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Tribute Prize of the Cartoon Forum: Ketnet-VRT, Miam! TAT Productions



TAT Productions and the production-distribution company Miam! Animation, both French, and Belgian broadcaster Ketnet-VRT won the Tributes Awards at this year’s Cartoon Forum in person, the first European forum for animated television series which closed today in Toulouse.

One of the leading studios in the thriving animation region of Occitanie, which includes Toulouse, TAT Productions won the Producer of the Year award. The company was founded in 2000 by David Alaux, Eric Tosti and Jean-François Tosti. TAT won an International Emmy Award for the TV show “The Jungle Bunch to The Rescue” in 2015.

He is also the originator of the feature films “Terra Willy” and “The Adventures of Pil” and currently produces “Argonuts” sold by Kinology, a $ 12 million North budget adventure comedy directed by David Alaux, who directed TAT’s first feature film, “La jungle Bunch”, one of the most lucrative French productions outside of France in 2017. TAT is also developing two other feature films: “The Jungle Bunch 2” and “Pets on a Train ”.

A production-distribution company Yum! Animation won the Distributor / Investor of the Year award. Founded in 2016 by Hanna Mouchez, Miam! focuses on animated and hybrid programs. Yum! opened a studio in 2019.

The company is currently in production with France Télévisions the series “Edmond and his friends”, an adaptation of the books of the illustrated series of the same title by Marc Boutavant, the release of which is scheduled for August 2022.

Yum ! is also developing the series “The Tinies”, alongside Canal Plus. Miam’s international sales catalog! includes series such as “Yeti Tales”, “Kaeloo” and “Brazen”.

Recognized as Broadcaster of the Year, Ketnet is the children’s brand of the Belgian pubcaster in the Flemish part of the country. The channel focuses on children up to 12 years old, while Ketnet Junior is a sub-brand targeting children up to six years old. Ketnet’s productions include ‘Bobbie the Bear’, ‘Create’, ‘How to Do Things Right’ and ‘Tik Tak’, all produced by Ketnet-VRT and under license from Serious Lunch of the UK.



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