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The cast of the animated series reunite for new audio drama



Next year marks the 30th anniversary of Batman: The Animated Series preview, and fans were hoping Warner Bros. would do something to mark the occasion. After all, this is one of the best iterations of the Dark Knight we’ve ever seen, and it remains a beloved show that continues to find new fans through streaming and personal video.

We heard intermittent rumors of a potential resumption that would be exclusive to HBO Max, but they turned out to be false when JJ Abrams’ Batman: Crusader in a Cloak was announced instead, with Bruce Timm a key part of the creative team.

However, while we probably aren’t going to have any new episodes to complement the 85 that aired between 1992 and 1995, Kevin Conroy revealed during an appearance at Los Angeles Comic-Con via The Hollywood Reporter that Batman: The Animated Series receives a whole new audio drama, with longtime writer Alan Burnett overseeing the project.

The market for audio-only Gotham City deals has exploded recently with Batman: Audio Adventures with Jeffrey Wright and Winston Duke’s Batman not buried, but it would be safe to assume that fans of Batman: The Animated Series will ensure that anything involving Conroy and his former cohorts propels to the top of the most anticipated list.