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William Shatner’s “TekWar” Is Being Developed As An Animated Series, And It Could Head To Space – TrekMovie.com


At 90, nothing slows down by Star Trek Captain Kirk. At the time of the release of William Shatner’s latest album, comes the announcement of a new series in development from his TekWar books and a report that he’s about to go to space.

TekWar is reborn

According to Deadline, William Shatner TekWar book series – which also spawned a television series, comics, and video game – is in development as an adult animated series. He teamed up with Pure Imagination Studios for a show developed by Matt Michnovetz (24, Star Wars: The Clone Wars). It is being described as a ‘mixed reality’ animated series that will include an element of audience participation via mobile devices.

by Shatner TekWar A series of nine novels released between 1989 and 1998 was adapted into a live television series that ran for two seasons between 1994 and 1996 in syndication and on USA Network. The books and series were based on a future where a high-tech mind-altering drug named “Tek” had transformed society. The series starred Greg Evigan as Jake Cardigan, a private investigator and former LAPD cop, with Shatner playing his boss and owner of private security firm Cosmos. It’s unclear what role, if any, Shatner would have for the new version in development.

John P. Roberts of Imagination sees TekWar war as relevant to today, saying in a statement: “We are very happy to work with the legendary William Shatner to reinvent the world of TekWar in a post-pandemic period. TekWar was truly ahead of its time in envisioning a future filled with AI and the world of simulated reality. It’s becoming our reality now, and we’re excited to build a storyline around it. “

Shatner in space?

Last Friday, TMZ announced that William Shatner was heading into real space, ready to be launched aboard the second Blue Origin human spaceflight, after their initial flight in July which included founder Jeff Bezos. So far, neither Shatner nor Blue Origin have confirmed the report. On Monday, Blue Origin confirmed that Flight NS-18 (the 18th flight of the New Shepard rocket) will launch on October 12 with four astronauts. They also announced two of those who would be going on the trip, promising that “two more astronauts will be announced in the coming days.”

If the report is true, it would make Shatner the oldest person to ever be in space. According to the TMZ report, Shatner’s space mission will be filmed for an upcoming documentary.

Shatner talks Rolling Stone premieres for new album

Shatner’s brand new autobiographical album Invoice has just been released. He spoke to Rolling Stone about his musical career and other firsts of his many years in the show business, including his first time on set for Star Trek and meets co-star Leonard Nimoy.

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