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The Best TV Shows To Not Get Emmy Nominations, According To Reddit


Like many award shows, the annual Emmys also have their fair share of snubs. In some cases, audience favorites like Thread and Leftovers getting a handful of nominations but barely getting any wins. In other cases, some modern cult classics don’t even make the final cut.

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Based on the opinions of many frustrated and disappointed Reddit users, some of these shows like The extent and Veronique March were too genre-specific for Emmys liking. Yet these shows still have a stellar legacy among fans, and awards are needed to prove their worth. In some other cases, broadcast rights in US territories could prevent acclaimed shows from making the cut. Doctor Who and several iconic animated series haven’t garnered any Emmy love for this reason.


The extent

The Expanse season 6 Rocinante Crew

The extent is arguably one of the best sci-fi shows to watch right now. Coming to an end this year, the original Prime’s six seasons revolved around an intergalactic future where Mars and Earth are at war with each other. A larger mystery unfolds as a ship’s captain and a detective investigate the disappearance of a young girl.

With a new sci-fi narrative that hasn’t emulated any of the previous space franchises, the series is also very faithful to the novels of James SA Corey. Despite a committed fan base, The extent did not earn any Emmy nominations. As Reddit user ISellAwesome puts it, “The extent is criminally snubbed.”

Doctor Who

Jodie Whittaker in Doctor Who

Despite the immense popularity of the time-traveling adventures of Doctor Who, the decades-old BBC show could never make the Emmys cut due to its ineligibility as a British TV show like Doctor Who.

When BBC America served as co-producer on the franchise, it finally got a name, but that too for the Outstanding Derivative Interactive Program category. Doctor Who: The Runaway was just a standalone animated spin-off with an interactive visual experience. From where, Doctor Who as a series on its own has yet to get Emmy love. THe_DOHnut OP notes, “This is a very, very minor award” while an unknown user adds “It’s not a huge thing but it’s great to see the show getting some recognition!”


Invincible carries Titan while he flies

Invincible is one of those adult animated shows that subverts the superhero genre with mature violence and self-aware humor. The first season of the superhero drama has been hailed as a breath of fresh air in an overcrowded genre. With special praise for its songwriting and the vocal talents of Steven Yeun and JK Simmons, Invincible was to sweep the animated Emmys categories.

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Unfortunately, the Emmys couldn’t recognize the hype surrounding this adaptation of the Image Comics series. Regarding Outstanding Animation Program, 2021 Invincible was snubbed in favor of shows like The Simpsons and Bob’s Burgers (shows that have already been nominated multiple times for previous seasons). This snub angered the Reddit committee with users like TheJonExp saying, “The Emmys are a joke.” Then there are fans who are convinced that even if Invincible is currently Emmy-less, the series still has a dedicated fanbase. “It wouldn’t be a competition if they included Invincible,” summarizes Lord-Chamberpot.

Veronique March

Kristen Bell as Veronica Mars in Veronica Mars

The crime thriller series Veronique Mars added to one of Kristen Bell’s best roles who would enjoy greater fame with The right place. Although the latter managed to get a few names, the former never got any.

Maybe the reason could be that crime thrillers like Veronique March barely make the Emmy cut ever. As Reddit user johnadreams notes, “With things like Veronique Mars…I can understand these shows being too kind for the awards committee.” Another user called interfail further laments that “she (Kristen Bell) really should have gotten proper awards for Veronica Mars.”


Netflix Castlevania Season 2 Promotional Art Featuring Trevor, Sypha, and Alucard

Based on the games of the same name, Netflix Castlevania is a hyperviolent tale of vampires, wizards and a host of mystical beings. The series was noted for its faithful take on gaming lore as well as favorable reviews in terms of voice acting and animation.

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Redditor OMG2Reddit enthusiastically writes, “Holy F*** CastlevaniaThe animation should win an Emmy! In fact, throw all the Emmys at this fucking amazing masterpiece!” With the show’s final season also being snubbed for this year’s Emmys, Cow_other dismissed the list of nominees for Outstanding Animated Program as “terrible programming”.

Steven Universe

The characters of Steven Universe are intergalactic warriors who encounter the titular hero, an unlikely ally who inherits the powers of a magical gemstone. Steven’s incompetence lands the team in hilarious situations that form the premise of this surreal children’s show.

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Although produced by Cartoon Network, Steven Universe didn’t get much exposure at the Emmys. PretendMarsupial 9 noted that this was a sad development, as not only did the cartoon offer great episodes and stellar music, but it was also a landmark show for LGBTQIA+ representation. For example, the character Stevonnie is presented as an intersex, non-binary fusion of Steven and Conne.

space dandy

Space Dandy's main crew looks curious.

space dandy is a bizarre space comedy anime that deals with the daily misadventures of a bounty hunter. However, just like many other anime series, space dandy never had the chance to compete at the Emmys. There might be a reason such animes have been snubbed, as ValiantSerpant mentions that the awards require that “a show must originally air on American television… between 6:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m., and at at least 50% of the country.”

Despite this limitation, another SonicFrost user adds that space dandy would still have been eligible. In their own words, “it aired at 11:30 p.m. in the United States on a major national television network before it even aired in Japan.” It’s no surprise to find slightly bolder anime that doesn’t get nominated when even popular modern anime shows have never competed for the awards.

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