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Ultra City Smiths First Trailer Explains Show Title


AMC + is releasing the first trailer for its Ultra City Smiths stop-motion animated comedy series, explaining the meaning of the show’s title.

AMC + released the first trailer for Ultra City Smiths, an animated stop motion comedy show developed and produced by Steven Conrad, creator of the Amazon Prime series Patriot “and other cool stuff,” as the trailer playfully puts it.

Ultra City Smiths uses baby dolls transformed into adults who reside in the spooky metropolis known as Ultra City. As seen in the trailer, the series follows detectives David Mills (Jimmi Simpson) and Gail Johnson (Da’Vine Joy Randolph) as they investigate the mysterious death of Carpenter K. Smith (Kurtwood Smith), a highly respected Ultra City tycoon and mayoral candidate who has vowed to tackle the city’s endemic crime and corruption. The show takes its title not only from Carpenter Smith, but from the last people he was with before his murder, all of whom share his last name.

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A parody of procedural police drama and neo-noir genres, Ultra City Smiths is a mature stop-motion animated comedy series in the vein of Hulu MODOK and swimming for adults Robot Chicken. Each of the half-dozen episodes in the first season will feature a comedic song and dance number, one of which is highlighted in the trailer.

The back half of the Ultra City Smiths the trailer features the show’s many quirky characters and the actors who voiced them, including Bebe Neuwirth as wrestler Andrea the Giant, Melissa Villaseñor as sister Mary Margaret, Tim Heidecker as mayor Kevin De Maximum, Kristen Bell as Donella Pecker, Dax Shepard as Congressman Chris Pecker, Tim Meadows as Deputy Mayor Jeff Thumb, Terry O’Quinn as Captain Krieger, Hana Mae Lee as Christina, Luis Guzmán as Rodrigo Smalls, Jason Mantzoukas as Tim the TMZ reporter, Chris Conrad as Nico Onasis, Sunita Mani as Detective Jaya Mukherjee, Julian Barratt as World’s Most Dangerous Man and Tom Waits as Narrator.

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Robot Chicken co-creator Seth Green serves as executive producer here, along with John Harvatine IV, Matthew Senreich, Eric Towner, Chris Waters, Jennifer Scher, Jeff Dieter and Thomas J. Glynn. In addition to creating and producing Ultra City Smiths, Steven Conrad is the season 1 showrunner.

AMC + will begin airing the first two episodes of Ultra City Smiths Thursday, July 22, with future episodes falling each week on Thursday.

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