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CSotD: ascent and descent on Sunday morning

It happened to this, as Non Sequential (AMS) remind us.

It’s not even a case of good old Proverbs 26:4 anymore, Do not answer a fool according to his folly, lest you be like him also., although it’s certainly true that you have to distinguish between someone wanting a chat and someone just throwing mudballs.

Even then, we must skip a chapter at Proverbs 27:22, Even if you grind a fool like grain with a mortar and pestle, his madness will not go away from him.

Usually the answer lies between the two, in Proverbs 26:17, Like the one who grabs a dog by the ears is a passerby who gets involved in a quarrel that is not histhat some of us quote from Vietnam and most of us have since forgotten in the age of social media.

Anyway, to quote another typeface, the line is drawn, the curse is castand no one will hear what you have to say.

They will only judge which side it is coming from and react accordingly.

So let’s move on to lighter fare, and allow me to commend Dave Coverly for that. Retarder (AMS) not because it’s so brilliant, even if it made me laugh, but to know what a sea ​​Dog looks like. It’s just a small silhouette in the background, but such things matter.

But I don’t know what to do with it Flying McCoys (AMS)because the two youts in the file should be called Biff and Chip, but I won’t say more than that, because here we have a kind of cowtipping code of silence that keeps the sport alive.

You’ll just have to trust me that no one named Bubba has ever been caught in the act.

It must be because country boys are so experienced in the game. Yeah right.

But I’ll give the McCoys a compensatory LOL for that Duplex (AMS), because it really pissed me off. I finally started hitting the ball around 13, and the first few times I got to goal it was the result of stunning the defence.

Speaking of countries, as we were, Edison Lee (KFS) makes people laugh not so much for the joke as for the memory of a guy who got lost on mount elbert last fall and stayed there for 24 hours, not because he forgot his cell phone, but because he didn’t answer repeated calls from a number he didn’t recognize.

It was the search and rescue team.

As always, it’s not so much that you can’t make these things up, but that you don’t have to.

As Guillaume Haefili reminds us of the importance of being prepared when stepping out into the midday sun. Ready to laugh.

I used caps this summer, but a few years ago I had a good budding boater that was cool, protected my head, and looked good. For a certain time. Until he got thrown into the passenger seat a few too many times between rides.

But he had no chin guard.

(Yes, I know. Coverage is important. My ex-stepfather was very prone to skin cancer so wore a kepi when he mowed the lawn. It looked unusual, but not corny. There is a difference.)

To which I will add that it is really hot, here as in from Banx native Britain, where they walk their dogs across.

The park where my dog ​​recreates includes a large sports field that she’s not supposed to go to, in any sense of the word, but it’s been largely ignored this summer, due to understaffing at Parks and Rec and the fact that the city has built a sports complex on the other side of the city.

The interesting thing is that, despite near-drought here, the native grass in the other three-quarters of the place seems to be doing quite well, but the magical green velvet planted on the ground is indeed turning into hay.

There is an ecology lesson here for anyone looking to learn something.

And another quibble today, for Real Live Adventures (AMS)because I can’t imagine how a child could grow old enough to talk without trying peas.

It’s normal not to like them. My little brother didn’t like frozen peas, but not because he was a stranger. He didn’t like the texture.

But, my goodness, there was a time in my two sons’ lives when frozen peas and Cheerios made up a pretty big percentage of their between-meal consumption, as well as a pretty big percentage of the stuff strewn under their high chairs. and therefore an important part of the regular diet of dogs.

The assault on things that, if you can’t explain them, probably don’t work, continues to Sherman’s Lagoon (AMS)and this topic probably seems safe from the danger of a comic book delay on the page after the cyberbeaniebabies miraculously recovered and are now worth more than you paid for them.

In any event, Paul Krugman and I have doubts.

The joke here being that Sherman is usually the lunatic, but we’ve all seen how that played out. Someone should turn this tape into an NFT and sell it for $50,000 in bitcoins.

Still on the subject of the bafflegab, I’ve been to enough meetings that all I can say to today’s Madame & Eve is that in the end, that’s what it is. is.

One more of those meetings and I was going to be Mr. Stevenson.