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The unspeakable truth of the Grinch


Like so many other fantastic and fictional characters, The Grinch is uniquely the invention of children’s book author Dr. Seuss, and is a loner whose “otherness” is explicitly represented by appearance and physicality. that don’t match anyone or anything else. The Grinch is said to have a “two sizes too small” heart, which could have a big influence on his physique and mental state. “You’re going to make that little heart beat twice as fast” to pump enough blood throughout your body, Johns Hopkins University cardiology professor (and Grinch researcher) Dr. David Kass told KPBS. Such a physical problem could lead to a bad mood, theorized Dr. Kass.

But then the literal heart of the Grinch, when he lets Christmas enter his metaphorical heart, is said to grow into “three sizes.” It is not uncommon in nature. “It’s really a snake. I mean not just any snake, it’s a python,” explained Dr. Kass. The heart of a Burmese python, in particular, grows rapidly and significantly right after eating. The cardiologist points to two textual clues that suggest the Grinch is that kind of snake – heart growth occurs at the time of a big “roast beast” meal, and when he meets Cindy Lou Who, the character “slips” around, all like a serpent.