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Why a Live Rick & Morty would never work


Despite the understandable excitement that surrounds Rick and Morty ‘s recent forays into the medium, a live-action version of the series would never work for many reasons. Since the start of the series in 2013, Rick and morty has said repeatedly that nothing is too wacky or offbeat for the lawless animated sitcom. Crazy Sex Dragons Rick and morty‘s Game Of Thrones Giant Incest Baby fandom-diving parody from season 5, episode 4, Rick and morty knows no bounds when it comes to crazy storytelling ideas and absurd humor.

Due to the freewheeling approach of the show, Rick and morty viewers were thrilled recently when the series produced a trio of brief live-action promos. Starring Christopher Lloyd and Jaeden Martell, these short bumpers were generally fun, self-referential snippets of what live-action is like. Rick and morty might look like, and much of the show’s significant fan base has gone wild for them. However, despite the popularity of these shorts, Rick and morty could never function as a live action series for several reasons.

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Since the start of the show, Rick and morty has never been limited by what live television can achieve or afford. The series saw the main characters destroy entire planets, wage wars, and travel through space, which could be prohibitive for a cult live-action sitcom. Rick and morty have even shifted realities a few times, something very few live shows could achieve without a budget greater than what an Adult Swim hit can possibly afford. However, money is just one of the things that makes animation the right medium for Rick and morty. The show’s craziness and dark humor also rests on the show’s animation, as live-action. Rick and morty could easily be both smaller and darker than many audiences would be interested in.

Rick & Morty is too (comically) gore

Rick and Morty One Rick Morty Killing Practice with Captain Planet Rings

Explicit violence and gratuitous gore probably aren’t the first things most Rick and morty Viewers would associate with the show, but they sure would if the success turned into live action. Even more emotionally anchored episodes like “A Rickconvenient Death” (season 5, episode 3) feature entire mining crews melted alive, half a dozen people graphically slaughtered by the show’s teenage hero, and entire planets reduced to dust by mass extinction events. . Not only would it be very expensive to shoot live-action, but making that amount of violence fun would be a tall order for any director. The horror comedy genre has made it clear for decades that a plot involving buckets of blood can be funny despite its disgusting elements, but live-action Rick and mortyThe level of on-screen gore would need to be drastically reduced to keep the series in the comedic tone it has as an animated series.

Quentin Tarantino’s films offer a sense of how a live-action Rick and morty could use onscreen violence, with many of the director’s bloodiest moments being brief and comedic in their abrupt execution. The coxswain’s most dramatically charged moments of violence, like the cop ordeal in Reservoir dogs, tend not to be seen onscreen, and its bloodiest shocks are usually comically sudden, like Marvin’s infamous pulp Fiction go out. However, in Rick and mortyIn the Universe, the body count is much higher and bloody violence is much more common, which means that it would be impossible to transfer Tarantino’s successful approach to a live-action version of the series. Almost all episodes of Rick and morty, including its Thanksgiving special, features intense violence that is hilarious in animation but would be both expensive and potentially hard to watch (or at least, hard to laugh at) in live-action.

Rick & Morty is too ambitious

Rick and Morty season 5 hiatus saved the finale

Rick and morty is an admirably ambitious series, never settling for simplicity when the series can pursue a more complicated or weird approach to the story of each episode. As a result, the reach of the Adult Swim series makes Rick and morty too ambitious a show for live-action where, even with the help of CGI and special effects, the stories are inherently limited by what the creators can afford to stage. Rick and mortyThe Season 5 finale, for example, saw the series turn its multi-season narrative upside down by killing countless versions of the two main characters, destroying an entire city, and effectively ending a multiverse by dismantling the central finite curve. . Even in the midst of animation, the final scenes were an unexpected psychedelic journey in which time slowed down and sped up, entire alternate universes were destroyed in an instant, and countless versions of realities crashed into one. against the others as the stage set for the show was sucked up. a black hole.

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Trying to stage Rick and mortySeason 5 finale in a live-action series would require a huge budget, a lofty vision, and most importantly, a conscious sense of humor to maintain throughout all of the greatness of the episode’s ending. Nevertheless Rick and morty‘s 2001: A Space Odyssey– referencing visuals in the final moments of the episode, the Season 5 finale is a fun, fast-paced outing that continues to make clever asides and meta-jokes until the end credits. It’s virtually impossible to imagine a live-action series combining the immersive and ambitious sci-fi of Rick and morty with the show’s loose, quirky humor, and one or another element of the show would undoubtedly have to be sacrificed for a live-action adaptation to work.

Rick & Morty’s hero is too young

Holographic Rick talks to Beth and Morty in Rick and Morty

Justin Roiland’s voiceover work gives Morty an incredibly nervous teenage scream, but, especially in the show’s riskiest moments, it’s always reassuring to remember the actor is over forty in his life. reality. Throwing a real fourteen year old to play Morty would do Rick and mortythe tasteless moments of much more uncomfortable, much like a live-action South Park could not pull out the majority of its plots. Although Jaeden Martell, the actor who plays Morty in the brief Adult Swim bumpers, is actually 18, that only opens up another logistical problem for the series. Like most cartoon characters, Rick and Morty haven’t aged since the series began in 2013, when a live-action version of the series should have recast the teenage hero at least once if not twice already. by season 5. So, despite the viewer’s excitement, Rick and morty must contain its live-action ambitions (hopefully) a single episode or other cameo appearance from Lloyd and Martell, rather than an entire spin-off series moving into more limited and grounded support.

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