero himself saying he is “lover of design work” that he and his team did. It’s understandable that producers are afraid to bet on an R-rated superhero movie, but as the smashing success of Joker, as well as other titles like Dead Pool, there is certainly a market for such films. Superhero movies tend to be a bit more sanitized these days, in part because of the MCU’s dominance and appeal to large audiences. As such, there has been a desire for darker superhero movies, although those that have been made have divided, a la Zack Snyder. Batman vs. Superman. There are hopes that Spawn can fix it.

Spawn still has a significant fan base and the character is often on the lists of greatest comic book characters. Additionally, fans are clamoring for Spawn’s return to the big screen, and Nicotero’s claim that the film will be closer to the tone and scope of the animated series will only create more hype around the project. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic probably didn’t help kick-start production, but hopefully, as things start to get back to normal, that will change and lead to more information. on Spawn In the coming months.

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Source: Comicbook.com

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