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Woman seriously injured in Garden City road rage incident, Roeper schools closed, breast milk struggles


A suspected road rage incident in Garden City resulted in gunfire and at least two vehicles crashing Thursday night. A driver not involved in the chaos, but who was hit, has been hospitalized, while police are questioning the second driver as a possible suspect.

A third car was involved, police say, but the make and model have not yet been released as the investigation continues.

Garden City Police received calls that two cars were driving recklessly on Middle Belt northbound near Cherry Hill. When officers responded, they received a call stating that shots had been fired and there had been an accident in Middle Belt and Maplewood.

A black Dodge pickup truck with visible bullet holes hit a blue subcompact sedan that was an innocent bystander.

“They provided emergency medical attention to one of the drivers,” said Sgt. Bruce Shippe, Garden City Police. “She was parked in a vehicle – not part of this situation.”

The driver of the sedan, who suffered extensive damage to the reading end, was rushed to hospital. His condition is not known.

Witnesses Jill Murray and Debbie Green say they heard 10 gunshots before seeing the accident.

“We ran outside and literally saw this car crash,” Murray said.

The driver of the truck initially fled on foot, but is currently being questioned by the police.

“He ran fast, fell on the street, got up and kept running, behind the blue building (next to it),” Murray said. “And then (he) came back.”

Witness Randy Taylor spoke to the driver of the black Dodge Ram who claimed he was being chased by the shooter.

“(I said) ‘Are you okay?’ (he had) blood and stuff like that, he said ‘I need my phone,'” Taylor said. “I said ‘What was going on here? I heard gunshots.’ He said, “They were chasing me. That’s why I was on the phone, 911.”

Shippe says a third car was involved, which is still at large but has not yet been able to provide a description.

If you have any information about the incident, call Garden City Police at (734) 793-1700.

Birmingham school closed after posting compares Barack Obama to monkeys

On Wednesday, FOX 2 learned of a startling assignment at a prestigious private school that compared former President Barack Obama to primates. Thusday, the school was closed and we learned that the teacher had been placed on administrative leave.

the Roeper School is facing a wave of controversy after students in a high school biology class were given an assignment titled ‘an introduction to primates’ and former President Barack Obama’s photo was listed. The assignment asked students to select from the photo gallery which ones were primates.

“There is no excuse,” Karzanis said. “Do your due diligence! Look at the same or the handout you’re handing out. Did she think it was okay in 2022 in an awakened school?” FOX 2 learned that the lesson was from Duke University in 2010 and a link to the PDF was on the University’s website but disappeared Thursday afternoon after we asked questions.

After our story aired, the school sent a letter to parents warning them that classes would be canceled on Thursday due to alleged threats against the Roeper community. The school reported the threats to the police. The school sent another apology email to parents and students and offered advice if needed. He also promised more training on racial bias for teachers.

Volunteer bandage drive at Beaumont in Royal Oak

Eve Collon is no stranger to a needle stroke. When she was in first grade, she was diagnosed with a blood disorder, which meant numerous blood tests. “So I had a lot of blood draws and they were taking different vials and I also had infusions,” she said. “So after that I was left with a nudge, and they were giving me a choice of dressing, so that was always something to look forward to.”

It’s not a big gesture. But it brought a little color and joy to her life during a difficult time for a teenager. Now a volunteer at Beaumont, Collon has turned to the cartoon characters and bright colors that adorn some bandages. into something bigger. What was just a “little patch” has become “much more symbolic”.

After learning that these bandages were only distributed if they were donated, she launched a campaign to get them back. He grew up fast. “I started this project last year and was able to raise 11,000 and this year I’m just over 16,000 and that number continues to grow,” she said.

On Thursday, Collon donated the dressings to Beaumont Royal Oak in hopes of bringing smiles to pediatric patients. “When I watch this, I deliver 16,000 smiles to the clinic,” she said.

Mother-of-2’s family mourns after fatal hit-and-run

After a tragic and unexpected hit and run that left a 32-year-old mother dead four days later, her family and friends I got the update they had prayed. The driver who struck and killed Iris Laciaga in southwestern Detroit surrendered to police on Thursday.

Iris Laciaga was walking to work when a van hit her as she was standing on the median strip waiting to cross the street. It happened Monday afternoon in the Livernois and Vernor area southwest of Detroit. “It’s crazy that she always told us about this street and that it happened on the same street, which she always warned us about,” said Jason Colon, a family member.

Iris worked as a janitor at Harms Elementary School and was well known and loved by many. “My nephew is a co-worker with her – he says he’s devastated, he says he doesn’t want to work there anymore because she’s not there,” Colon said. Iris’ husband and two sons created a GoFundMe in hopes to raise enough money to give iris a proper burial.

“I don’t know how to explain – the most beautiful woman I have ever seen on this planet,” Colon said. “I don’t know how bad things happen to good people.” “(Her) husband didn’t want to come out on camera, he feels like he can’t talk, he can’t say anything on camera because he would burst into tears,” Colon said. If you wish to help the family financially, you will find the GoFundMe page HERE.

Oxford seniors graduate from Pine Knob

The Pine Knob Music Theater had plenty of seats on Thursday night – but two seats were particularly empty at the Oxford High School graduation ceremony. They were for Justin Shilling and Madisyn Baldwin, two elderly people who were killed following the mass school shooting last year.

It was one of many symbols put in place during the tribute ceremony and a small tribute to the victims who had to brave a difficult school year following the tragic act of gun violence.

“When I think of an Oxford Wildcat, I think of resilience. Resilience is the ability to resist and recover quickly,” said Kylie Ossege, speaking from the podium. “Despite the challenges that have been thrown at us this year, we have resumed our school.”

Ossege graduated with honors and was the keynote speaker at the ceremony. She was one of seven people injured in the shooting and spent months in hospital recovering. Thomas Donnelly Jr., the school board chairman, also spoke on Thursday evening. “Who you are and how you are has become as important as what you do. Things like being principled, being caring, communicating,” he told the elderly.

What else are we looking at

  1. A 19-year-old man from Canton was found with a Smith & Wesson short-barreled shotgun in his lap during a traffic stop in Inkster on Thursday evening. He was taken into custody following a traffic stop for speeding.
  2. The Detroit People Mover reopens Friday. Six stations are open and trains will bypass seven others. There is no charge to ride for the first 90 days.
  3. Taylor Schools are hosting their first-ever United Special Olympics Day on Friday. Some 268 student-athletes will be at the school for the opening ceremonies at 9:30 a.m. before the games kick off. A number of medal and non-medal events will be up for grabs.
  4. ‘Cranbrook on the Green’ begins Friday. The Art Museum invites visitors to experience a new dimension of campus with an outdoor, artist-designed mini-golf course. The course will be open from May 25 to September 25.
  5. Clergy, citizens and activists will all hold a press conference at 11 a.m. Friday to address racial tensions that have risen in Oakland County. The incident in question happened at Roeper School in Birmingham, where a class assignment compared Barack Obama to a monkey.

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Baby formula vs. breast milk: Doctors explain what parents should do if there’s a shortage of formula

Many American parents are looking for formula milk amid a combination of short-term and long-term issues facing US infant formula brands, causing anxiety among many families and expectant mothers.

“My baby isn’t even here yet and I’m anxious about this shortage even though I plan to breastfeed if possible,” said Taylor Gassel, a Michigan resident who is expecting her first child in October.

Nationwide, about 40% of major retail stores are out of stock, up from 31% in mid-April, according to Datasembly, a data analytics firm. More than half of US states are experiencing stock-out rates between 40% and 50%, according to the firm, which collects data from 11,000 locations.

Here’s what doctors say parents should deal with the formula shortage.