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The red poster features a major character


A play has been working on its Wano Country saga for quite some time now, and the anime strives to catch up with the manga with every episode it drops. Soon however, the series will take a brief interlude as the team plans to launch a new film. One piece: red is set to hit theaters this fall, and a new poster has gone live for the project.

As you can see below, the new poster focuses on a never-before-seen character. The visual was shown recently during a livestream in Japan, and it was there that the girl in this poster was called a mystery woman. She is seen wearing a delicate dress with an oversized bomber jacket filled with cute patches. And of course, her two-toned hair will remind shonen fans of Shoto Todoroki given her red-white aesthetic.

The update doesn’t give any information on who this character might be, but it looks like she’s meeting Luffy. The livestream revealed a line of dialogue from the character, and she asks Luffy if he wants to stop being a pirate. It could mean that the girl is part of a different organization that is interested in Luffy. So for now, A play fans are unsure if this girl should be called a hero or a villain.

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Of course, netizens are already beginning to speculate about the woman’s origins, and her two-tone hair has sparked the interest of her family. Some fans are wondering if this woman could be related to Shanks, the leader of the Red Hair Pirates and one of the Yonko. After all, she has red hair and we know Shanks will play a big part in this movie. This girl could very well be related to Shanks in some way, and in fact, some fans go so far as to suggest that it could be his daughter.

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