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Yellowstone Star Teases The Main Character Is Ready To Explode


Things could go wrong for the Dutton family in season 5 of Yellowstone, especially since they are now up to their necks in the world of politics. John Dutton is Montana’s new governor, Beth Dutton is his chief of staff, and Jamie Dutton is being blackmailed into doing whatever they both say, even when law and politics are his areas of expertise. At some point this season, Jamie is probably going to snap, and things are going to go really awry when that happens.

Beth forced Jamie to kill her father, then filmed him disposing of the body. She controls it now, but it may not last long. Jamie is steaming and the folks at Market Equities see him as a weak link to expose. Actor Wes Bentley opened up to The Hollywood Reporter after YellowstoneThe Season 5 premiere about how dangerous Jamie could be in the future.

“Inside it’s boiling. And it’s going to explode,” Bentley explained. “Jamie’s potential to be the threat is real. Is it redemption? Is it revenge? Or is it survival? I don’t know. But something like this is going to have to happen. I don’t think that Jamie returns from the events of season four; I think he’s a changed man now.”

There is no recovery from the events of last season for Jamie, and they will likely dictate every decision he makes going forward. His relationship with his loved ones has changed forever, especially when it comes to Beth.

“Any love that was there went with Beth, and her dad basically took whatever job Jamie wanted out of this whole arrangement, so now he sees John differently too,” Bentley explained. “Jamie is a broken man, but right now he’s a broken man under someone’s thumb that has no way out, so he’s boiling and looking for that way out.”

Any way out for Jamie would likely spell big trouble for John, Beth, and the rest of the Dutton family. The question now is whether or not market stocks can capitalize on the split in the family.

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