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High-flying balloon figures star in the Thanksgiving parade


NEW YORK (AP) — Crowds of onlookers lined the streets of New York City Thursday as colorful, high-flying balloons help usher in the holiday season at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Mostly sunny skies and a light breeze are forecast for the annual tradition, which dates back nearly a century.

International cartoon sensation Bluey, the Australian cattle pup, will make his parade debut, with a balloon in his likeness as tall as a four-storey building and spanning as wide as seven taxis. Stuart, the one-eyed Minion, will also be there.

Snoopy, dressed as an astronaut, will make an appearance again, parade officials announced, as will Papa Smurf, Ronald McDonald and SpongeBob SquarePants.

This year’s parade, in numbers: 16 giant balloons, 28 floats, 40 novelty and heritage inflatables, 12 marching bands, 10 performance groups, 700 clowns and a Santa Claus.

The procession of characters will be joined by singer Paula Abdul, in her first parade appearance; indie pop group Fitz and the Tantrums; boy band Big Time Rush; “Blue’s clues and you!” » host Josh Dela Cruz; singer Gloria Estefan; gospel singer Kirk Franklin; actor Mario Lopez; reggae star Ziggy Marley; and Miss America 2022 Emma Broyles.

Singers Joss Stone, Jordin Sparks and Betty Who will also be part of the festivities, as will the stars of Peacock’s “Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin” — Adam Devine, Sarah Hyland and Flula Borg. Jimmy Fallon & The Roots will be on a float celebrating Central Park.

Viewers nationwide can watch the parade live on NBC and stream on Peacock.

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Humor, lavishly laced with wise sayings The Daily Cartoonist


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CSotD: Humor, richly laced with wise sayings

It’s not always easy, possible, or productive to separate comics into humor or politics, and Thorny Town (AMS) has always been a political band.

In this case, we see the Republican party taking nominal control of the House only for the Freedom Caucus to prepare to play the anger blocking roles the Democrats faced in the Senate with Manchin and Sinema.

They have indeed declared an apocalypse, mostly based on Hunter Biden’s laptop, that should trap their leadership in constant extremist and divisive games and undermine any chance of the party passing serious legislation.

The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee (KFS) started out as a more political strip than it is now, but here’s a comment that fits Prickly City, in that the incumbent has far less interest in politics than in getting re-elected.

I particularly like the way this is framed, as it seems to represent not so much the bomb throwers and lunatics as those potentially wiser lawmakers who sat in silence to indulge the extremists.

Today happens to be the anniversary of our first day in the presidency of Lyndon Johnson, who raised himself under the tutelage of Senator Sam Rayburn’s doctrine that to get along you have to go.

It was more polite than another doctrine that arose during LBJ’s administration, “When you have them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow.”

LBJ ruled with a little of both, but in the years that followed we saw the rise of Goldwater’s once-rejected doctrine: “Extremism in the defense of liberty is not a vice. Moderation in the pursuit of justice is not a virtue.

Kennedy’s assassination took place 59 years ago and the median age in the United States is 38, so the majority of Americans have never lived under his inaugural promiseswhich sparked enlistments in the Peace Corps and VISTA and inspired young people to go South and enlist disenfranchised voters.

Maybe you should be there. Today, such goals are derided as “woke”.

Although, to be historically honest, we also grew up with the policy of Buz Sawyer (KFS), which kicks off an adventure that’s a revival just a year before JFK was elected, and therefore not so many years before we had a real, non-fictional showdown with the Soviets off our coast.

Roy Crane delivers great art and good storytelling, but he had no qualms about letting his politics write the scripts.

I always thought it was curious BTW that my generation was raised on Robin Hood and Zorro’s heroic challenge to unjust governments and then banned from disneyland to look like the kind of people who could challenge unjust governments.

Can’t we talk about something nicer?

Not only can we talk about something nicer, but, for once, we can do it with a cartoon in Roz Chastwho coined the phrase as the title of a wise and important book.

Unlike any of them, but thank goodness because, just like on the internet, no one can tell you’re a dog, nor can they tell you’re not, in fact, the most fabulous cook, gardener or parent who ever walked the earth, especially if your schtick is about 30% advice and 70% self-promotion.

To quote another saying, when I google a recipe for how long and at what temperature to roast a chicken, I end up thinking of this: “If you ask him what time it is, he’ll tells how to build a clock.

My answer being an old Irish adage: “Close enough is close enough”.

There was a time when I knew how long and at what temperature to roast a chicken without having to look it up, just like I knew people’s phone numbers and how to get from point A to point B without GPS.

And please don’t tell me it’s because we know so much more now than before.

Non Sequential (AMS) argues that we only learned what we needed to know to make it through the finals, and that we emptied as many of our skulls as possible at the end of the academic year.

Which brings us dangerously close to politics, given how much we should have learned in Grade 8 social studies about the Constitution and so on.

The flaw in Wiley’s joke being that we still don’t realize we should have learned all of these things and we didn’t. As another old saying goes, ignorance is bliss.

No one seems to go through “It’s better to be silent and look like a fool than to speak up and dispel all doubt”, leaving us instead with Robert Willensky’s quote:

We’ve all heard that a million monkeys typing on a million typewriters will eventually reproduce all of Shakespeare’s works. Now, thanks to the internet, we know that’s not true.

Did you have enough wisdom for the day? here is a existential comics it reminds me of all the philosophy I endured in a major where philosophy played a major role. There was ethical and political philosophy which I really liked, and then there was metaphysics and other stuff that drifted into that.

For example, I understand that you don’t consider your view of reality to be certain, but when the professor holds out a piece of chalk and asks, “If I drop this, will it fall on the table?” my unspoken response was to offer to put some money on it.

Although, as Macanudo (KFS), I liked Nietzsche. As we said in the 60s, we thought he was Pietzsche.

And, in fact, we’ve put quite a bit of effort into field-testing this particular theory.

To finish, Buttons (KFS) triggered a college memory of a guy I knew who was home for the summer. One morning, his father woke him up because his own car wouldn’t start and he needed to borrow the boy’s junkyard to get to work.

As he slipped behind the wheel, however, he found a note, from a rejected lover, recounting his last passionate encounter with his son in some anatomical detail and begging for a second chance.

Sonny Boy was supposed to study for the priesthood.

Dad was late for work that morning.

Well. It could have been worse.

11 live-action directors have made animated films


Robert Zemeckis has perhaps the most unusual career arc of any filmmaker on this list in that he quit working in live action for a decade to focus entirely on directing multiple films. with motion capture animation. Zemeckis has already had a long career pushing new horizons in special effects in movies like “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” and “Forrest Gump.” “Roger Rabbit” has successfully combined animated and live action characters, so it makes sense that it would be drawn to a technique that combines animated characters with the performance of a live actor.

Whether this change in artistic direction was successful is another story. His first mo-cap film, 2004’s “The Polar Express,” was the most successful at the box office of the three, especially considering its multiple Christmas re-releases, but not quite a cartoonish death but not all quite realistic. the eyed figures instantly came to define the “strange valley”. 2007’s “Beowulf” and 2009’s “A Christmas Carol” offered some improvements in technology, but were very expensive to produce and failed to recoup their huge budgets.

Zemeckis has also produced two other mo-cap films through his studio ImageMovers Digital: 2006’s “Monster House,” directed by Gil Kenan, and 2011’s “Mars Needs Moms,” directed by Simon Wells. The latter was ImageMovers’ last film and the biggest box office bomb of its year. A mo-cap remake of “The Yellow Submarine” never surfaced, and Zemeckis would return to live action, though he would still use extensive animation in films like “Welcome to Marwen” and its Disney remake. + “Pinocchio”.

KC Fairgrounds welcomes thousands to Bakersfield Comic Con


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – Bakersfield Comic Con returned to the Kern County Fairgrounds this weekend. The convention featured celebrity guests, collectible figures, costume art, and of course comic books.

Comic Con attracts thousands of people for the event each year. This year, Comic Con was combined with a renaissance festival featuring specialist vendors and medieval-themed shows like swallowing swords.

“It’s for the fans,” said Steve Wyatt, owner of Bakersfield Comic Con. “When you look around at the people here, there are all smiles on their faces.”

The excitement of being a part of the annual convention could be seen from everyone. From vendors to cosplayers – people who dress up as characters from favorite games, cartoons or anime.

“Honestly, you feel like home. You surround yourself with like-minded people and all the things you look for in a community,” said Sarah Rust, owner of LenaMartian. “It’s really always fun if you just come as a guest, performer or exhibitor. You have found that your people are pretty much how you feel.

“I’ve been making cosplay costumes for years now,” said Buzz Lightyear cosplayer James Knowles. “You know, personally, I like to see creativity. I like to promote my own expression of my arts.

A big highlight was all the celebrities visiting town for the event. The cast of Little House on the Prairie, a few Power Rangers, and other classic movies and TV shows from across the decades met with fans throughout the weekend.

The exhibit hall had rows and rows of vendors selling comics, classic action figures, and other specialty merchandise. The event had a gaming area for fighting tournaments, tabletop games, and even a section for classic arcade game machines like Street Fighter. The event has already ended, but organizers say next year’s event can’t come soon enough.

Totally acceptable to a near majority The Daily Cartoonist


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CSotD: Totally acceptable for almost the majority

David Chevaly underscores a current crisis throughout American democracy, although it refers to a specific race for the House in northwest Washington state.

Nationally, the relief from the failure of the projected red wave shouldn’t be too cheerfully celebrated, given the razor-thin margins in the majority of widely-watched contests.

We can be grateful that the most outrageous Holocaust deniers lost and, in particular, that so many candidates hoping for a position from which they could manipulate future elections did not come to power.

But, as Horsey notes, it’s not as if they were firmly dismissed.

And for all we can wish Republicans would take a lesson and reform their approach, why should they? They barely lost the presidency in 2020 and they saw similar support in 2022, if only at a 49% level.

Republicans were forced to regroup after the Goldwater slap, and Democrats learned from similar debacles during the McGovern and Dukakis campaigns. But, despite all the legitimate complaints about the history of the Electoral College giving victory to candidates with fewer votes, there remains the fact that many people support a party that campaigns on fear, division and misinformation.

“Four legs good, two legs better” is a perfectly acceptable slogan for almost half of our fellow citizens, so let’s go back once again to my favorite quote from Frank Zappa:

And if he was right when he said that in the middle of the Reagan revolution, I have seen nothing since to diminish his argument, but rather much to strengthen it.

Nick Anderson (Counterpoint) suggests that Trump is a Frankenstein monster raging out of control, and it’s true that at least some Republicans, like the Victor Frankenstein in the cartoon, are running in horror.

But Zappa’s point came in response to a quote I gave him from John Lennon, who said that Hitler in the 1930s was not the problem, but, rather, we should ask ourselves what happened to him. as a small child who turned him into this monster. ?

Zappa replied that the biggest concern was not this particular man but rather the society that embraced him, and that if there had never been an Adolf Hitler, the German people would have found someone another to fill the role.

Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover resulted not only in his reinstatement of Donald Trump’s account, but, as Bill Bramhall note, in the unleashing of a toxic flood of other contenders for the role of Führer, and underlings eager for minor roles to back up anyone who steps into those boots.

This brazen outpouring of open hatred, division, misinformation and propaganda may be appalling and appalling to 51% of the public, but it is welcomed and embraced by the 49% who find it, in Zappa’s words, “totally acceptable.” “.

For that reason, I’m ambivalent about pushing Democrats to enact laws like the Marriage Equality Act in the remaining lame duck session.

Clay Bennett (CTFP) is correct that while the majority of Americans — and it’s just over 51% — support the concept, the GOP is determined to block federal reform, and it’s hardly relevant that Biden vetoes any legislation contradictory that they would pass in the next two years.

They play for 2024, with a sustained campaign of hate and fear against (non-white) immigrants and the LGBTQ+ community.

You can see the level of total acceptance, not just on social media, but in places like Florida, Texas, and Virginia, where fear votes and hate prevails.

I’m not a big fan of Brian McFaddennot because we disagree — we usually do — but because its fixed format makes it difficult for its arguments not to run out of gas before this sixth panel.

But the GOP has provided him with plenty of ammunition to back things up this time.

I certainly wish it weren’t, but here we are, and so while I’d love to see the current convention unfold in a blaze of glory, I’m also concerned that the more they dull the impact of this new set autocrats, the less likely it becomes that we will see enough turnout in 2024 from outraged voters to head off a disaster of national doom proportions.

To keep the 51% furious, I hope for two years Biden will have to repeatedly veto GOP attempts at “totally acceptable” legislation, showing what will become law if decent people sleep through the next election.

To which I would add that we shouldn’t assume that all suspicious people pursue right-wing Q-Anon rumors.

The reaction to the appointment of a special advocate by Merrick Garland confirms Michel de Adder point that he is in a dead end position.

Several people with whom I generally agree were unable to see that the prospect of Garland’s boss running for office against Garland’s target created an unacceptable conflict of interest that required independent counsel.

There are also those who want Garland to act faster, because Trump is obviously guilty. I’ve even seen memes and cartoons comparing Garland’s slow approach to the low-speed pursuit of OJ Simpson’s Bronco.

Which makes me wonder if anyone remembers how confidently Marcia Clark pursued this case of obvious guilt, and how it turned out?

Garland has a reputation for plugging holes before launching his boat, and his chosen lawyer, Jack Smith, has a similar reputation to pursue difficult cases with dogged determination and significant success.

It’s why the GOP began slimming down Smith on Twitter, why the Freedom Caucus wants to impeach Garland, and why the 49% find both men totally unacceptable.

Now sports…

The internet is awash with cartoons exposing the deaths of migrant workers in Qatar’s corrupt World Cup soccer deal, but Dr MacLeod cuts through all the human rights irrelevance to focus on the real outrage.

Many people who are theoretically sympathetic to human rights seem ready to turn their heads and watch the Games, as long as there is beer.

Patrick Chappatte suggests that Qatar has human rights defenders above a barrel.

Qatar, mind you, is quite far down the list of actual sources of oil, although quite far down the list of countries that profit from it.

So maybe less a barrel than a mug.

10 Godzilla Comics As Good As The Movies


With the recent celebration of Godzilla Day culminating in the announcement of an all-new Godzilla movie slated for release in November 2023, fans of the King of the Monsters are buzzing with excitement.

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Although Godzilla made its cinematic presence known in the 21st century thanks to Legendary Pictures’ “Monsterverse,” the recently announced film will be produced by Toho, the studio behind the original series. Godzilla movies. As one of the greatest fictional characters ever created, it’s only natural that Godzilla’s media expanded into the comics. Although Godzilla has a reputation as a great movie character, some of his comics are just as good, if not better, than the movies.

10/10 Godzilla joined the Marvel Universe in King Of The Monsters

Thor Watches Godzilla Destroy Manhattan in Marvel Comics

As they often do with notable pop culture characters like Dracula and the Transformers, Marvel acquired the license to produce Godzilla comics in the late 1970s. The first Godzilla comic they ever produced, Godzilla: King of the Monsters was an ongoing series that ran for 24 issues and was written by Doug Moench with art by Herb Trimpe, Fred Kida, and more.

Based on the version of the character seen in the original Godzilla films by Toho Studios, Godzilla has become a presence in the main 616 Marvel Universe, making him an adversary for heroes like the Avengers. Godzilla’s days as a Marvel character finally came to an end, but not before making an appearance in 1985 and another in 2007.

9/10 Godzilla Legends Focuses On Many Other Kaiju

Godzilla Shows His Teeth In IDW Comics

A five-issue series by numerous writers including Matt Frank, Jeff Prezenkowski, Jon Vankin, and more, Godzilla: Legends revolves around some of Godzilla’s most powerful enemies and allies. Kaiju like Anguirus, Rodan, Hedorah, and a few others, each get their own short story in different serial numbers.

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Published by IDW Publishing, Legends is the second Godzilla series created by the publisher, and it served as a critical springboard for IDW becoming the first creator of Godzilla comics. In addition to featuring many fan-favorite monsters from the Godzilla movies, Legends expanded everyone’s tradition.

8/10 Godzilla fought the Power Rangers in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Vs. Godzilla

Power rangers dino bot look godzilla face in IDW comics

Easily one of the weirdest comic crossovers, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Vs. Godzilla is a five-issue series featuring some of the most impressive comic book covers ever created. A joint publishing effort by IDW Publishing, BOOM! Studios, Hasbro and Toho International, the series was written by Cullen Bunn, with art by Freddie E. Williams II – who also handled the beautiful cover art.

Like most other crossover comics of its size, Power Rangers Vs. Godzilla is packed with incredible action and genuinely shocking moments for fans of both franchises. Considering the recently released book did so well with critics and fans alike, readers hope to see both of these franchises again soon.

7/10 Survivors hidden in the ruins of Tokyo in Godzilla: Cataclysm

Godzilla charging lightning into his mouth in IDW comics

Created by Cullen Bunn, Dave Wachter and Chris Mowry, the five number Godzilla: Cataclysm is the fourth Godzilla miniseries published by IDW. Set twenty years after a massive monster attack, the story revolves around a group of survivors living in the ruins of Tokyo.

In the center of the group is a man named Hiroshi, his grandson Arata, and another young man named Shiori. Through the eyes of these three characters, readers see some of the most epic battles in Godzilla history. A comic full of different monsters, Cataclysm includes appearances from fan favorites like Mothra, King Ghidorah, Ebirah and Biollante.

6/10 Godzilla Returned in Godzilla Terror

Godzilla destroying a building with his tail in Dark Horse Comics

Considered a must-have Dark Horse comic, Terror of Godzilla is a six-issue series created by Kazuhisa Iwata, Dan McKinnon, and Chris Chalenor. Based on the 1984 film Return of Godzillathe series begins with Godzilla rising out of the seas, nearly sinking a Japanese fishing boat.

Following an investigation by a nearby reporter, a nuclear submarine is suddenly destroyed in the same area, helping the Japanese people realize that Godzilla has returned. A great comic for fans of the traditional Godzilla, Terror of Godzilla emulates the old-school style of the original Godzilla films, combining thrilling action with a fun yet engaging story.

5/10 Godzilla went to hell in Godzilla in Hell

Red Godzilla with open mouth in IDW comics

Definitely one of Godzilla’s most unique concepts, godzilla in hell is a five-issue series by Dave Watcher, Brandon Seifert, Erick Freitas and a few others. The story begins with Godzilla suddenly falling into the Hellmouth and slamming into a giant boulder.

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Passing through two mysterious cities with alien architecture, Godzilla comes face to face with a giant nuclear demon. The battles don’t end there, as Godzilla spends the rest of the series battling demonized versions of the most powerful monsters in the Godzilla universe.

4/10 Godzilla Introduced To A New Era In Kingdom Of Monsters

Godzilla Burns Hollywood Sign in IDW Comics

The first entry for the IDW official Godzilla continuity, Godzilla: Kingdom of the Monsters is a 12-issue series by Eric Powell, Tracy Marsh and Jason Ciaramella, Phil Hester, Victor Santos and Bruce McCorkindale. The story revolves around the first emergence of Godzilla in modern Japan.

Quickly followed by the appearance of many other monsters like Rodan, Anguirus and Battra, two evil twins use strange psychic abilities to command monsters as they please. kingdom of monsters also features an appearance from one of Godzilla’s most well-known enemies, Mecha-Godzilla.

3/10 A detective enlists Mothra’s help in Gangsters and Goliaths

Godzilla fighting Gigan with Anguirus, Destroyah, Rodan, and Mothra in the background in IDW comics

A five-issue series published by IDW, Godzilla: Mobsters and Goliaths was created by John Layman, Alberto Ponticelli, Jay Fotos and Chris Mowry. The plot revolves around Makoto Sato, a Tokyo detective on a mission to take down the Takahashi crime syndicate.

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Waking up on a beach shortly after being beaten up by a group of gangsters, Sato soon realizes that he is not on just any beach. it is on the coast of Monster Island, the home of many monsters like Godzilla, Rodan, and Mothra. Shortly after, encountering the House of Elias – Mothra’s allies – Sato begs them to enlist Mothra to protect her family and eliminate the crime syndicate.

2/10 Godzilla was introduced to Dark Horse in King Of The Monsters

Godzilla destroys a boat with blood on its mouth in the Dark Horse comics

Not to be confused with the Marvel comic of the same title, Godzilla: King of the Monsters is a 16-issue series by Bob Eggleton, Kevin Maguire, Arthur Adams, and more. After Marvel lost the license to produce Godzilla comics in the late 1980s, the license was acquired by Dark Horse Comics, which quickly gave the character the A-list treatment he deserved.

Although Godzilla’s first Dark Horse appearance was Dark Horse Comics #10, he soon received his own series in the form of king of the monsters. However, Dark Horse Comics was unable to license other famous monsters from the Godzilla movies, which led to the creation of many original enemies.

1/10 The Godzilla: Half-Century War is a must-read

Godzilla lifting an aircraft carrier out of the ocean with his back in IDW comics

Recognized by many fans as one of the greatest Godzilla stories ever told Godzilla: Half-Century War is a five-issue series by James Stokoe and Heather Beckel. An epic comic that surpasses even the epic scale of Legendary Pictures’ “Monsterverse” films, the aptly titled Half-Century War takes place over fifty years – from 1954 to 2002.

The story revolves around a man named Ota Murakami and his incredible five encounters with Godzilla. The series also includes appearances from other famous monsters like Battra, Kumonga, and Hedorah.

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FAST X’s budget is the biggest in the FAST & FURIOUS franchise yet, even approaching AVENGERS: ENDGAME


2022 saw the jurassic world trilogy is coming to an end, leaving Universal Pictures with a less profitable franchise to fall back on. The fast furious the series is also about to end, and The Wrap (via ActioNewz.com) has shared some details about the upcoming tenth episode, x fastit could spell trouble for the studio.

According to insiders, the budget for this upcoming film has now ballooned to $340 million. This is 70% more than last year F9: the fast saga, and by far the most expensive installment of the franchise to date. It is also a number that puts x fast in the same territory as Avengers: Endgameeven if we don’t see this movie grossing nearly $2 billion even though it’s a hit

Commerce notes that the cost of assembling the A-List cast accounts for a large chunk of that massive budget, not to mention the increased production costs created by the pandemic.

However, we can’t imagine director Justin Lin’s decision to leave the film after a run-in with star and producer Vin Diesel helped matters. Now, The Incredible Hulk director Louis Leterrier helms the penultimate chapter of the racing series.

With such a large budget, Universal is unlikely to make as big a profit as usual, a problem for a studio that has few major franchises to draw moviegoers to theaters. However, they hope Jason Blum and James Wan’s new partnership will give them a slate of horror projects, while Illumination (the animation studio behind Minions and Super Mario) remains the key.

x fast attracted big names, including Brie Larson, Academy Award winner and Captain Marvel star. Other additions to the film include Jason Momoa (Aquaman), Daniela Melchoir (The Suicide Squad), and Alan Ritchson.

Returning stars include Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Charlize Theron, Ludacris, Jordana Brewster, Nathalie Emmanuel, Sung Kang, Michael Rooker and Scott Eastwood.

In terms of plot details, very little has been revealed about x fast. However, all you probably need to know is that there will be lots of cars, lots of crazy stunts, and probably quite a few explosions too. Will it get crazier than heading into space? Of course, that remains to be seen for now!

Fast and Furious 10a.k.a x fastis set to hit theaters on May 19, 2023.

‘Can I show you or not? Can I turn the camera on you?’: Britney Spears’ husband Sam Asghari tries to force his wife to go Instagram Live, convinces fans he’s just as controlling as Britney’s dad was


When Sam Asghari filmed an Instagram Live on Wednesday night, Britney Spears wasn’t interested in being filmed. The couple wed on June 9, 2022 at Spears’ remote home in Thousand Oaks. In October 2016, the singer met Sam Asghari while filming her Slumber party music video when he was cast as her love interest.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari (Credit: Getty Images)

Britney Spears ended her 13-year guardianship and began enjoying her hard-earned freedom last year. It was frequently discussed on social media what she went through during her conservatorship. Moreover, she is making headlines with her Instagram photos, always including inappropriate nude images.

Spears may be suffering from psychological trauma due to her father’s past behavior during his guardianship. Earlier this month, her stylist felt Britney Spears should shed her outdated pop princess image given her age and new life.

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Sam Asghari surprises Britney Spears with Instagram Live

When her husband Sam Asghari, 28, launched an Instagram Live without her knowledge, Britney Spears, 40, declined a request to speak with fans and said she had nothing to say. During the event, Asghari was joined by over 4,000 supporters and asked his wife if she would like to join him.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari
Britney Spears with husband Sam Asghari

asked Asghari, sitting up in bed in a dimly lit room, “Can I show you or not?”

Spears got confused and replied, “Show me what?”

He then said, “On the live.”

The singer replied“What are you talking about?”

He asked“Can I turn the camera on you?”

When Sam Asghari asked if he could turn the camera on Spears, she still seemed confused. When she noticed Asghari was broadcasting live, she said out loud: “I’m still live! »

Spears ended this by saying“I have nothing to say. I don’t want to talk to them now.

Before finishing the live, Asghari conceded“Okay, that sounds good.”

Spears fans have been divided after social media users posted screen-recorded clips of the brief but bizarre stream and started reacting to it.

There was a comment on Britney Spears’ BreatheHeavy fan account,

“Can you imagine your husband going live and asking you to show your face when you’re not in the mood? I would punch* my husband in the face.

Another fan commented“Uh yeah, I don’t like that he did that. What was he thinking?

However, others rushed to defend Spears and Asghari after watching this live video.

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Britney Spears after conservatorship

Pop star Britney Spears has been sharing her thoughts and controversial images on social media since her conservatorship ended. Several social media posts criticized her parents’ behavior as she criticized her father and mother for their previous difficult experiences. It was difficult for her to deal with her father’s behavior during the guardianship. As a result, she took a stand for herself and posted several controversial posts detailing her trauma.

Britney Spears
Britney Spears

A bombshell testimony she gave in June 2021 contained numerous allegations against her father Jamie Spears. The Princess of Pop revealed that she was forced to wear an intrauterine device (IUD), that nurses monitored her daily and that she was “control.”

According to celebrity stylist Amanda Sanders, Spears needs to shed her outdated pop princess image. But with the singer’s complicated past, she has not yet been able to do the same. Despite her new found freedom, she seemed to be reverting to her 90s fashion style in her Calabasas home.

As Britney Spears uses her credit card after more than a decade, she gets emotional. Recently, the 40-year-old pop star admitted to being ‘tremor‘ after buying for the first time in a long time.

She wrote,

“The importance of buying something for the first time in 15 years…security held my credit card for 15 years.

“When it was time to buy, I always had to step aside and be ghosted as they typed in the code and wrote my name.”

It took Britney a while to remember “what it was like to buy something.” She admitted, “A year ago was the first time I bought something with both my hands…my legs and hands were shaking for 15 minutes after I bought something.”

She spent 15 years under the guardianship of her father. However, her conservatorship ended on November 12, 2021, and the singer became independent again.

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Source: Page 6

The God Squad: unnoticed thank you | Opinion


Medieval mystic Meister Eckhart gave us all the best advice on recognition. He taught, “If the only prayer you say is ‘Thank you,’ that will be enough.

Thanksgiving is the most spiritually acceptable secular holiday in America. Unlike Halloween and Valentine’s Day, it is not a pagan holiday that has morphed through Christianity and into our repertoire of American cultural holidays. It’s plain and simple. It’s a day for giving thanks, watching parades, eating turkey and watching football.

I was a clown in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade for many years, starting in 1978. Clowns are the proletariat of the parade. Being part of the parade as a clown gave me the opportunity to experience a sacred moment where the frogs were as big as the buildings and the orchestras provided the perfect musical accompaniment. Purim is supposed to do that for us Jews, and Mardi Gras in New Orleans and elsewhere is supposed to do that for Christians. Any sane faith knows that we need at least a day to step into sacred time and space and have the joy of pretending that our daily grind doesn’t deserve our full attention. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has sadly become a reduced bustle for Broadway shows and TV cartoon characters. All good things have their time but what remains of the parade still brings me back to the life of a street clown. Never mind.

Thanksgiving also includes a ritual that simply emerged in the Eckhartian soul of Americans that doesn’t require us to become clowns or balloon handlers. It’s the ritual of starting our Thanksgiving meal by asking each guest at the table to share what they’re grateful for. It’s the perfect ritual because it’s a reminder of the deepest meaning of this American holiday that I still love with all my heart. The only problem with thanksgiving at Thanksgiving is that our lists are far too mundane and unimaginative. Almost every acknowledgment in my experience includes acknowledgments for family and food.

We all need a more creative list of things to be grateful for on Thanksgiving. The things and people who should be mentioned as crucial to our flourishing here on planet Earth just don’t get enough credit. So I challenge you to think of a list of unusual and obscure; the obscure and misunderstood and leave family/food through other families at other tables.

Here is my candidate for thanks this year: Send me yours at [email protected].


Who taught you the most important truth you have learned that is not a teacher (or a rabbi)? My favorite non-teacher/teacher was a plasterer who helped us remodel an old Victorian house when we were at Northwestern University. His euphonious name was Mladen Keladin. One day he was dragging two five-gallon buckets of spackle down the stairs and I asked him why he didn’t just take one at a time. He said, “One hurts your back, but if you wear two, you’re balanced.” I realized that Mladen’s truth applied to all aspects of our lives. If we only think about our burdens, our souls are thrown away, but if we practice giving thanks for our blessings for exactly the same amount of time we spend complaining about our problems, we see our lives in a more balanced perspective. I thank Mladen every time I practice spiritual balancing, which is the name I have given to his amazing, unintended truth, and not just on Thanksgiving.

The other group of teachers who aren’t teachers are the customer service technicians who answer my stupid questions any time of the day or night. My privileged technical advisers are most often my children or, if they are perplexed, my grandchildren. However, on the many occasions when I am too embarrassed to call them, I connect to the hotline for my machines. I am amazed that I am almost always given the same advice. They tell me, “Try turning it off and then back on.” This absurdly simple advice invariably works like a charm. By turning our machines off and then on again, they remember their default settings and bypass or ignore the digital gremlins that invaded my system. Then I realized that what is true for machines is true for us. This is the reason for the Sabbath. We must turn off periodically and then, after a period of rest, turn on again.

So to all of my teachers who aren’t teachers, I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for teaching me what I needed to know most, even though it wasn’t your intention.

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Random comic items

Since we focus on hard copies in our Hello children! Comics! monthly list, note an e-book here.

Linersrenowned for Macanudo, in partnership with Angelique Del Campo create a graphic novel. The Ghost of Wreckers Cove is now available in English as an e-book from Comixology.
Games Radar has a review and preview. Amazon has Kindle/Comixology editions.

Alison Bechdel recently appeared at Margaret Cuninggim Women’s Center.

Alison Bechdelof Dykes to Watch Out For and Fun Home, was the guest of the Margaret Cuninggim Women’s Center where she shared her experiences as a lesbian feminist author as part of the Centre’s annual conference on women in culture and society.

The Vanderbilt Hustler reports on the event.

Paul Madonna seriously injured in a car accident.

San Francisco cartoonist Paul Madonna (All Over Coffee) was seriously injured in a hit-and-run.

Paul was rushed to SF General’s world-class trauma center where he underwent four hours of emergency surgery to treat significant internal injuries (including an injury to his liver and spleen, and his stomach s is ripped through his diaphragm, forcing vital internal organs into his lungs). He also suffered a brain hemorrhage, a broken nose, a torn carotid artery (which will never heal), an injured shoulder, an extremely painful nerve problem in his swollen left leg, and a broken right heel. Considering what the Level 1 Emergency Trauma Physician described as “an impressive level of injury”, Paul is expected to make a full recovery, but he still has a long way to go.

SFist has details. A GoFundMe account Has been set up.

Harry Bliss and Steve Martin go on book publicity tours.

Steve Martin and Harry Bliss joined All things Considered
share experience on number one walk.

On the process of creating illustrations

HB: Well, the process, we sort of established it a bit in the first book we did together. But I’ll usually start Steve, in this case he’s talking to animals in the woods. There’s a bear, and there’s a deer, and a raccoon, and other animals. So he tells this anecdote to these animals. Part of the reason I do this, open it up this way, it’s kind of a shot, is that I like to draw animals and trees. It’s just fun for me.

Harry and Steve’s NPR stop.

New comic in the student newspaper.

Earl the Squirrel by Toby Kant joined Fuzzy by Arianna Stewart and Bits & Pieces also by Arianna Stewart in the pages of the College of William and Mary student newspaper The Flat Hat.

Art Spiegelman breaks down “Don’t move around much anymore.”

The New Yorker provides insight of the next edition of
Art Spiegelmannit is Distribution: Portrait of the artist as a young %@&*!

Panel 3, the title, is taken from a blues song by Duke Ellington. The lettering is based on a specimen from an obscure lettering book from the twenties. The square shape of the letters, the initial difficulty in decoding them, the mechanical tones, reinforce the themes of the strip. The detail of the narrator’s face is redrawn from the panel above in a small box almost the same size as the letters and can function as the word “I”.

Netflix Top 10 Report: “Falling for Christmas”, “Lost Bullet 2”, “The Crown”, “Warrior Nun” and animated films.


Welcome to your weekly recap of the biggest stories of Netflix’s top 10 hourly figures for the week ending November 13, 2022.

Netflix updates its Top 10 Stats page weekly with 40 new hourly figures of the top movies and shows from the past 7 days. If you want to easily browse the top 10 hourly data, visit our tool.

Note: In this Netflix Watch Hours report from November 7-13, 2022, we will use “Completely Viewed Equivalent” or CVE, expressed in millions. This means that we divide the hours seen announced by Netflix by the duration of the films or series. This allows for better comparisons between films and series, but it is not an audience measurement. This is the minimum number of views if they were all sold out from the first to the last second of the movie or season. However, in its last letter to shareholders, Netflix used the CVE metric to talk about The Gray Man, so there’s value in that metric, imperfect as it is.

1. Fall for Christmas and Lost ball 2 broke some records.

fall for christmas netflix movie november 2022

Lindsay Lohan in Falling for Christmas – Picture: Netflix

A very difficult thing to do when writing about Netflix watch hours is to make apple-to-apple comparisons. Runtime, release day of the week, nationality, all of these factors are important and should be taken into account when trying to make sense of it all.

This week, two new records were broken by two newly released Netflix movies.

With 30.5 million CVE in four days, Lindsay Lohan’s return to romantic comedies beat The royal treatment and Love in the villa in its first four days. This is the best 4-day opening for an English-language film released on a Thursday.

falling for Christmas performance chart viewership

Falling for Christmas CVE audience performance

On the international side, Lost bullet 2, the sequel to the French action film Lost bullet, launched with 14.6 million CVE in four days as well, making it the best launch for an international film released on a Thursday by a fairly wide margin. wide.

stray bullet 2 cve viewership chart

Lost Bullet 2 CVE Audience Chart

Of course, these films do not reach the heights of blockbuster films released on Fridays, such as red notice Where The Adam Projectbut they are now the kings in their small segments.

2. The crown Return

Speaking of kings, last week saw the return of The crown during what can only be described as the best/worst of times, depending on which side you’re on.

In its first 5 days, Season 5 had 12.3 million CVEs, a pretty average launch for a new season of an English-language show on a Wednesday. It’s less than the return seasons of Emily in Paris, The Umbrella Academy, Where Virgin River.

the crown debut vs other shows

There could be a few explanations for this relatively weak performance.

First, with ten one-hour episodes, the series is quite long by Netflix standards, and longer series tend to be slow in the top 10.

The second explanation is that despite the pomp, hype and controversy surrounding it, The crown is not what one would call a successful series. It is above all a series of prestige. If we go back to the previous numbers we had from Netflix about The crown, season 2 was launched by 13 million households in its first 28 days, while season 3 was launched by 21 million households during the same period. So the equivalent of 12.3 million full season views in just 5 days isn’t that bad after all.

3. warrior nun returns to lackluster beginnings

Almost two and a half years after the release of the first season, the long-delayed season 2 of warrior nun is back but someone will probably have to pray to God that this series gets a renewal.

With 4.5 million CVEs in four days, this is at the bottom of the return series published on a Thursday for which we have figures. It will all come down to its second week, completion rates and budget eventually, but from where I stand, a renewal is not at all guaranteed.

warrior nun season 2 viewership cve chart

4. Are Netflix Original animated movies failing on Netflix?

So far in 2022, Netflix has released 8 English-language animated films. Of these 8, only 2 managed to break into the weekly Top 10, river dance and sea ​​beast, which became the most-watched animated film on Netflix during its 28-day launch period.

But what should be the norm is now the exception since this week, two new animated films did not leave the charts.

Thumbnail MyFathersDragonIMAGE01

MY FATHER’S DRAGON – Cr: Netflix © 2022

The first is The Football Soccer Movie, and the second is My Father’s Dragon by Nora Twomey, director of The breadwinner and producer of wolf walkers. Their absence follows the absence from the charts of Henry Sellick Wendell and savage, entergalactic (which undoubtedly suffered from shenanigans around its ranking on the service between series and films), The Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie and Richard Linklater Apollo 10 1/2.

That’s not to say these movies weren’t watched, but they weren’t watched enough to make the charts.
If we were to identify the source of the problem, the easy headache could be that Netflix is ​​not promoting its animated films properly!

The director of The Football Soccer Movie said on Twitter that he had to edit a trailer for the film himself, unlike Netflix.

But on the other hand, Wendell and savage has been promoted heavily on social media and is featured on Netflix’s For Your Consideration site with high hopes of earning Oscar nominations, same for Apollo 10 1/2. These two didn’t break up on the charts either. And countless programs without active promotion have managed to break into the weekly charts.

By Flixpatrol, My Father’s Dragon hasn’t made it into any Top 10 national daily across the world since its release last week. So you’re wondering if the obvious answer might be that even though the recommendation algorithm is doing its job of putting the movies in front of people (My Father’s Dragon appeared prominently on my homepage this weekend, for example), it can’t force people to watch something they don’t want to watch.

The audience works in mysterious ways.

Original Mario Bros. Movie Star Slams Animated Movie’s Cast Not Included


The group of those speaking out against the upcoming reboot is increasingly original Super Mario Bros. Movie star John Leguizamo criticizes the animated film’s non-inclusive cast. Leguizamo starred in the 1993 adaptation of Nintendo’s game franchise as Luigi Mario, an Italian-American plumber and brother of the titular character who finds himself transported to the bizarre alternate dimension of Dinohattan, ruled by King Koopa of Dennis Hopper. The movie Super Mario Bros. will serve as the launch point for an interconnected cinematic universe of Nintendo characters, with Chris Pratt leading the ensemble cast of Mario, though not all are on board for the cast.


In a recent interview with IndieWireLeguizamo reflects on his time making the original Super Mario Bros. movie adaptation. Looking towards the upcoming animated film, the former Luigi actor slammed the decision to cast a white actor in the lead role, saying it was a step “backwardin the POC representation for the film. See what Leguizamo had to say below:

I’m OG A lot of people love the original. I’ve done Comic-Con in New York and Baltimore, and everyone’s like, “No, no, we like the old, the original.” They don’t smell new. I am not bitter. It’s unfortunate. The directors Annabel Jankel and Rocky Morton fought very hard to get me the lead because I was a Latino, and they [the studio] didn’t want me to be the leader. They fought very hard, and it was such a breakthrough. So they go back and don’t start another [actor of color] kind of sucks.

Related: A Super Mario Bros Movie Conflict Is Great News For Sonic 3

Leguizamo is right about Mario’s upside-down casting

Super Mario Bros.

Casting Pratt as Mario Super Mario Bros movie was criticized for a variety of reasons, ranging from the lack of an actual Italian-American in the role to the lackluster performance heard in the recently released trailer. Prolific voice actor Tara Strong has spoken out against the casting, believing that longtime Mario game actor Charles Martinet should have taken over the role from the animated film instead of the jurassic world star. On the other hand, Khary Payton, who voices the Penguin King, came to the defense of Pratt’s work in The movie Super Mario Bros.indicating that the actor brings a Sopranostyle approach to the character instead of the voice that audiences have come to know and love.

Regardless of the side of the public argument regarding Pratt’s work, many are sure to believe that Leguizamo is ultimately right in his Super Mario Bros movie. launch criticism. Even if Pratt’s full work in the role doesn’t turn out to be as terrible as the trailer suggests, casting an all-white actor in the role instead of someone with genuine Italian roots creates a disappointing lack of inclusivity in the film’s slate. While Leguizamo may not have Italian heritage, he at least brought a sense of diversity to the character in the terrible Super Mario Bros.while the decision to cast Keegan Michael-Key as Toad shows that the producers were open to the idea of ​​an inclusive cast, but failed to leverage it properly.

The aftermath of the movie Super Mario Bros. will it hurt its box office?

Bowser in the Super Mario Bros movie.

Given the division towards the film with less than a year remaining, the question now is whether The movie Super Mario Bros. will suffer at the box office due to casting backlash. Contrary to sonic the hedgehog before that, Nintendo’s animated film doesn’t have the advantage of completely redesigning its main character to better meet audience expectations, and with the weeks leading up to the releases of John Wick: Chapter 4, Shazam! Fury of the gods and Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Thieves, it will have a lot of competition to overcome to prove to the game’s publisher that a new film adaptation was a good idea. Only time will tell when The movie Super Mario Bros. in theaters April 7, 2023.

Next: Wario & Waluigi May Be Absent From The Mario Movie (And That’s Good)Source: IndieWire

The best movies and shows to watch after God of War Ragnarök


Following the widely acclaimed success of developer Santa Monica Studio’s return to the franchise with God of the warfans counted the days until the freshly released and equally lauded release Ragnarok. Now that the game is out, countless are surely continuing this thrilling soft-reboot adventure filled with cathartic action and thoughtful character development of its redeemed protagonist.

However, for fans hungry for more, there are a few standout TV shows and movies to stream on Prime Video and Hulu after playing to hunt that Norse-themed patch. Robert Eggers’ recent Viking epic is one such choice, and there’s also an ongoing animated series more than worth investing in for its take on Norse lore.

The Man from the North (2022)

The last great Norse epic to hit theaters, that of Robert Eggers (The witch, Lighthouse) The man from the north is pure, unfiltered Viking action. Starring Alexander Skarsgård in the lead role, the story follows Viking prince Amleth as he embarks on a bloody quest for revenge after his uncle murders and usurps his father.

The man from the north is a revenge story through and through, and there’s something admirable about a film being fully aware of what it is and playing to its strengths. Even more alluring, the film and its interpretation of the world weave ambiguous elements of mysticism. Skarsgård is expected to deliver an incredibly pristine performance, with Anya Taylor-Joy leaving a memorable impression, as always in this second team with Eggers.

The man from the north is available to stream now on Amazon Prime Video.

Vikings (2013-2020)

Ragnar with a Viking army in Vikings.

For TV Viking’s serialized action, the aptly named vikings is one of the best Nordic-themed shows to stream. A historical drama, this series is loosely based on real-world Scandinavian stories, most notably through its main character Ragnar Lothbrok. It begins with Ragnar as a simple farmer who gradually rises to fame as a warrior, with the story taking the characters to England and beyond.

For fans of history, medieval Norse tales and meaningful dramatic plots, vikings is an immersive epic spanning six narratively satisfying seasons. The series was particularly praised for placing equal emphasis on character writing and heart-pounding action, something similarly themed movies and shows sometimes fail to do.

The six seasons of vikings are available to stream now on Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Peacock.

Vinland Saga (2020-)

A collage of the main cast of Vinland Saga in key art from the anime.

On the anime side, Wit Studio’s masterful adaptation by writer/artist Makoto Yukimura Vinland Saga with Season 1 is a very gripping watch for its storytelling and fascinating cast of characters. This historical fiction anime follows young Thorfinn Karlsefni as he grows from a bright-eyed young boy to a vengeful warrior after the murder of his father at the hands of the Viking mercenary Askeladd.

In revenge, he joins Askeladd’s band of mercenaries to gain the strength to kill him in a duel. In addition to the compelling writing, the score is beautiful, the atmosphere is compelling, and the story plays well with themes of redemption, letting go of the past, and living for the future.

Season 1 of Vinland Saga is available to stream now on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and HIDIVE, with a second season slated to premiere January 10, 2023.

The Last Kingdom (2015-2022)

Uhtred with his sword in hand in The Last Kingdom promotional art.

vikings is not the only critically acclaimed Nordic television series, as The Last Kingdom deserved an equally strong reception. The series ended with its 5th season this year, with the plaudits always going to its impressive overall production value.

It begins by following Uhtred, a man raised by the Danish Viking band who captured him and killed his father, causing the character to develop an interesting internal conflict as he was eventually accepted as family. Like with vikings, The Last Kingdom was also well received for placing as much emphasis on engagingly written characters as it did on bloody, bloody action.

The five seasons of The Last Kingdom are available to stream now on Netflix, along with a movie sequel titled Seven kings must die premiering on the streamer in 2023 to wrap up the story.

Editors’ Recommendations

Yellowstone Star Teases The Main Character Is Ready To Explode


Things could go wrong for the Dutton family in season 5 of Yellowstone, especially since they are now up to their necks in the world of politics. John Dutton is Montana’s new governor, Beth Dutton is his chief of staff, and Jamie Dutton is being blackmailed into doing whatever they both say, even when law and politics are his areas of expertise. At some point this season, Jamie is probably going to snap, and things are going to go really awry when that happens.

Beth forced Jamie to kill her father, then filmed him disposing of the body. She controls it now, but it may not last long. Jamie is steaming and the folks at Market Equities see him as a weak link to expose. Actor Wes Bentley opened up to The Hollywood Reporter after YellowstoneThe Season 5 premiere about how dangerous Jamie could be in the future.

“Inside it’s boiling. And it’s going to explode,” Bentley explained. “Jamie’s potential to be the threat is real. Is it redemption? Is it revenge? Or is it survival? I don’t know. But something like this is going to have to happen. I don’t think that Jamie returns from the events of season four; I think he’s a changed man now.”

There is no recovery from the events of last season for Jamie, and they will likely dictate every decision he makes going forward. His relationship with his loved ones has changed forever, especially when it comes to Beth.

“Any love that was there went with Beth, and her dad basically took whatever job Jamie wanted out of this whole arrangement, so now he sees John differently too,” Bentley explained. “Jamie is a broken man, but right now he’s a broken man under someone’s thumb that has no way out, so he’s boiling and looking for that way out.”

Any way out for Jamie would likely spell big trouble for John, Beth, and the rest of the Dutton family. The question now is whether or not market stocks can capitalize on the split in the family.

What did you think of YellowstoneThe premiere of season 5? Let us know in the comments!

Twitterfall, with unsolicited advice for cartoonists The Daily Cartoonist


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CSotD: Twitterfall, with unsolicited tips for cartoonists

I particularly like that Bliss (tribune)because my life consists of walking the dog twice a day which combined with my 35 hour work week pretty much reduces me to being her driver and yes I am grateful that she gets me out of the House.

Here is the excerpt that I put online today, to invite people to come here. We will come back to this later.

Harry Bliss bought JD Salinger’s house about 20 miles south of here, which may explain why so many of his cartoons have peaceful, woodland settings.

I didn’t know Salinger lived here until he died, but stories then emerged of how his neighbors protected his privacy by sending literary groupies out hunting wild geese that never led to his house . Apparently everyone in Cornish knew Jerry, who was not a hermit and came to town regularly, but they respected his desire for privacy. Good neighbours!

Which brings us to the impending death of Twitter, the impending demise of print newspapers, and the need for cartoonists to straddle that barrier between being essentially private people and still wanting to make a living doing what they love.

Salinger had enough royalties that he didn’t have to worry about money, and there are also cartoonists who are hugely successful, and that’s fine for them, but the starving artist is more typical.

For example, I paid my bills by writing for half a century, but it was cash-for-work, not creative stuff, and I know that even writers with book deals live in a world of chicken and feathers the next.

This is why this Kliban classic is so often posted by cartoonists. It wouldn’t be funny if that were true, but, as it is, it’s hilarious and more and more every day.

No artist – caricaturist, painter, musician, actor or dancer – should expect a life of luxury and, if you have never read W. Somerset Maugham of human servitude, you should. You can even load it for free on your Kindle, because it’s long dead and won’t care.

Or go see Bohemian or, for the youngest, Lease.

However, be prepared for the starving entertainer to be far more romantic in the books and on stage than in real life.

Still, if that’s what you do, that’s what you do, and if you can’t afford to do it full time, just stretch the week and squeeze it in somewhere.

The alternative is to give up, and that’s even less romantic.

Comic Book Page Chain-Scale Massacre by Lee Enterprisesand an even more terrible cut from News Corp in Australia leaves many cartoonists with dramatically reduced incomes, if it leaves them with any income at all. As this darkness descends, the question is not how to get rich but how to survive.

So what does this have to do with Twitter?

juxtaposition of the day

(Rod Emerson)

(Mike Smith – KFS)

Elon Musk’s destruction of firewalls like verification, combined with his chaotic management style and constant meddling, makes Emmerson’s prediction likely: he renders the platform unusable, despite, as Smith notes, the people’s reluctance to give it up.

The relevance for designers is that due to the impending destruction of the print market, they need to completely change their approach to marketing.

Until now, the goal — whether by cartoonists or their unions — has been to sell their cartoons to publishers.

Readers had an influence on these decisions in the 1930s, when the Kliban caricature was perhaps less fanciful. Editors and publishers were much more in touch with their readership and people like George McManus and fisher bud really were celebrities.

But, like this classic Jack Ohman illustrated cartoon 30 years ago the installation of corporate-approved buttoned-up editors left newspapers in the hands of people whose interest was to please a distant HQ, not their local readers, and who were much more adept at spotting split infinitives than choosing over metaphors, sarcasm, and creative hilarity.

They didn’t understand, for example, why a band like Detail would appeal to potential readers under 30, and they still persist in thinking that any cartoon with black characters is the same as any other cartoon with black characters, a form of blind symbolism highlighted at a demonstration in February 2008here is a sample:


(look at your face)

(La Cucaracha)

(Grass and Jamal)

I was, for a time, the target of group sales, and when they had a new tape to market, I wasn’t approached with “Here’s the audience that it will please” but, rather, “C ‘is by an award-winning cartoonist’, which is a call for more of the same, which is the right approach in a business-driven world in which readers are the product, not the customer.

But with print markets declining, the task of selling a tape becomes a matter of direct appeal to readers.

The popularity of memes is clear evidence of an appetite for graphic humor and commentary, although it’s been nice to bring in a publisher who represents 50,000 readers rather than having to round up the crowd yourself- same.

Still, that’s the mission ahead, and, as long as you don’t mind driving a six-year-old car and eating beans and rice a few times a week, it’s not impossible.

And, yes, it’s a hell of a bad time for Twitter as a medium to reach those individual readers.

However, as the ancients say, “what cannot be healed must be endured,” and the loss of a major platform is just one more factor cartoonists should keep in mind going forward. forward.

A few suggestions:

I’m on both Mastodon and ConsSocial, but the awkwardness of the interactive response seems off-putting. However, they exist and it would be foolish not to use them, as well as instagram and anywhere you can find a place to hang your work.

And ex-Twitter head Jack Dorsey is planning a new platform which is worth watching.

Facebook, meanwhile, remains a substantial presence, but, dear lord, it’s a cluttered mess. My solution is that I have a personal account that I follow on Firefox, and a second, more comic-oriented account that I follow on Brave. The first is happily filled with messages from friends and relatives about their dogs, grandchildren and cranberry bread recipes, the second is organized to try to keep clutter to a minimum.

But here are some tips, wherever you choose to work the magic:

  1. Post teasers, not your finished cartoons. Crop and post a tantalizing snippet (see above), linked to the last piece on a page you control. Posting the entire cartoon on social media is giving it away for free, and that’s not a reasonable goal.
  2. Make sure the page you’re sending people to is open. It’s okay if you’re on GoComics, Comics Kingdom, or somewhere similar, but don’t have them banging their heads on a paywall, either in your personal journal or your own Patreon. They won’t come back.
  3. Make sure your page is regularly updated and maintained. If you don’t publish your work manually, check daily that your bot did what it was supposed to do. People will not continue to visit a page that is not regularly updated.
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for their support. It’s “Salesmanship 101” – No matter how good your pitch, people don’t jump in uninvited. And also consider some self-published books and other merchandise. Selling isn’t the fun part, but it’s how you pay the bills.

Above all, remember that being a starving artist is better than starving without the consolation of art, and your self-image shouldn’t be tied to money anyway.

REMARK: You’ll still see my daily reminders and links on Twitter for now, but you can also find me here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mikecsotd.peterson
Social counter:@[email protected]
Mastodon: mas.to/@CSotD

‘Black Panther’ Sequel Marks 2nd Biggest Debut of 2022


By LINDSEY BAHR, AP Screenwriter

The box office has come alive with the long-awaited release of “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”.

Marvel’s sequel grossed $180 million in ticket sales from more than 4,396 theaters in the U.S. and Canada, according to The Walt Disney Co. estimates on Sunday, making it the second-biggest opening ever. year behind “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”. Overseas, it grossed an additional $150 million from 50 territories, bringing its worldwide total to $330 million.

“Wakanda Forever” was eagerly awaited by audiences and exhibitors alike, which has been going through a slow period at the box office since the end of the summer movie season and there were fewer big-budget blockbusters in the pipeline. The film got off to a mighty start a little stronger than even the first film with an $84 million opening day, including $28 million from Thursday previews.

“Some were hoping for maybe $200 million like the first movie, but it’s solid,” said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst at Comscore. “It’s the type of film that cinemas really need to attract audiences.”

political cartoons

The first film opened to $202 million in February 2018 and has grossed over $1.4 billion worldwide, making it one of the highest-grossing films of all time and a cultural phenomenon. . A sequel was inevitable and development began soon after with the return of director Ryan Coogler, but that all changed after the unexpected death of Chadwick Boseman in August 2020. “Wakanda Forever” instead became The Death of King T. ‘Challa / Boseman’s Black Panther, and the grieving kingdom he left behind. Returning cast members include Angela Bassett, Lupita Nyong’o, Letitia Wright, Winston Duke, and Danai Gurira, who face a new foe in Tenoch Huerta’s Namor. The film would also face more complications, including Wright’s injury and some setbacks related to COVID-19. In total, it cost $250 million, not including marketing and promotion.

AP movie screenwriter Jake Coyle wrote in his review that “‘Wakanda Forever’ is too long, a bit heavy, and somehow mystifyingly heads to a climax on a barge in the middle of the Atlantic. But the mastery Coogler’s fluidity of blending intimacy with spectacle remains captivating.”

It currently holds 84% ​​on Rotten Tomatoes and, as is often the case with comic book movies, viewership scores are even higher.

Superhero movies have done well during the pandemic, but none have yet reached the heights of “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” which opened to $260.1 million in December 2021. Other big releases include “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” ($187.4 million in May), “Thor: Love and Thunder” ($144.2 million in July) and “The Batman” ( $134 million in March).

“Wakanda Forever” is the first film to open more than $100 million since “Thor” in July, which has been difficult for exhibitors already dealing with a schedule that has about 30% fewer wide releases than a normal year.

Holdbacks populated the rest of the top five, as no film dared to launch nationally against a Marvel juggernaut. Second place went to DC superhero “Black Adam,” with $8.6 million, bringing his domestic total to $151.1 million. “Ticket to Paradise” landed in third place, weekend four, with $6.1 million. Julia Roberts and George Clooney’s romantic comedy has grossed nearly $150 million worldwide. “Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile” and “Smile” rounded out the top five with $3.2 million and $2.3 million, respectively.

Some awards hopefuls have struggled in their expansions lately, but Searchlight Pictures’ “The Banshees of Inisherin,” starring Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson, feels like an exception. Martin McDonagh’s film expanded to 960 theaters in its fourth weekend and earned No. 7 on the charts with $1.7 million, bringing its total to $5.8 million.

“It’s been a very interesting post-summer period for theaters, with some gems doing well like ‘Ticket to Paradise’ and ‘Smile’,” Dergarabedian said. “But movie theaters can’t survive on non-blockbuster style movies. The industry needs more.

After “Black Panther”, the next blockbuster on the program is “Avatar: The Way of Water”, which will arrive on December 16.

The weekend wasn’t completely without more high profile releases. Steven Spielberg’s autobiographical drama “The Fabelmans” debuted at four theaters in New York and Los Angeles with $160,000. Universal and Amblin will release the film in more theaters in the coming weeks to build excitement around the likely Oscar contender. Michelle Williams and Paul Dano play the parents of Spielberg’s replacement, Sammy Fabelman, who falls in love with movies and movies as his parents’ marriage crumbles.

“It will be an interesting holiday season,” Dergarabedian said. “I think a lot of dramas and indie films will have their time to shine in the next couple of months.”

Estimated Friday-Sunday ticket sales at US and Canadian theaters, according to Comscore. Final national figures will be released on Monday.

1. “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” $180 million.

2. “Black Adam,” $8.6 million.

3. “Ticket to Paradise,” $6.1 million.

4. “Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile,” $3.2 million.

5. “Smile,” $2.3 million.

6. “Prey for the Devil,” $2 million.

7. “The Banshees of Inisherin,” $1.7 million.

8. “One Piece Film Red,” $1.4 million.

10. “Yashoda”, $380,000.

Follow AP Film Writer Lindsey Bahr on Twitter: www.twitter.com/ldbahr.

Copyright 2022 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Scoob 2 is finished but still won’t be released, says director


A few months after its cancellation, director Michael Kurinsky reveals that Scoob! A holiday haunt has been completed, but will still not be published. The animated follow-up was set to be a prequel to the 2020 animated film reboot, which would explore the iconic Mystery Inc. gang in their younger years with Frank Welker, Iain Armitage, Ariana Greenblatt, Pierce Gagnon and Mckenna Grace all set to reprise their roles. Development and production were going smoothly until Scoob! A holiday haunt was dropped last August, but that hasn’t stopped the director from moving forward.


In a recent interview with VarietyMichael Kurinsky talked about Scoob! A holiday hauntcancellation. The director revealed he’s finished the film, despite it being deleted, but says that doesn’t mean the animated prequel will see the light of day anytime soon. See what Kurinsky explained below:

The reason we were able to complete this film is that it was already paid for. I can’t say it was [Warner Bros] saying, ‘Please finish this movie, we want it.’ I think it was more like, “Finish the movie because we paid to finish the movie.” At the end of the day, I don’t care why and how it ended. I’m glad it’s over because so many people have worked so hard to make something so beautiful and truly awesome. The thing that hasn’t changed here, regardless of whether we’re done with the picture, is that Warner Bros. Discovery cannot monetize this film now. To get that $40 million tax deduction, they can’t get any money out of it. So there’s no scenario where they can sell it, stream it, whatever. They just can’t, because any move they make would monetize it, and then they would lose their tax deduction.

Related: WB Could Still Release Batgirl Despite Tax Deduction

Scoob! 2’s Shock Cancellation Explained


Scoob! A holiday hauntThe cancellation of left many viewers surprised, given the film’s ability to bring families to HBO Max and boost their subscription count. The decision largely stems from the Warner Bros. merger. Discovery, in which new CEO David Zaslav inherited $3 billion in debt from former studio chief Toby Emmerich, and sought to bring the studio back to exclusively theatrical releases, rather than expand their platforms streaming, as planned by its predecessor. Scoob! A holiday haunt wasn’t the only notable film to end up on the chopping block post-merger, with the DC Universe set bat girl also getting the axe, although it is also complete and tests well with the public.

As Kurinsky notes, even though WBD allowed him and his team to complete Scoob! A holiday haunt, the likelihood of the film ever seeing daylight remains slim to none. The main reason stems from the fact that by taking a tax deduction for shelving the film in favor of its release, the studio would ultimately owe the money if they ever tried to monetize it in the future. Given the original Scoob! flopped at the box office on its pandemic release and was only a modest hit on VOD, it’s understandable that the studio would rather accept the tax deduction than attempt to take a risk on its release.

Contrary to bat girl before that, however, it’s interesting to hear that Kurinsky and his team had the opportunity to complete Scoob! A holiday haunt, leaving some hopeful that the studio might one day change its mind about the possibility. Even if they don’t, the public won’t suffer for scooby-doo-related content in the near future, with Mindy Kaling’s Velma is set to premiere on HBO Max in early 2020 and bring an adult-focused approach to the franchise. In the meantime, the public can review the wide range of scooby-doo franchise available to stream on HBO Max now.

Next: Everything We Know About Velma, The Adult Scooby-Doo SpinoffSource: Variety

Tenoch Huerta’s Best Movies and TV Shows


Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

Tenoch Huerta stunning performance as Namor in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever propelled the prolific actor into the spotlight. Although the star has been active for some time, he has often been overlooked, especially since much of his success has been in Mexican productions.

However, if Black Panther: Wakanda Forever If you want to see more, here are the best movies and TV shows starring Tenoch Huerta and his supreme talent.

Here on Earth

Also known as Aqui en la Tierra set in Mexico, this drama series focuses on an influential political family and the secrets they keep. Follow several people in and related to family as they attempt to uncover secrets and jockey for positions of power in this harsh and unforgiving world, a world where the shadow of betrayal always looms. Filled with twists and turns, the story will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time.

The Eternal Purge

2021 The Eternal Purge is the fifth film of the Purge series, and it was planned as the final entry. Because of this, the writers threw everything at the wall for it, leading to a very entertaining movie. Tenoch Huerta plays Juan, a migrant worker caught in a wave of rioting and murder called Forever Purge after many American citizens refuse to stop the annual purge once it is over. This forces Juan and his wife Adela to flee to Mexico before the country closes its borders, trapping them with the purgers who want to kill them.

blue demon

This Spanish-language TV show saw Tenoch Huerta don the legendary boots and mask of Alejandro Muñóz, also known as Lucha Blue Demon wrestler, the man who would become a movie legend, starring in more than 25 movies, including Blue Demon against the infernal masterminds, Blue Demon against the evil womenand Santo and Blue Demon versus Dracula and the Wolfman.

This drama series covers the wrestler’s life both in and out of the ring, focusing on the struggles he faced to become the legend he is today.

Tigers are not afraid

First hitting screens in 2017, this Mexican drama combines crime, fantasy and magical realism into one package. The film follows Estrella, a girl who lives in a town torn apart by the war on drugs. However, one day, Estrella’s teacher makes her three wishes. And to his surprise, those wishes come true. However, before she can use this magic, Estrella’s mother suddenly disappears. Estrella now finds herself thrown into a strange and magical crisis as she must find a way to save her mother and protect a group of other children she has befriended.

A wonderfully winding film filled with memorable moments, Tigers are not afraid unlike any other movie, making it a must-watch for fans of fantasy movies. Tenoch Huerta’s performance as crime boss El Chino is also delightfully chilling.

Narcos: Mexico

First arriving on screens in 2018, Narcos: Mexico follows the development of illegal drug trafficking in Mexico and the resulting Mexican Drug War. The series focuses on the creation and rise of the Guadalajara Cartel, with Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo unifying several different gangs and territories into one powerful force that soon takes over the business. The show also focuses on DEA agents trying to stop the drug trade and arrest those behind it, despite the inherent danger of the job.

Tenoch Huerta appears in the first two seasons as Rafael “Rafa” Caro Quintero, a close associate of Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo.

Sons of monarchs

A film that received incredibly positive reviews when it screened at the Morelia International Film Festival and the Sundance Film Festival, Sons of monarchs sees Tenoch Huerta playing the role of Mendel. Mendel is a Mexican biologist who resides in New York. However, when his grandmother dies, he is forced to return home and confront his new identity and the pains of his past, simultaneously facing massive culture shock. Wonderfully moving and exceptionally realized, Sons of monarchs is one of the most underrated films of recent years.

Mexico’s Most Wanted

Released in 2014 and known as El mas buscado and Mexican gangster: La Leyenda del Charro Misterioso, he sees Tenoch Huerta playing the role of Alfredo Ríos Galeana. Galeana is believed to be Mexico’s most prolific thief, was arrested after obtaining a California driver’s license under a false name. However, he also moonlighted as a singer and had several weird quirks. Told primarily through flashbacks, this film follows Alfredo Ríos Galeana as he recounts his life story to the police officers who interrogate him. Tenoch does a fantastic job of capturing the essence of Alfredo, making for an original and memorable crime film.

Tahir Rana: Five Films That Influence Me as a Storyteller


Tahir Rana has always loved animation. He began his career in form, working on various series such as Max and Ruby, Looney Tunes Cartoonsand George of the Junglebefore making his feature-length animated debut, with co-director Eric Warin, Charlotte.

The film tells the real-life story of German-Jewish artist Charlotte Salomon, who created what is considered the first graphic novel with her series of over 750 autobiographical expressionist paintings titled “Life? Or theatre? Her life was tragically cut short when she was killed at Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II.

Solomon is voiced in the film by Academy Award-nominated Keira Knightley, with a supporting voice cast that includes Mark Strong, Brenda Blethyn and Academy Award-winner Jim Broadbent. Knightley is also an executive producer, alongside Marion Cotillard, Xavier Dolan and others.

Charlotte premiered at the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival to positive reception for Rana and Warin’s exploration of Solomon’s all-too-brief life, using animation to capture his unique view of the world. Rana told CBC: “Her story, to me, really resonates now, even as a refugee story, as, you know, someone who was marginalized because of their religion and their race. These are themes that still resonate in the world today unfortunately.”

Below, Rana shares with A.frame the films that sparked her love of animation and those that inspire her as a storyteller.

Mike Graston donates cartoon collection to University of Windsor


Content of the article

Crime, controversy and corruption – Mike Graston had a lot to do.

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Content of the article

The artwork he spent nearly four decades creating, documenting history with a twist as editorial cartoonist for the Windsor Star, will now be preserved for posterity.

Content of the article

The retired artist donated more than 2,600 of his original pieces to the University of Windsor, which is committed to making them accessible and preserving them in perpetuity.

“That’s pretty cool,” Graston said. “Your children’s children will see them. I have always been a history student. It was my favorite subject in high school. I have an honors degree in history. I think that’s fine. The work that I was doing, I was kind of part of the story and I was doing lively opinion pieces about what was going on in our society at the time.

For 36 years, perched on his ink-stained drawing board, Graston documented, celebrated and condemned our defining social, cultural and political moments.

Advertisement 3

Content of the article

This is probably the funniest thing we have in the archives

He channeled our grief after horrific tragedies such as 9/11 and the Sandy Hook school shooting.

It commemorated skewered heroes and villains. He made sure the arrogant and powerful knew they were responsible, and he laughed at them.

Former Windsor Star editorial cartoonist Mike Graston reviews some of his work at the University of Windsor's Leddy Library with U of W Archivist Sarah Glassford, left, and University Librarian Selinda Berg, on Tuesday 8 November 2022. Graston donated much of his works to the university.
Former Windsor Star editorial cartoonist Mike Graston reviews some of his work at the University of Windsor’s Leddy Library with U of W Archivist Sarah Glassford, left, and University Librarian Selinda Berg, on Tuesday 8 November 2022. Graston donated much of his works to the university. Photo by Dan Janisse /Windsor Star

But the more than 2,600 cartoons now in the possession of UWindsor’s Leddy library don’t represent all of Graston’s output. Much of his work is held at the National Archives of Canada.

He also kept a few that were too hard to let go, including some with his children. And there were many who didn’t make the cut, he said.

The cartoon collection he gave to UWindsor spans from 1981 to 2016. Graston actually started at the Star in 1980, but said there wasn’t much from that first year worth worth preserving for posterity.

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Content of the article

Mike Graston's latest cartoon, pictured on December 23, 2016, shows the longtime Windsor Star cartoonist saying goodbye after more than three decades of daily life.
Mike Graston’s latest cartoon, pictured on December 23, 2016, shows the longtime Windsor Star cartoonist saying goodbye after more than three decades of daily life. .jpg

The possibility that each of his cartoons wasn’t a historical gem is something Graton wishes he had considered sooner.

“When I did the National Archives, I wasn’t as picky about what I gave them,” he said.

He later realized that some of his not-so-stellar works — he has a less family-like way of describing them — would be preserved for hundreds of years.

“It was a tougher selection process for the university,” Graston said. “I probably ended up throwing away hundreds and hundreds that I just didn’t want to have in 200 years.”

Despite this, the largest collection of his work is now in the Leddy Library at the University of Windsor.

“It’s probably the funniest thing we have in the archives,” said Sarah Glassford, Archivist of Archives and Special Collections at Leddy Library. “We have a lot of fun stuff here, but as a collection it’s the funniest and in some ways the most emotional. And quite unique in terms of the number of artworks we have, both physical and digital.

Advertisement 5

Content of the article

Mike Graston's take on new Canadians in 2015.
Mike Graston’s take on new Canadians in 2015. Windsor Star

Graston said he is happy to know that his life’s work will be accessible to generations to come.

“The availability is going to be much higher than it was before, which is in protective boxes in my house,” he said.

“Students can use them, teachers can use them, the public can use them. In a hundred years they might have an exhibition of original cartoons.

University of Windsor librarian Selinda Berg said the artwork would be available in the archives, but added that the university also intended to feature it in special exhibitions.

The first begins next week at Windsor Armouries, home to the university’s School of Creative Arts. The free show, titled Mike Graston’s Editorial Cartoons, 1981-2016: History has it Happened, is open to the public from November 16-27.

Advertising 6

Content of the article

Mike Graston often ridiculed local politicians.
Mike Graston often ridiculed local politicians. Windsor Star

Berg, who is not from Windsor, said it was eye-opening to learn about Graston’s importance, the “magnitude” of his collection and what it would mean for the university and the city.

“When I told people we were getting this collection, the excitement is absolutely incredible,” she said. “Always it’s followed by a story about their favorite cartoon, their favorite cartoon, the one that resonated with them, or just the process of going into the newspaper and looking at it. It’s amazing how much this resonates with individuals.

In addition to being more widely accessible, the coins will also be protected.

  1. Mike Graston's latest cartoon, pictured on December 23, 2016, shows the longtime Windsor Star cartoonist saying goodbye after more than three decades of daily life.

    Mike Graston looks back on 35 years of editorial cartooning for the Windsor Star

  2. Graston's image on windsorstar.com quickly went viral worldwide, with 84,649 views on Saturday and Sunday night, another 40,033.  It has been liked over 14,000 times on Facebook and has over 300 comments, the majority thoughtful, grateful and thoughtful.

    Graston’s cartoon resonates around the world

  3. Here's a look at editorial cartoonist Mike Graston's work over more than three decades with the Windsor Star.

    Mike Graston: a look back at his editorial cartoons over three decades

For several years, Graston has worried about a burglary or a fire every time he leaves his house. The cartoons are now stored in a vault inside the Leddy Library Archive, where even the air is subject to strict quality control.

Advertising 7

Content of the article

“These will last a few hundred years if we put them in acid-free folders, acid-free boxes in our climate-controlled safe,” Glassford said. “The temperature and humidity are carefully maintained within a certain range.”

Mike Graston's cartoons often deal with serious subjects.
Mike Graston’s cartoons often deal with serious subjects. Windsor Star

Berg said it’s “exciting” to see the university playing a bigger role in preserving and promoting such historical records.

“I think it presents history in a really unique way through the eyes of someone from Windsor,” she said. “I think the contribution to the university as a whole is really important with the ability to support research and teaching across the university. I am truly grateful that we have the opportunity to keep this collection in Windsor.

[email protected]


Mike Graston usually addressed controversial issues, such as the location of the new hospital.
Mike Graston usually addressed controversial issues, such as the location of the new hospital. Windsor Star
The issues of the day have always fueled Mike Graston's cartoons.
The issues of the day have always fueled Mike Graston’s cartoons. Windsor Star


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Oklahoma court denies new hearing for death row inmate


By SEAN MURPHY, Associated Press writer

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — An Oklahoma appeals court on Thursday denied death row inmate Richard Glossip’s request for a new evidentiary hearing that his attorneys say would prove his innocence in the brutal 1997 death of the boss of Glossip at an Oklahoma City motel.

Glossip’s attorneys raised several propositions in asking the Court of Criminal Appeals for a rehearing, including that he is factually innocent of the murder, that the state destroyed vital evidence, that his lawyers were ineffective, and that he is intellectually disabled.

But the court noted that Oklahoma law does not allow defendants to continue to appeal issues that were previously raised or could have been raised earlier but were not. The court also questioned Glossip’s theory that his co-defendant, Justin Sneed, acted alone or with his girlfriend to rob and kill Barry Van Treese.

“The evidence he presents to support this theory consists of affidavits from prison informants, drug dealers, exotic dancers and residents of the Best Budget Inn,” the court wrote. “These affidavits do not provide the clear and compelling evidence that Glossip would have this court believe.”

political cartoons

Glossip, who has long maintained he was innocent in the murder-for-hire of Van Treese, has narrowly avoided execution on several occasions, including in 2015 when his lethal injection was canceled at the last minute when the wrong drug was delivered to the prison. This drug mix-up led to a moratorium on the death penalty in Oklahoma that lasted more than six years before the state resumed executions last year.

Earlier this month, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt granted Glossip another temporary stay of execution scheduled for Dec. 8 to give the Court of Criminal Appeals more time to consider his final appeals. minute. A separate appeal alleging misconduct by the prosecutor and an attempt by his co-accused Sneed to recant is still pending in court.

“We have yet another motion pending with the court exposing Sneed’s desire to recant his testimony against Rich and, most shockingly, documenting the prosecutor’s gross misconduct in coaching Sneed to alter his testimony mid-trial,” Glossip attorney Don Knight said, “Our fight to free this innocent man will continue, and we remain optimistic that truth and justice will prevail, both for Rich and for the citizens of Oklahoma.”

Prosecutors agree that Glossip did not kill Van Treese, but argue that he paid Sneed, the hotel’s maintenance man, to do so. Sneed, who received a life sentence but was spared the death penalty, was a key witness in two separate trials in which Glossip was found guilty.

Follow Sean Murphy at www.twitter.com/apseanmurphy

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EPOCH COMICS: Exclusive Interview Part 1


Meet Martin Okonkwo, the founder of Vintage comics. The studio aims not only to tell African stories, but to do so in a way that is authentic, moral and healthy for the world, and to inspire a new generation to overcome negative stereotypes and embrace diversity and strong values.

Martin shared his intention to take the African comics industry to the next level and pave the way for a new genre of entertainment, similar to what the Japanese have done with manga and anime.

Martin is a multi-talented, multi-award winning illustrator, graphic designer and comic book artist. He has twice won Nigerian Comic Artist of the Year, at the Lagos Comic Convention FIST Awards in 2017 and 2018 respectively for his work in AEGIS #3 and AEGIS #4. His works have been hosted on several local and international platforms such as Comixology, Amazon, and Comikly, and he has also been featured on comic book blogs such as Bleeding Cool, SquidMag, and Comic Panel. His advertising artwork has made its way to prestigious advertising websites like AD-Week, Ads of the World and Lurzer’s Archives. His comic book brand received a large audience and sales both online and offline. Epoch has featured in several editions of Lagos Comic con and most recently at Toronto Comic-Con in Canada.

1. Tell us about yourself – what got you into creating comics and starting your studio, Epoch Comics?

“I’m a major comic book chef. I’ve always enjoyed telling stories using a variety of visual mediums, but comics have proven to be the most compelling to me. I have been actively drawing comics since I was 5 years old. I got all my inspiration from DC and Marvel comics and then Saturday morning cartoons.

“As a child, growing up in Nigeria in the 80s, I didn’t have access to 24-hour cartoon channels like kids today, I also didn’t have access to comic stores, but I took full advantage of what was available at the time. I read and re-read all the comics I could get my hands on, and then watched and re-watched the cartoon series. These were a vital part of my training in as an artist, I would draw for hours and hours, sometimes avoiding food.

“Then came the era of video games in the early 90s and I was beyond thrilled to be able to play with some of my favorite characters. Games further expanded my imagination of what was possible in this kind of entertainment.”

“My early efforts to create comics were more of a hobby and a favorite pastime because I only drew for fun and the love of the craft, but I found that my friends were amazed by the stories I I would tell and the characters that I created. They would gather around my desk after school, and I would draw comics until evening while they watched in wonder.

“Because my reference was only from foreign comics, shows, and games, none of my main characters were African or of African descent. They were almost 100% white Caucasian.”

“I quickly got to the point after high school where I began to intentionally seek to tell stories based on my culture, folklore, and traditional mythology, but my only reference was the oral histories passed down from our parents and grandparents. -parents in the village. I started exploring our history and culture as comics and that was the beginning of the journey to Epoch Comics.”

“My comics at this point featured characters from indigenous and ethnic backgrounds. At first, I focused primarily on the superhero genre, although there were still a few personal titles inspired by video games and comics. manga that I created. Then I started to have a certain fascination with the supernatural, and that became the foundation of most of our titles today.”

“I co-founded the Epoch Comics brand with my close friend, writer, and classmate Chika Ezeabiama, and today we’re still going strong, even as the team has grown.”

2. Which comics, writers and artists were your favorites growing up and also your inspirations?

“As I mentioned earlier, my first inspiration was Marvel and DC, but over time other studios emerged, like Image, Darkhorse, and TopCow, and of course, very popular non-American comics like Obelix and Asterix also dominated my creative journey – comics like Superman, Batman, X-Men, Justice League and Avengers were particularly my favorites.”

“Writers/artists like John Byrne on Superman, Joe Madureira on Spiderman, Jim Lee on Bat Man, Alex Ross/Mark Waid on Kingdom Come, and Goscinni and Ordezo on Asterix and Obelix should be some of my biggest inspirations to date. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any role models in the comics locally and had to chart this cause on my own.

2 pictures

3. What is your vision of Epoch?

“Inspiring and transforming lives through our entertainment model. To be a go-to source for the next generation of comic book creators and to provide the world with an alternative and healthy model of comic book entertainment.”

“We also seek to put Africa on the comic map by showcasing the kind of quality that has never been associated with the continent and can compete favorably on the global stage.”

“We are building a brand that will change the narrative about Africa and Africans and portray us as a people with a beautiful heritage, rich culture and strong positive values.”


4. Can you tell us more about your universe?

“All Epoch Comic titles are linked in a universe and they share the same overarching story. There’s a supernatural story to every character and title, though it’s more evident in some than others. All characters in the Epoch Universe draw their source of power from the supernatural realm. Heroes (Extranaturals) are those who have harnessed these powers for good. They vary in attributes. Some fall into the category of superheroes (like Moondust) and their metaphysical aspects are less obvious than others.”

“Villains too (also called Extranaturals) just like heroes derive their essence or powers from the supernatural or extra-dimensional realm. They also feature as supervillains in the superhero and dark context in some of the most more clearly supernatural.”

5. How are your comics and graphic novels found?

“Our comics are available on different platforms, but the primary way to get is from our website www.epochstudios.co/comics. Our comics are also available on Amazon and Comixology. You can also download the House of Comics and read all our comics for free. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok @epochcomics.

In Part 2 of our interview, we dive into the Epoch universe, titles, and Martin’s favorite pick(s) for Epoch comic book movies and TV/streaming series.

The ALDI TV show has been looking for new suppliers to stock their shelves


The ALDI TV show has been looking for new suppliers to stock their shelves via Channel 4 next big thing and received hundreds of registrations.

Charlie Fermor, 35, and his wife Laurie, 34, have landed the deal of their lives and their children’s dried fruit snacks named Freddie’s Farm made only with British produce, as much as possible from their own orchards and fields of Kent are now in stores nationwide.

Hearts melted as the nation got a glimpse into Charlie and Laurie’s life at Bramley Mount Farm and their six-year-old son Freddie, after whom the snacks are named, and his three-year-old sister, Ottie .

Freddie’s Farm fought off fierce competition from makers of fava bean snacks, kimchi and even camel milk, to secure a place on the shelves of Aldi stores in the UK.

Co-founder Laurie Fermor explained how healthy snacks came about: “When Freddie was little, we didn’t like the snacks that were on the market, so we created Freddie’s Farm. The drying process has been perfected for a long time, so it’s quite special.

“We try to retain the flavors you get in raw fruits and vegetables. As a result, we have less free sugars, which helps prevent kids from having sugar highs and crashes, which we certainly like to avoid with our two at all costs.

With everything grown, dried and packed just yards from the couple’s home, the carbon footprint has also appealed to Aldi, which has strict sustainability targets and has been a carbon-neutral company since 2019.

To secure the contract, the small company had to expand significantly to meet the order of 325,000 packs – more than 10 times larger than its previous largest order, but it managed to do so.

Thank you for reading “ALDI TV show has been looking for new suppliers to stock their shelves” aDon’t forget that all articles produced by Euro Weekly News are accessible free of charge.

The Crown Season 5 Cast: Meet the New Characters and Cast


Let’s take a closer look at the new cast of The crown and where you’ve seen them before:

Imelda Staunton as Queen Elizabeth II

We will see the Queen face her period of strongest reviews in season 5 of The crown, covering events such as her response to Princess Diana’s death and the multiple scandals of 1992, or her “annus horribilis” as she famously described it. Previously played by Claire Foy and Olivia ColmanImelda Staunton will play the queen in series five and six.

A veteran of stage and screen, Staunton is best known for playing Harry Potter the villainous Dolores Umbridge, as well as her Oscar-nominated lead role in Vera Drakeas well as BAFTA nominated appearances in Back to Cranford and the girl. For Doctor Who fans, she played the voice of Interface in the 2011 episode “The Girl Who Waited”, in the Matt Smith era.

Jonathan Pryce as Prince Philip in The Crown

Jonathan Pryce as Prince Philip

Showing no signs of slowing down in his later years, in series five we’ll see Prince Philip develop a close friendship with Penelope Knatchbull, aka Lady Romsey, his godson’s wife.

Passing the reins to Tobias Menzies, who in turn took over from Matt Smith at the start of Series 3, Jonathan Pryce is another household name best loved for his roles in Pirates of the Caribbean, tomorrow never dies and his Oscar-nominated portrayal of Pope Francis in The two popes. He also played The master in a 1999 Doctor Who short for Comic Relief.

Jonny Lee Miller as John Major in The Crown

Jonny Lee Miller as John Major

One of the most controversial plots of The crown season five sees a fictional encounter between Prince (now King) Charles and then Prime Minister John Major plotting for the Queen to abdicate. The man himself once described it as a “barrel of nonsense”.

Canadian Voice Actor Eric Bauza Explores the Influence of Cartoons on Society in New Series “Stay Tooned”


By Brent Furdyk.

It’s easy to dismiss cartoons as mindless entertainment for kids, but a new series on streaming service CBC Gem takes a look at the world of animation from a surprising perspective.

“Stay Tooned” is a six-part series featuring Eric Bauza, a Filipino-Canadian voice actor who gave voice to iconic cartoon characters such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety, Marvin the Martian and more .

In the series, Bauza takes viewers on a deep dive through some anime favorites to explore how these cartoons have shaped society while helping to provide an understanding of the social and political worlds we live in.

“If I can do it, you can”: Scarborough, Ont. The actor becomes the star of “Looney Tunes Cartoons”

In each episode, Bauza interviews an array of other voice actors – including Tara Strong, Cree Summer, Lake Bell, Ken Jeong, Ben Schwartz, Bobby Moynihan, Lamorne Morris and James Adomian – to explore race, sexuality, consumerism and political philosophy, all through the lens of lively storytelling.

Gem of Radio-Canada

“Cartoons have played a huge role in not only defining my career path, but also helping to shape my understanding of the world around us,” Bauza said in a statement.

“We all remember the simplest moments, when we ran down the stairs on Saturday morning to watch our favorite cartoons, those magical portals to worlds of imagination and joy,” he added. “‘Stay Tooned’ is both a tribute to the cartoons we love deeply and also a deeper look at what they did well and how they could have done better.”

More Guns for Elmer Fudd in HBO Max’s ‘Looney Tunes’ Reboot

All six episodes of “Stay Tooned” debut on Friday, December 2.

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Actresses who voiced animated characters

Election of the North Carolina Legislature to decide the extent of Republican power


By GARY D. ROBERTSON, Associated Press

RALEIGH, North Carolina (AP) — Republicans in North Carolina were aiming for oversized control of the legislature for the next two years in Tuesday’s election, while Democrats led by Gov. Roy Cooper sought to retain enough seats to retain veto power over issues such as Abortion.

Republicans are seeking at least two more Senate seats and three House seats from their current tallies to give them veto-proof majorities in every chamber in January for the first time since late 2018.

Since then, none of Cooper’s nearly four dozen vetoes — mostly bills that conform to favored GOP policies on issues like guns, immigration, taxes and abortion — have ‘has been cancelled. Republicans could overcome vetoes on these matters without help from Democrats if they win at least 30 of 50 Senate seats and 72 of 120 House seats.

The results of around 15 highly competitive races will likely determine the outcome.

political cartoons

Democrats and their allies have spent millions of dollars in fall General Assembly campaigns warning voters that Republicans could pass tough abortion restrictions if they overpower Cooper’s vetoes.

Republicans are poised to consider additional abortion restrictions next year in light of the U.S. Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade, but say there is no consensus on specifics yet. Abortion is illegal in North Carolina after 20 weeks of pregnancy, with some exceptions.

Cooper’s vetoes foiled abortion-limited changes in 2019 and 2021. Veto-proof majorities would severely weaken Cooper in his final two years as governor, causing him to lose leverage for negotiations on a host of issues, including the state budget.

Abortion in particular surfaced in races for a pair of state Senate seats in Wake County, where major party candidates had spent a combined $6.9 million through the end of October. according to campaign finance reports. There, Democratic Senator Sydney Batch and Senate candidate Mary Wills Bode accused their respective GOP rivals Marc Cavailero and EC Sykes of seeking to ban abortion outright if elected. Sykes and Cavaliero say the abortion ads against them are misleading and false.

Republican candidates have tried to take advantage of the national economy and 40-year inflation spikes under President Joe Biden to win more legislative races. GOP candidates ran ads blaming Washington for the price hikes and talked about what Raleigh Republicans have done to counter them, such as cutting income taxes.

GOP legislative leaders saw opportunities for pickup in eastern and rural North Carolina, where district boundaries were expanded to new areas in this year’s redistricting.

They include the 5th House District seat, where Democratic Rep. Howard Hunter III of Hertford County is running against former Sheriff’s Deputy Bill Ward, and for the 24th District, where Rep. Linda Cooper-Suggs, a Democrat of Wilson County, faced a tough challenge from Republican Ken Fontenot.

The Republican-friendly midterm environment also put more Democratic-leaning seats within reach.

Copyright 2022 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Brett Goldstein, Bowen Yang Cast – The Hollywood Reporter


Emmy winner Ted Lasso starring Brett Goldstein and Saturday Night Live Bowen Yang is the latest to join the animation voice cast Garfield film.

Chris Pratt will star as the cat who loves lasagna, with Samuel L. Jackson, Nicholas Hoult, Hannah Waddingham, Cecily Strong and Ving Rhames also lending their voices to the feature.

Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson’s Alcon Entertainment is behind the new Garfieldwhich has been picked up worldwide – outside of China – by Sony Pictures, with a theatrical release on May 24, 2024. David Reynolds(The world of Nemo) wrote the screenplay with Paul Kaplan and Mark Torgove. Marc Dindal (The Emperor’s New Groove, Chicken Little) will lead.

Created by Jim Davis, Garfield first appeared in the comic book sections in 1978, the lazy orange tabby often causing trouble for his human owner Jon Arbuckle and lovable house dog Odie. Garfield, which debuted in 41 newspapers, currently holds the record for the most circulated comic strip in the world. Garfield has already appeared on the big screen in a live-action/animated hybrid Garfield in 2004 and its sequel, 2006 Garfield: a tail of two kittens. In those films, both produced by 20th Century Fox, Bill Murray voiced the titular cat.

Alcon has acquired the rights to Davis, who will serve as executive producer on the film along with Amuse’s Bridget McMeel and Craig Sost. John Cohen and Steven P. Wegner are producing alongside Kosove and Johnson. DNEG Animation, who recently worked in the animated feature Ron gone wrong, will host and produce the film. DNEG CEO Namit Malhotra and President Tom Jacomb are both producers. Craig Sost will serve as executive producer along with Bridget McMeel of Andrews McMeel Entertainment.

Goldstein, replaced by WME, Mosaic, B-Side Management, LARK and Hansen Jacobson, is an executive producer, writer and star of the beloved Apple series Ted Lasso. He is the creator of the next Apple series Contractionwith Ted Lassoby Bill Lawrence and Jason Segel.

Yang has received multiple Emmy Award nominations for his work on SNL; other recent feature credits include The lost city, fire islandand Brothers. It is replaced by UTA and 3 Arts Entertainment.

Netflix Codes: Here’s How To Access Secret Movies And TV Shows On The OTT Platform

You might think you’ve seen all the good movies and TV shows on Netflix. Is it? But wait! However, chances are there are still a lot of movies and TV shows that you weren’t aware of.

To access each genre’s webpage, enter the four-digit code after the following address in your web browser: http://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/. It should be noted that this is only available on the website and will not be available on phones, NOW boxes or Amazon Firestick.

These generous guys at ogres-crypt have put together a full compilation of genres, you’ll also see a wide variety of them below (and a full list of everything dropped this month here).

Adventure and action (1365)

• Asian action movies (77232)

• Classic Action Adventure (46576)

• Action comedy movies (43040)

• Adventures (43048) Action Thrillers (43048) (7442)

• Movies based on comics and superheroes (1011😎

• Westerns (7,700) (7,700)

• Adventure and spy action (10702)

• Thriller, Action and Adventure (9584)

• Adventure and Action Abroad (1182😎

• Martial arts movies (8,985)

• Military and action adventure (2125)

Movies for family and children (783)

• Films for children from 0 to 2 years old (6,796)

• Films for children from 2 to 4 years old (621😎

• Films for children aged 5 to 7 (5,455)

• Films for children aged 8 to 10 (561)

• Films for children aged 11 to 12 (6,962)

• Education of children (10659)

• Disney (67673)

• Film adaptations of children’s novels (10056)

• Family characteristics (51056)

• Cartoons on television (11177)

• Television for children (27346)

• Music for children (52843)

• Animal Stories (5507)


What is Netflix?

Netflix is ​​a California-based subscription streaming service and production company.

What is the correct way to enter a Netflix code?

If you have a promo code, head to netflix.com/redeem and enter.

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Bray Wyatt breaks character after cameras stop rolling at WWE Crown Jewel 2022


Bray Wyatt is known for staying in character while making public appearances for WWE. He rarely conducts interviews, is not often seen in public, and on the rare occasions when he speaks to reporters or interacts with fans, he tends to stay in character. Some of the interviews he did with local media while still in character Firefly Fun House certainly come to mind. But after his promo and interaction with Uncle Howdy at crown jewel On Saturday, a video of Wyatt interacting with fans as he made his way backstage appeared online showing him (mostly) a breakup character.

Wyatt returned to WWE at Extreme Rules last month after being released by WWE in July 2021. His new persona appears to be at war with himself, as he cuts promos acting like the ‘real’ Wyatt while that the masked Uncle Howdy continues to laugh at him. pretending he’s just going to fall back into his old ways. There have also been teases of him forming some kind of faction while also recalling her previous Alexa Bliss storyline which ended shortly after Wrestle Mania 37 no real resolution.

Bray Wyatt vs. Alexa Bliss?

Bliss cut a backstage promo alongside Asuka during Crown Jewel before they lost the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships. Wyatt’s logo flashed on the screen and he seemed to startle her, but the commentators didn’t call attention to it. Bliss hasn’t shown many signs of her “dark” personality since returning from hiatus earlier this year, but she has admitted in interviews that she misses the personality.

“Now I’m in limbo of, I don’t really know where I’m going with my character yet. I’ve kind of evolved so many times over the last nine years – I feel like I’ve had more characters than any other woman on the list,” she smiles. So now it’s about figuring out where I fit in, what character is needed for the show. Right now I’m just me and I don’t like it for TV. I love myself for me out in life, but for TV, Lexi is not entertaining.” happiness said Subway over the summer, admitting his character was somewhat stuck in limbo.

“I’m stuck trying to figure out what it is, especially after therapy, after taking away all the aspects of what the dark, evil Alexa was,” she later added. “But still having Lilly and being able to understand that Lilly is now a prop, not as a focal point. It’s finding this creative process of trying to figure out what’s going to be, one, fun for me, two, what is going to relate to an audience, and which will be easy for the writers to write.”

The spinning wheel of the TDC topic lands on… The Daily Cartoonist


Home / Section: Cartoon

The spinning wheel of the TDC subject lands on…


In Delaware, a politician, running for a position to verify the correctness and maintain the laws, stole the property of Ann Telnaes and The Washington Post, retouched the original meaning, cut out Ann’s name and, without permission, used it as campaign advertising.

© The Washington Post/Ann Telnaes

JP at the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists has the whole story.

The next round gives us… Lists

© Marvel Comics

Brian Cronin of Comic Book Resources gives the most recent vote of Best Comic Book Writers and Artists of All Time (50 favorites in each category). Spoiler for Silver Age Marvel Maniacs: None of the main Marvel Bullpen from the 1960s or 1970s get the top spot.

Spin again and it’s… Shades of grey

© Creators Syndicate

We were fans of John Deeringthe new coloring style on her strange brew since he passed Few years agobut the word gray balloons makes us doubt our eyesight.


Mike from Comic Strip of the Day has mentioned on occasion that a number of editorial cartoonists on occasion will have the same idea. This is also not unknown to comic book artists.

© Tom Falco; © Creators

Tom Falcon hate when that happens.

You can see my Halloween related cartoons here at TomFalco.com.

But know what? John Deering, the illustrator of Strange Brew, ran the same thing yesterday on GoComics.com


© The Center for Cartoon Studies

The Center for Comics Studies was challenged by the Office of the Secretary of State of Vermont and Vermont Humanities to create a graphic guide to the past, present, and promise of democracy and civic education in our brave little state. Freedom and unity are the answer to this challenge.

Here in Vermont, freedom is not every man for himself and unity does not mean uniformity. From Town Meetings to Co-ops to the State House, Vermont’s approach to democracy is by turns unique, varied and inspired.

The guide is available in hard copy or as a free pdf.


© Maria Scrivan

Maria Scrivan stretches our memories with a long-dead superhero in today half full.

Lying man? Mister Fantastic? Elastic boy? Stretch Armstrong?


Kindness alert as Doraemon exhibit lands in Singapore


SINGAPORE – Kawaii sweetness has arrived. For the first time outside of Japan, Doraemon-inspired artwork by top Japanese artists, original designs of the robot cat, and even themed sweets will be available at the Doraemon Singapore 2022 Expo.

Hosted by the National Museum of Singapore (NMS), the exhibition was first shown in Japan in 2002 and then revived in 2017. He has since visited nine cities in Japan, receiving some 600,000 visitors.

Fans will want to see early iterations of Doraemon and the cast of characters from the first manga series. Doraemon has been translated into 17 languages ​​and appears in 20 countries and regions across platforms including comics, TV, and movies.

Very popular in Japan, the Doraemon phenomenon is also felt in the art world, influencing renowned artists such as Takashi Murakami and Yoshitomo Nara.

The two artists will be featured in the exhibition along with 26 other Japanese artists and artist groups, as well as two Singaporean artists – Leslie Kee and Jahan Loh. Singaporeans have been specially tasked with creating original works of art.

Speaking to the Straits Times via Zoom, Murakami says, “Everyone in Japan knows Doraemon. He is on television almost every day. It’s like breathing air.

On the impact the character has had on his artistic practice, the artist states, “Like the air, I can’t tell you how Doraemon influenced me. Air is air – (Doraemon) is like breathing.

There’s a serious side to all this kawaii cuteness.

Explaining the popularity of Doraemon, manga, and anime in Japan, Murakami says it started nearly 80 years ago after World War II. “We had to find entertainment with a very small budget. Manga culture is very cheap. I think that was the post-war reality. It was part of the mindset of the Japanese people,” he adds.

The exhibition, which spans over 1,300 m² of gallery floor space, is copyrighted by Fujiko-Pro and presented by multi-brand retailer Leyouki, with support from NMS.

In 2020, NMS had presented a Doraemon showcase called Doraemon’s Time-Traveling Adventures in Singapore. Although there were Doraemon figurines, this previous showcase did not feature any artwork.

Interestingly, Ms. Chung May Khuen, Director of the NMS, reveals that 30% of visitors who attended had never been to the NMS before. “Following the success of this showcase, many of our visitors shared that they were interested in learning more about this iconic character,” she says.

The PLANET OF THE APES/Marvel Comics crossover we’ve been waiting for is finally here in new variant covers!


Earlier this year, it was announced that the Planet of the Apes The franchise returns to Marvel Comics with all-new stories beginning in early 2023. A movie, Kingdom of the Planet of the Apeshas since begun production ahead of a 2024 release, so it’s obvious Disney has big plans for the iconic sci-fi franchise.

As you surely know, the series spans over five decades with media such as comics, books, movies, TV series, video games, and toys.

Although we haven’t heard anything about a Marvel/Planet of the Apes comic book crossover, we have to believe that one is inevitable. In the meantime, the two words have collided on amazing variant covers depicting Marvel’s superheroes trapped in a world ruled by apes!

Just like the groundbreaking film series, these scenes range from action to emotion and will grace the covers of Marvel’s most popular titles throughout February.

Marvel comics and Planet of the Apes have a rich history dating back over 40 years. Marvel first published stories set in this world in 1974, and in 1975 Marvel published Adventures on the Planet of the Apescolor adaptations of the iconic Planet of the Apes movies. Now, Planet of the Apes is back at Marvel and ready to take comics by storm.

“We are delighted to welcome the Planet of the Apes back to the House of Ideas!” Marvel Comics editor CB Cebulski said earlier this year. “The new saga in the works will explore the limits of what this beloved franchise has to offer through bold comic book storytelling, and we can’t wait to set foot in this new adventure!”

You can check out these stunning variant covers by a host of incredibly talented artists below. Plus, you’ll want to keep checking here for all the latest updates on both the next Planet of the Apes comic series and film.










Parallel Tracks: Must-See Movies and Shows Inspired by Reality TV


Even before the reality-based genre took off, it served as fodder for movies and TV shows. See how some of the domain’s tropes – confession, control, competition – have been turned on their head to tell a bigger story.


The Truman Show came out in 1998, years before the reality television boom of the 2000s. Jim Carrey plays Truman, an affable salesman who slowly discovers his whole life is a live reality show. Everyone is protective but pretends. The people he knows like his family, friends and colleagues are paid actors. Even the horizon is simply painted. It is a sensitive look at collective consciousness, the commodification of human experience and what it takes for a spirit to free itself.

The scathing criticism

What is the opposite of a reality drama? An animated sitcom parodying a reality drama. Drawn Together was created in 2004, featuring loud, rude, dirty stereotypes competing with each other to kick each other out of a house. There are three seasons and a movie from 2010. There’s racism, homophobia, violence, and petty indignities, and this time the audience knows for sure that they were scripted. Think of it as a grand show poking fun at the worst of the genre.

The quiet genius

It’s the reality TV premise of The Office (US remake above) that makes the scenes shine, with its sideways glances at the camera, POV angles and cutaway interviews.

The best thing about The Office (the UK original and the US remake) isn’t the antics. The employees of the paper company in a small American town mostly hold meetings, make sales calls, play pranks, throw birthday cakes and leave at 5 p.m. It’s the premise of the reality TV show that makes the scenes shine – the sideways gaze at the camera, the POV angles, the cutaway interviews, and the hilarious everyday moments. Modern Family and What We Do in the Shadows are worthy successors.

The shocking documentary

You are supposed to be disgusted by Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (2006). Sacha Baron Cohen’s character, Borat Sagdiyev, a wide-eyed Kazakh journalist making a documentary in the United States, is made up. But the public’s reactions to him are improvised and often more offensive than his own feigned ignorance. Cohen stayed in character while promoting the film, blurring the lines between real-life and staged storytelling. A sequel, Borat Later Moviefilm, was released in 2020.

The allegory of the young adult

The format of the elimination contest, but with a dark twist. The winner of The Hunger Games is the last person alive in a man-made forest filled with real threats. It’s a game that’s played every year so the elite can entertain themselves, offer very occasional help, and pick a neighborhood to reward. Reality TV tropes abound – candidate stories, votes, alliances, surprise challenges. But the story and its sequels (based on a series of novels by Suzanne Collins), use them to sell a larger political message: that real power lies in refusing to play along.

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    Rachel Lopez is a writer and editor at the Hindustan Times. She has worked with The Times Group, Time Out and Vogue and has a particular interest in the city’s history, culture, etymology, internet and society.
    …See the details

Arcade hosts its deadliest game yet in the upcoming ‘Murderworld’ saga


November 16, Jim Zub and Ray Fawkes put the “murder” back in place MURDERWORLD!

Teaming up with an exciting lineup of star artists, the two writers have penned a thrilling epic that begins later this month in MURDERWORLD: AVENGERS #1 and ends abruptly in March MURDERWORLD: GAME COMPLETE #1! Through five one-shots, readers will witness Arcade at its darkest as it unleashes all the terror of Murderworld on an all-new cast of characters.

Two hundred competitors. A hundred million dollar prize. A winner. And to survive, they’ll have to endure a series of brutal tests in Arcade’s all-new Murderworld. Arcade’s circus-style contests have been a punch in the past, but this game is no joke and the body count will increase with every twist. Has Arcade finally found success? Enter Paul Pastor, the extraordinary young documentary filmmaker who hopes to expose it all but he can’t do it alone. Fortunately, the Black Widow has a personal grudge to settle with the mastermind of Murderworld – but how many will die before she can put a stop to this extremely violent scheme??

“When I first saw Murderworld in an issue of STRANGE X-MEN, I was mesmerized by its colorful cornyness mixed with deceit and violence,” Zub explained. “Many years ago Ray and I discussed a twisted survival-thriller story set in the deadly playground of Arcade and now, starting with MURDERWORLD: AVENGERS, we finally have the chance to trigger !”

“Murderworld is one of those stealthy, ultra-compelling concepts that has always made the Marvel Universe so fascinating to me – the garish, family-fun veneer slapped on a deadly threat. When Jim and I were talking about it, ideas to make it more and more scary and exciting kept coming to us. I am thrilled to present them to readers in all their ghastly glory! Fawkes added.


Official confirms detailed peace deal with Ethiopia final


By CARA ANNA, Associated Press

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — An official familiar with the Ethiopian peace talks said the copy of the “permanent cessation of hostilities” agreement obtained by The Associated Press with details on the disarmament of Tigray forces and control federal of the Tigray region is the signed and last copy.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity on Thursday, a day after the deal was announced, as they were not authorized to speak publicly. Enormous challenges await us in implementing the agreement, including getting all parties to lay down their arms or withdraw.

The agreement stipulates that the Tigray forces will be disarmed, starting with “small arms” within 30 days of Wednesday’s signing, and that the Ethiopian federal security forces will take full control of “all installations, installations and major federal infrastructure such as airports and highways in Tigray”. Region.”

The final, detailed agreement has not been made public, but the brief joint statement read out by the warring parties on Wednesday night notes “a detailed program of disarmament” and “the restoration of constitutional order” in Tigray.

Political cartoons about world leaders

political cartoons

The war in Africa’s second most populous country, which marks two years on Friday, has seen documented abuses on both sides, with millions displaced and many near starvation.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed affirmed during a visit to southern Ethiopia that his government’s proposal to the talks had been fully accepted and that the government was ready to “open our hearts” for peace to prevail. . He also said that the issue of disputed areas will only be resolved through the law of the land and negotiations.

Ethiopian media have stopped using the word “terrorist” to refer to authorities and forces in Tigray. The country is holding a memorial event on Thursday for some victims of the conflict.

Inside Tigray, a humanitarian source in the town of Shire said there was no sound of gunfire, as in recent days, and a “blockade” of the movement of people and vehicles was still in place. Like many inside Tigray, the source spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals.

Copyright 2022 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

One Piece Film: Red review – stunning hijinks in a spectacular anime franchise | Film


IIt’s Saturday morning, the rain is incessant outside, the TV is on but the remote control can’t be found – it’s probably at the bottom of the couch. You’re stuck watching kids’ cartoons, sucked in by the bright colors and high-stakes storytelling that saves the world. One Piece Film: Red is in that great tradition: a stunningly animated sugar rush, great music, and a strong central story with frequent stretches of outright absurdity.

The One Piece franchise centers on Monkey D Luffey and his pirate crew; this unique adventure introduces us to Uta, a beloved singer from Luffey’s past who turns into a renegade and tries to use her special powers to trap her fans in an alternate universe. Pirates strive to bring it down – and there’s a whole lot more going on as several dozen new characters and subplots sputter and zigzag around without worrying about cohesion. Narrative discipline isn’t the primary concern here, but the central story of Uta and his motivations is emotionally resonant.

A feast for the eyes and ears, each frame is adorned with color and detail. The final showdown is a sensory onslaught and akin to watching a firework display – colors swirl and things explode. There are musical numbers throughout, each accompanied by stunning, rainbow visuals that bring you back when the plot loses you. The songs themselves are wonderful: performed by Japanese musician Ado, they stand up to current charts and justify the idea that Uta is the most popular singer in the world. When focused, this movie really sings, but it takes its time and tests your patience to land on the right notes.

One Piece Film: Red hits theaters November 4.

Conservative figures spread baseless claims about Paul Pelosi attack

Police are investigating the home of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi after her husband, Paul Pelosi, was attacked with a hammer. Photo by Tayfun Coskun via Getty Images.

Federal agents have charged David DePape, 42, whom local police identified as the intruder, with assaulting an immediate family member of a U.S. official with intent to retaliate against the official because of the ‘execution of official duties, which carries a maximum prison sentence of 30 years and attempted kidnapping of a U.S. official because of the exercise of official duties, carries a maximum prison sentence of 20 years , according to the Department of Justice.

But false claims and innuendo about the attack flooded social media, adding to a deepening of anti-LGBTQ rhetoric.

Elon Musk, for example, tweeted then removed a link to a story on a dodgy website that baselessly suggested that DePape was a prostitute. The complaint then trending on twitteraccording to Ben Collins, who covers disinformation and extremism for NBC.

Donald Trump Jr. also promoted this completely unfounded claim. He posted – and later deleted – a sexually explicit cartoon image on Instagram and included a message that read: “Dear fact checkers, this has nothing to do with anything happening in the news and simply publishes a cartoon of what appears to be an edited South Park scene.

But his 6.2 million followers showed their understanding of the post in the comments, saying things like “I don’t know man, it doesn’t look edited… it looks like a still from the camera security Pelosis for me.”

Conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza posted a more suggestive claim on Twitter, asking, “How did Pelosi know the name of his attacker? He told police the assailant’s name was “David”. He also said that David was his “friend”. It’s on the police tape and you can listen to it yourself. So how do you explain these two telling facts? »

Any suggestion that Pelosi hired DePape as a prostitute or that Pelosi knew him in any capacity is false.

Robert Rueca, spokesman for the San Francisco Police Department, told us in an email that officers found no “evidence that the victim and suspect knew each other.”

San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins said the same thing in a local television interview Oct. 30.

And DePape himself told FBI agents in a taped interview that he broke into the house with the intention of holding Nancy Pelosi hostage and breaking her kneecaps if she “lied” to him. He wasn’t there for Paul Pelosi.

What we know about burglary

Sometime before 2:30 a.m. on Oct. 28, DePape used a hammer to smash the glass in the back door of the Pelosis home, DePape told the FBI.

He entered the house and went up to the second floor where Paul Pelosi was alone in bed. Nancy Pelosi was not in San Francisco at the time.

DePape “told Pelosi to wake up,” according to FBI charging documents. DePape then “told Pelosi he was looking for Nancy.”

Around 2:23 a.m., Paul Pelosi called 911.

The circumstances surrounding the call are still unclear, but according to charging documents and police statements at press conferences, Pelosi was able to enter the bathroom where he dialed 911. DePape took knowledge of the call at some point and, with no power to relay the details of the home invasion, Pelosi let the dispatcher know there was a problem.

San Francisco Police Chief William Scott repeatedly praised the 911 dispatcher who took the call, telling an Oct. 28 news conference that the dispatcher’s experience and intuition said that while the report qualified for a wellness check, “there was something more going on.” ”

The dispatcher escalated the call to officers, Scott said, adding, “she’s taken that extra step.”

This is perhaps where claims like D’Souza’s originated.

Recorded audio of radio communications between the dispatcher and officers circulated in conservative media. In the audio, which identifies Pelosi as “RP” or “flagger”, an officer can be heard saying, “RP said there is a man in the house and he will be waiting for his wife. RP said that he didn’t know who the man was, but that he had indicated that his name was David and that he was a friend.RP seemed somewhat confused.

Scott explained at the press conference that dispatchers “cannot report anything other than what is told to them” over the phone.

“An experienced dispatcher with good instincts, they know how to read between the lines, but they have to report what’s being said,” he said.

So any recording of officers getting initial information from the dispatch would only reflect what was relayed over the phone, which in this case was from Pelosi as he attempted to surreptitiously report the break-in while DePape was present. .

When responding officers arrived at the home minutes later, they saw Pelosi and DePape battling for the hammer, ending with DePape hitting Pelosi in the head.

Also, contrary to claims that DePape was in his underwear when officers arrived — like this one from conservative commentator Terrence K. Williams — according to the charging documents, DePape was clothed and, more specifically, wearing shorts. .

What we know about DePape

DePape, raised in British Columbia, Canada, moved to the United States about 20 years ago to pursue a romantic relationship, according to news organizations who interviewed several members of his family, from whom DePape was estranged.

Sometimes homeless, DePape, before the attack on Pelosi, lived in the garage of a house in Richmond, Calif., according to the criminal complaint filed against him. Richmond is less than 20 miles from San Francisco.

DePape’s ex-girlfriend, Oxane “Gypsy” Taub, a public nudity activist with whom DePape raised three children, recently told the San Francisco Chronicle that DePape had struggled with mental illness and addiction for years. Taub did the interview from a California women’s prison where she is serving time for the harassment and attempted kidnapping of a minor in 2018.

Media reported that DePape in recent months had written dozens of disturbing posts on his Facebook page and also allegedly posted numerous writings on a blog and website that were allegedly registered in his name. According to media outlets that reviewed the sites, which have since been taken down, the posts often repeated baseless conspiracy theories and made derogatory comments about religious and minority groups.

“A WordPress blog that DePape maintained titled God Is Loving exposed censorship by an elite cabal of tech companies, government officials, and media outlets,” reported the San Francisco Chronicle, for example. “As recently as August 25, DePape posted entries with titles such as ‘Communist Voodoo Science’ and ‘The Woke are Racists with a Guilty Conscience’.

“On a separate website, DePape’s posts became more erratic,” the Chronicle said. “He espoused vaccine conspiracy theories and voter fraud allegations, writing that any reporter who disputed those allegations ‘should be dragged into the streets and shot.'” Days before the alleged hammer attack on Paul Pelosi, DePape published an article saying that the war in Ukraine was a ploy for the benefit of the Jewish people.

The Associated Press reported: “It appears there were no direct messages on [Nancy] Pelosi, but there were entries defending former President Donald Trump and Ye, the rapper officially known as Kayne West who recently made anti-Semitic comments.

DePape’s Plan

When DePape entered the Pelosis home early in the morning of Oct. 28, he “was prepared to detain and injure President Pelosi,” according to federal charging documents.

It had arrived with zip ties, duct tape, rope and at least a hammer.

According to the federal criminal complaint, DePape told officers “he was going to take Nancy hostage and talk to her. If Nancy told DePape the “truth”, he would let her go, and if she “lied”, he would break her “kneecaps”. DePape was sure Nancy wouldn’t have told the “truth”.

DePape told FBI investigators that “he views Nancy as the ‘ringleader’ of lies told by the Democratic Party,” according to the complaint. He “also later explained that by breaking Nancy’s kneecaps, she would then have to be rushed to Congress, which would show other members of Congress that actions had consequences.”

DePape used rhetoric common in right-wing media during the interview described in the charging documents. He told officers he did not leave the house after Pelosi’s 911 call, “because, just like the American Founding Fathers with the British, he was fighting against tyranny with no possibility of surrender.”

Editor’s Note: FactCheck.org is one of many organizations work with facebook to debunk misinformation shared on social media. Our previous stories can be found here. Facebook has no control over our editorial content.


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Swan, Rachel, et al. “Paul Pelosi attack: From nudist activism to online hate, suspect the strange descent of David DePape.” Chronicle of San Francisco. October 28, 2022, updated October 31, 2022.

Shakespeare’s legacy lives on in adaptations

(Nora Miller | Daily Trojan)

Over fall vacation, I watched the latest iteration of Shakespeare’s classic “Romeo and Juliet:” “Rosaline.” The live-action film, starring Kaitlyn Dever as the title character, offers another angle to the ‘Romeo and Juliet’ story, retelling the story through the eyes of Rosaline, the ex of Romeo.

In this adaptation, many events from Shakespeare’s original version are the same (would it be “Romeo and Juliet” otherwise?). Romeo (Kyle Allen) and Juliet (Isabela Merced) fall in love at first sight, but they come from opposite families. In this version, the two have to fake their deaths – in a comedic way, as befits a film in the comedy genre. What the film offers is a new sense of the classic; instead of the original tragedy, the only tragedy here is that once he meets Juliet, Romeo abandons Rosaline without giving her a second thought.

“Rosaline” has been called a “feminist” film by outlets such as Variety, which makes sense given that the whole story is about Rosaline trying to win back her love in a patriarchal society where she is treated like property. to marry. Rosaline strives to be the main character in her own romance, which is an admirable desire: a character drive that stirs up themes of gender inequality.

In this reimagining, Romeo is ignorant and unintelligent, pales in comparison to Rosaline’s new suitor, Dario (Sean Teale), who assists Rosaline on her journey. Dario is Rosaline’s love interest, but he’s not one of the tale’s focal points, like Romeo was in Juliet’s. The title of the film is “Rosaline”, not “Rosaline and Dario”.

Although I have some qualms about how the whole “Rosaline” concept is executed – especially since it all happens too fast – I still appreciate how the film is able to provide another new angle to see “Romeo and Juliet”. The humor in this reimagining is palpable, especially in poking fun at the characters’ shortcomings and moving away from the centering of the two “main” characters.

However, reimaginings don’t have to tell the story from the perspective of an entirely new character to have merit. It may just come from a new perspective. An example I can think of is “Gnomeo and Juliet”, the 2011 animated film directed by Kelly Asbury.

In “Gnomeo and Juliet”, Romeo, renamed Gnomeo, reflects on the fact that he and Juliet are garden gnomes. Voiced by James McAvoy and Emily Blunt respectively, Gnomeo and Juliet are lovers of cursed gnomes, each living in yards on different sides of the fence. The gnomes’ relationships reflect the enmity of their human neighbors, Mr. Capulet (Richard Wilson) and Mrs. Montague (Julie Walters) – Juliet is one of the red hat gnomes on Mr. Capulet’s side, while Gnomeo is one of the blue -Hat of the gnomes on Mrs. Montague’s side.

Besides transplanting Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” into the lives of modern garden gnomes, “Gnomeo and Juliet” is particularly suited to the animated medium due to its use of everyday objects. Shakespeare’s original tale is set in Verona, Italy during the Renaissance period, which is a beautiful place but may seem inaccessible to viewers. Having storytelling in everyday backyards makes it more fun. The story may also be more engaging because the audience may be more familiar with the setting and objects of the tale, especially since we may wonder what our inanimate objects are doing when we are not around.

The statue of Shakespeare even comes to life and speaks to Gnomeo in the film about the parallels between Gnomeo’s story and his play of “Romeo and Juliet”, which I guess is a very meta moment that pays homage to the source material. Overall, “Gnomeo and Juliet” is a memorable work as it makes full use of the artistic freedoms and capabilities of animation to reimagine Shakespeare’s original tale.

Similar to “Rosaline”, “Gnomeo and Juliet” translates what was originally a tragic tale into a comedy. The difference is that while the former is live action, the latter is an animated film. I think, however, that the two have a lot in common in that they take references from Shakespeare and use that inspiration for the details of their own stories.

If reading Shakespeare was hard for you as it was for me in high school, maybe try one of these movies. They are digestible, innovative in a modern sense and, I know for me personally, distract me from the often “tragic” events in my own life.

Valerie Wu is a senior author on animation and digital arts from a contemporary perspective. Its “Animated” section airs every other Tuesday.

A Legendary Korean Cartoonist Teaches AI Drawing Techniques


This file photo shows South Korean cartoonist Lee Hyun-se.  (Yonhap)

This file photo shows South Korean cartoonist Lee Hyun-se. (Yonhap)

SEOUL, Oct. 31 (Korea Bizwire)The famous South Korean cartoonist Lee Hyun-se decided to teach his cartooning techniques to an artificial intelligence (AI).

Comics publisher Jaedam Media Co. has announced that it has signed a deal with the legendary 66-year-old cartoonist to develop AI technology for the production of cartoons and webtoons.

After establishing a dedicated technology development team, the company will carry out the process of refining and labeling Lee’s cartoons, the equivalent of approximately 4,174 books created over the past 44 years, and will store as data for AI learning.

After applying the data to the AI, the company will extract new data.

“Screentone, a technique in which background effects are cut and pasted, was developed in the era of paper comics. 3D tools emerged in the era of digital comics,” Lee said.

“Whenever new techniques emerged, there was concern that the draftsmen might die out, but eventually they overcame all the challenges.”

He pointed out that AI will eventually position itself as a new creative tool for designers.

Kevin Lee ([email protected])


Best cartoons of the 2010s


When it comes to western animation, the great series of the 90s and early 2000s are often known as the best the medium has to offer. Partly because the kids watching them were now in positions of influence, shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender and Teen Titans regularly receive praise on the web.

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Cartoons didn’t stop after 2009. With the 2020s just beginning, it’s worth looking back at the many great shows released over the past decade. Much of what the 2010s had to offer were not just big, influential shows in their own right, but also more than worthy of mentioning in the same breath as the greats that came before them.


10/10 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is an old hand in the cartoon world that has managed to retain its relevance in modern times. So much so that the 2010s saw two whole years TMNT shows. Choose between Rise of the TMNT and TMNT (2012) is a matter of preference, but TMNT (2012) gets the spot this time around.

The show not only gave the TMNT franchise a fresh coat of paint, but remains to this day one of the best 3D animated spectacles ever made, both technically and narratively.

9/10 BoJack Horseman (2014)

Adult cartoons have had a somewhat mixed reputation, with series like family guy and Big mouth being quite popular, but arguably juvenile with their humor. BoJack Riderhowever, managed to avoid such accusations due to its strong writing and mature tone.

After the titular washed-up actor of the series, BH is a thought-provoking meditation on adult life, as well as the mental health issues that come with it. It’s a show that’s not afraid to let its characters be downright despicable, never giving up on their potential to become better people.

8/10 Bob’s Burgers (2011)

The popularity of The simpsons led to a slew of animated comedies featuring dysfunctional families. However, none since The simpsons managed to present a family as sincerely sympathetic as the Belchers: Bob, Linda, Louise, Tina and Gene.

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Despite 13 seasons deep, Bob’s Burgers still retains the relativity of its cast, as well as its often wonderfully dry sense of humor. The series even received its first feature recently, giving it the budget to really shine with smooth animation and big musical numbers.

7/10 Rick and Morty (2013)

rick and morty could be described as a much more chaotic version of Doctor Who. Rick Sanchez is an absurdly intelligent scientist whose desire for adventure and constant experimentation drags his entire family and universe into disaster after disaster.

The show gained popularity almost instantly and is still releasing new episodes today. While the comic style made famous by R&M begins to fall out of favor, the show itself remains a wild metaphysical ride, which does a good job of using its deplorable characters in interesting ways.

6/10 The Amazing World of Gumball (2011)

Cartoon Network has been a powerhouse for cartoons since the 90s, and they haven’t slowed down in the 2010s. bubble gum features a typical setup of a dysfunctional family and their often odd neighbors, it’s easily one of the most unique shows with that premise.

The multimedia technology exhibited in bubble gum is still stunning, seamlessly combining 3D, 2D, and real assets, and somehow making it normal. The show has an endlessly likable cast and, unlike some slice-of-life shows, still manages to develop them satisfactorily over time.

5/10 Steven Universe (2013)

For a show about alien gems, Steven Universe is exceptionally human. The titular protagonist begins in a sleepy seaside town, living with three mysterious alien guardians. Although he is very optimistic, when other aliens begin to appear, his will to find the good in others is tested again and again.

The show takes great pains to portray emotions and mental health journeys in a positive light, even if things get a little messy at times. Its musical nature is also a strong selling point, highlighting some of the best songs ever written for a cartoon, thanks in large part to series creator Rebecca Sugar.

4/10 Gravity Falls (2012)

Everyone loves a good mystery. When twins Dipper and Mabel are sent to spend the summer in enigmatic Gravity Falls, a chain reaction of mysteries is set in motion, leading to one of the most beloved shows of the decade.

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Gravity Falls has a very precise form of humor, thanks in large part to series creator Alex Hirsch. He almost never fails to be funny, and his dedication to plots and the fun of uncovering them is palpable. Often, the mysteries of the series even spilled over into the real world during its run, making the series an ARG itself.

3/10 Duck Tales (2017)

Trying to revive a classic show is almost an impossible task, but duck tales manages to get away with it. It’s made in the image of its original show, following Scrooge McDuck and his three nephews embarking on various adventures. However, this new imagination takes everything to the next level.

The animation is always impressive and the new characters introduced are instant classics. Della Duck alone deserves more than entering the main Disney canon with her brother Donald. And though they’re often seen as three of the same person, Huey, Dewey, and Louie finally have distinct personalities to set them apart.

2/10 Over the Garden Wall (2014)

It can be easy to forget about it due to its short runtime, but Over the garden wall is a true masterpiece. The 10-episode series follows two brothers on what turns from a normal Halloween night into a strange journey through new and disturbing worlds.

OTGW occupies a very unique place in the animated landscape, being only a mini-series, but standing out for its quality. His characters are grounded but fun, and his jokes always land no matter how morbid they may get. Anyone needing something to watch for the Halloween season has their answer here.

1/10 Adventure Time (2010)

It is fitting that the 2010s begin with the release of adventure time as it would continue to shape cartoons for the rest of the decade. In a world as vast and complex as it is bizarre, a young boy named Finn and his dog brother spend every day looking for the best adventure there is.

Adventure Time is an amazing show in every way, including the visuals, music, story, and characters. Even secondary characters like B-MO and Marceline are so rich that they received spin-off stories. Meanwhile, the main story managed to come to a satisfying conclusion, despite the large number of plot threads set up over the series’ lifespan.

It must also be credited with launching the careers of several creators, some of whom created the other entries on this list.

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Movie Review: Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Pinocchio’ Finds New Heart and Depth in the Classic



Geppetto warns Pinocchio what will happen if he lies. Photo courtesy of Netflix

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 29 (UPI) — Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro, which screened Saturday at the Animation Is Film Festival in Los Angeles, is a mature, heartbreaking and beautiful take on the classic fairy tale. Going back to the roots of Carlo Collodi’s novel opens up new themes.

In World War I-era Italy, Geppetto (voiced by David Bradley) loves his 10-year-old son, Carlo (Gregory Mann). Carlo helps his father work on the local church’s crucifix.

Carlo is so nice. He loves the clogs Geppetto made for him and the storybook Geppetto gave him for school. So it’s heartbreaking when Carlo dies in a church bombing, a very real tragedy before the fantasy to come.

Geppetto buries Carlo with a pine cone that Carlo had found, and a pine grows over the years. Around World War II, Geppetto cuts down the tree and carves Pinocchio (also Mann) in a drunken rage.

When Pinocchio comes to life, thanks to the magic of the forest goblins, Geppetto’s first reaction is revulsion. Pinocchio’s first steps are rather monstrous, but that’s the point.

A carved wooden puppet coming to life is creepy, especially when the nails in his back are still visible, but Pinocchio’s demeanor and personality gradually endear him to Geppetto. Pinocchio is loved by the public much faster.

Pinocchio comes to life as an exuberant child, skipping the infant and toddler phase. He is so excited to go to church when Geppetto tells him to wait at home,

Pinocchio still meets Count Volpe (Christoph Waltz) who tricks him into performing for his puppet show. Pinocchio is so naive that he just wants to help support Geppetto and doesn’t understand that Volpe is cheating on him.

Thus, Pinocchio becomes a series of fires that Geppetto must put out, including when he literally catches fire. Even more so than the Disney version, this Pinocchio highlights the responsibility that comes with having a real child.

It’s different for Geppetto. Carlo did well, but he also had 10 years of parenthood.

Geppetto only had a few days with Pinocchio, so you can’t cram an entire childhood of lessons into a few days. It’s hard enough reaching kids for 18 years.

For this reason, Geppetto hesitates to call Pinocchio his son. This Pinocchio interrupted Geppetto’s years of grief over Carlo, so Geppetto wasn’t exactly sitting around waiting for another son.

Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro trusts audiences, young or old, to address themes like grief and death without speaking scornfully to them. Pinocchio also visits an underworld that is very similar to del Toro’s other works.

The World Wars are not just period settings. Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro deal with them head-on.

Gestapo officers in town give the Hitler salute, pausing before literally saying “Sieg heil”. But Mussolini is explicitly represented in the film.

It was a volatile time in history, so all the joys could be just as easily juxtaposed with the horrors. This is probably true at any point in history.

There’s always comedy everywhere Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro. Sebastian J. Cricket (Ewan McGregor) takes a slapstick beating Geppetto also takes a few falls, and Pinocchio has a knack for potty humor.

The stop-motion figures are beautiful, especially the faces of human figures. They have natural movements, like Geppetto putting Carlo into bed, rather than flamboyant gestures.

The detail is so exquisite that the animators moved raindrops onto their bodies frame by frame. When they get to the ocean, imagine the work it took to move the vast ocean frame by frame.

Pinocchio by Guilermo del Toro is still a musical. Alexandre Desplat’s all-new songs sound like a kid making a song as they go, rather than Disney songwriters.

Sebastian’s songs continue to be cut in another running gag.

Del Toro, who co-directed with Mark Gustafson, was never going to make a simplistic singing puppet movie. Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro displays the director of Pan’s Labyrinth and The shape of waters capture deep themes with a sense of macabre fantasy.

Netflix will release Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro in theaters in November and on Netflix on December 9.

Fred Topel, who attended film school at Ithaca College, is a Los Angeles-based UPI entertainment writer. He has been a professional film critic since 1999, Rotten Tomatoes critic since 2001, and a member of the Television Critics Association since 2012. Learn more about his work in Entertainment.

10 Best Animated Fantasy Shows To Stream Now


With shows like Dragon House and The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Continuing the success of their respective franchises and the fantasy genre as a whole, fans are now eager to get their fix wherever they can find it. The fantasy genre is incredibly versatile, thanks to the fact that it’s inherently imaginatively rewarding and can be combined with other genres.

And while the live action space always attracts mainstream attention, audiences can find great shows to stream in the bustling space. The tastes of Castlevania sure to satisfy fans of dark fantasy, and there are plenty star wars content for those who like a mix of sci-fi with their fantasy.


Castlevania (2017-2021)

Stream on Netflix

Perhaps the first major small-screen video game adaptation, Powerhouse Studios Castlevania visually dripping with lively gothic whimsy and impeccable style. The series draws heavily from the anime stylistically, creating a serialized television take on Konami’s video game franchise legacy. Castlevania opens with this fictionalized version of Europe plunged into darkness as Dracula is determined to avenge the collective moral corruption of mankind murdering his wife.

It then follows Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades, and Alucard as an unlikely team to stop the vampire lord’s genocide. The Netflix exclusive wowed audiences with its memorable writing, art direction, animation, and voice acting performances. A sequel to the series, titled Castlevania: Nocturneis currently in development.

Arcane (2021-)

Stream on Netflix

Whereas Castlevania is partly credited with pushing animation forward at Netflix, the streamer’s most recently acclaimed effort is Esoteric. The series is another video game adaptation, this time from Riot Games. League of Legends MOBA. Esoteric was critically acclaimed, largely for its compelling CG animation and art style, as well as the deeply layered characters along with their respective story arcs.

This world mixes elements of steampunk sci-fi with fantasy, while mostly following the emotional and heartbreaking story of sisters Vi and Jinx. But even outside of Hailee Steinfeld’s role as Vi, the show’s cast was filled with powerful performances.

The Legend of Vox Machina (2022-)

Stream on Prime Video

On a lighter, but no less engaging note, the Prime Video exclusive The Legend of Vox Machina series is more than worth investing in. Based on Dungeons & Dragons and one of the campaigns that the critical role broadcast web series, The Legend of Vox Machina is a surprisingly effective blend of high fantasy, comedy, drama and modern wit.

It follows the titular group of mercenaries as they tackle increasingly difficult tasks to make ends meet. VoxMachine was well-received for that aforementioned balance of comedy and fantasy, as well as telling some truly intimate character-driven stories about the band members.

Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005-2008)

Stream on Netflix

One of the earliest examples of anime’s influence in Western pop culture, Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of the most beloved and enduring animated shows, even 14 years after the series finale. It’s an inventive story and world inspired by Eastern fantasy, combining Chinese martial arts with other Asian cultures. Revolving around Aang, the last of his kind, he joins Katara and Sokka in suppressing the Fire Nation’s attempts at war with the other nations of the world.

Avatar: The Last Airbender was an icon of his time, praised for the way he tackled poignant themes of anti-war sentiment, social prejudice and the dangers of imperialist practices while maintaining an upbeat sense of adventure, compelling character dramas and the action.

The Legend of Korra (2012-2014)

Stream on Netflix

While it may not have reached the same heights as its predecessor, The Legend of Korra nevertheless received strong critical acclaim. This sequel series is set farther in the future, following new protagonist Korra – Aang’s successor from generations past – as she embarks on various quests to deal with the turmoil facing the country. to cultural and technological change. world.

As The last air Master, The Legend of Korra was also acclaimed for its skillful nuance. It also cleverly explored themes of social unrest, terrorism, and even spotlighted LGBTQ+ representation.

Primal (2019-)

Stream on HBO Max

Creator Genndy Tartatovsky’s (from star wars and samurai jack celebrity), Primitive is a gripping and brutal prehistoric tale. However, what makes Primitive particularly creative is its expert combination of horror, fantasy, and an anachronistic take on prehistory by throwing dinosaurs, Homo sapiens, and other prehistoric hominids into the same world.

The first two seasons were dubbed spear and fang storyline and centers on a Neanderthal named Spear with his companion T. Rex as they struggle to survive in an unforgiving world. Primitive received massive praise at the start of its third season, and it’s one of the most ingenious animated fantasy series available.

Samurai Jack (2001-2017)

Stream on HBO Max

Genndy Tartatovsky’s dark atmosphere and minimalist art style are instantly recognizable, and perhaps his most iconic work is with samurai jack. A standout anime series from the 2000s, the series revolves around the sprawling battle between the titular samurai prince and the towering demon lord Aku who has conquered his kingdom.

As Primitive after that, samurai jack has a unique Tartatovsky take on its historical premise, combining elements of Eastern fantasy and mysticism with science fiction, as it sees Jack travel through time to find a way to defeat Aku. Its acclaim went in large part to its mature tone and wild fusion of artistic directions that push the animation format to its limit.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008-2020)

Stream on Disney+

For star wars fans, Dave Filoni has delivered some of the franchise’s best content in animated form. The Clone Wars premiered in 2008 to help fill in the gaps left by the prequel trilogy, introducing a host of new (and now beloved) characters like Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan Ahsoka Tano.

And after spending six years in limbo following the Season 6 finale, Disney+ has revived the show for one final season, culminating in a climactic overlap with Revenge of the Sith. The series has long been considered by fans as one of the best star wars shows ever released, as well as some of the best storytelling in the franchise as a whole.

Star Wars Rebels (2014-2018)

Stream on Disney+

The fantastic world of science fiction star wars goes back to entertainment with Filoni’s rebels. This sequel to the series is set more than 10 years after the events of The Clone Wars and, by extension, Revenge of the Sith and brings back fan favorites like Ahsoka, alongside a new main cast of characters.

Additionally, portrayals of characters from the original trilogy also make appearances. A little like The Clone Wars before that, rebels was well received to pay homage and gracefully expand on the vast mythology of the star wars the universe, completing the plots and settling the details began in the films.

The Dragon Prince (2018-)

Stream now on Netflix

The Dragon Prince is another of the most beloved original series in Netflix’s animated catalog. This fantasy epic tells the tale of two brothers and a moon shadow elf as they raise the baby dragon Prince Azymondias, while embarking on the greater quest to help end a conflict of thousand years between humans and the kingdom of mystical creatures of Xadia. .

It’s a vibrant high-fantasy original story, with The Dragon Prince gaining well-deserved audiences and overall critical acclaim for its animation, storytelling, and voice acting performances. Likewise, the series has been particularly praised for delving into themes of social diversity and humanity’s relationship with the surrounding environment.

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The Niles native is making a name for himself in the art world | News, Sports, Jobs


Photos submitted Niles native Mark Bush and his wife, Amber, now live in Columbus with their son, Jack. He graduated in 2005 from Niles McKinley High School and the Trumbull Career & Technical Center. He said the catalyst for becoming an artist was drawing cartoons with his father, Mark Sr., when he was young.

Niles native Mark Bush has a gift that only a few artists can boast of.

Through hard work and education, Bush transcended the ordinary to achieve the extraordinary. He believes in the theory of the emotivity of an artist’s work.

“The objective characteristics of fine art are the skillful use of light, shadow, a superior amount of detail, interesting color choices, believable and appropriate perspective, artistically pleasing composition, and most importantly, a high degree of realism.” Bush, now of Columbus, said.

From an early age, Bush drew cartoons with his father and “that’s where the original spark started.”

He enjoyed copying images of people and objects from Disney comics and movies. Besides getting books from the public library to read for educational purposes, he also consulted other books with drawings to take home in order to practice and perfect his craft. He also practiced drawing more advanced caricatures throughout his elementary school years.

Bush, 35, praised his Niles McKinley High School art teacher, Phyllis Bako.

“She was very inspiring, a fantastic artist and a big part of my development. Many others also felt privileged to be under his tutelage in the classroom. She pushed every student to strive for higher standards,” says Bush.

When it comes to the final stages of each artwork, he said he hears Bako’s voice conveying constructive criticism and suggesting areas that might need improvement.

The process of his paintings is based on building up layers of marks to create an image that looks real from a distance. He takes reference photographs and then begins by rendering a black and white with acrylic paint to blend a whole range of grays in value.

His paintings begin vaguely and then become more realistic. Bush said his project was getting tighter and tighter as it added more and more detail.

“It’s easier to adjust something than to start from scratch. I start by getting the first coat done quickly and simply, and that alone gives me a great base to work from,” says Bush.

While in high school at Niles, he also attended the Trumbull Career and Technical Center where he studied interactive multimedia and learned animation, professional photography, video production and more. He said he used this teaching program to hone his craft and eventually create animated characters for movies in the future.

After graduating in 2005, Bush enrolled in Columbus College of Arts and Design. After studying there for a year, he dedicated his future to majoring in realistic painting and drawing. He entered a national competition and placed second, and was featured in American Artist Watercolor magazine as an emerging artist at age 19.

Because of this recognition, he was invited to exhibit his works at one of the best galleries in Columbus, the Hammond Harkins Gallery. He showed work there for over a decade.

He has also participated in exhibitions in London (BP Portrait Award), Cuba and other countries. In 2014, at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art’s Biennale of Realism, it received the Jury’s Choice Award, and the museum purchased the painting for its permanent collection.

Its collections live in many esteemed art galleries, including the Pizzuti Collections, the Hilton Downtown Columbus Collection, and the Greater Columbus Convention Center Collection.

Bush has also achieved celebrity status. Some notables and celebrities have collected his works, such as Dwayne Wade, Gabrielle Union, former mayor of Columbus and US Representative Tim Ryan.

In 2018, Bush was invited to travel to Cuba to present his work and meet other artists there. The trip was also designed to improve U.S.-Cuba relations and strengthen ties, starting with great works of art from both countries.

“This idea turned into a sincere communication with phone calls and art letters between the artists of the two countries”, says Bush.

He was again invited to an art exhibition in Cuba in 2019 where two of his paintings were displayed in an exhibition for the enjoyment of the whole country.

Bush, better known as Dad, and his young son, Jack, often like to draw simple cartoons and caricatures together, much like Bush did with his father. He said his mother, Shirley, has also been an inspiration and motivation over the years.

Bush said he aspires to open his own art galleries in the Mahoning County area and Columbus, and name them after his father, Mark Bush Sr. He would also like to give back by offering classes of art to budding artists in its galleries. .

His wife, Amber, said she fulfills his passion and is behind him every step of the way. Mark Bush’s works can be found at markbushrealism.com and on Facebook and Twitter.

To suggest a Saturday profile, contact Editor-in-Chief Burton Cole at [email protected] or Metro Editor-in-Chief Marly Reichert at [email protected]

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Irony comes knocking | Seattle weather


Attacks on civil servants, election workers and government employees have skyrocketed in recent years, with most acts of assault and intimidation perpetrated by far-right thugs who usually hide behind anonymous phone calls and online threats disseminated under pseudonyms.

It’s a serious and outrageous trend that should be condemned and rooted out, whoever the victim is – even if that person happens to be the most controversial member of the Seattle City Council.

Socialist council member Kshama Sawant told Seattle police her home had been repeatedly targeted with bags of human feces left on her lawn. “Most concerning is the very high likelihood that this extreme and hostile behavior is politically motivated and could escalate into more serious and dangerous harassment,” Sawant said in a letter to police Wednesday.

The letter expressed concern that the police did not take the harassment seriously. In response, the police insist they are being diligent and the investigation continues.

If your tongue-in-cheek alarm suddenly rings, you’re not alone. After leading efforts to drastically cut the police budget and encouraging anti-cop protests at Mayor Jenny Durkan’s home a few years ago, Sawant is now demanding quick action from a police department in understaffed.

It’s hard not to imagine that Sawant’s plea for help raised some eyebrows and caused some loud peals of laughter at the police station. She’s probably the cops’ least favorite person in city government. Nonetheless, they must do their job and work to identify the perpetrator of Sawant’s disgusting harassment. They must do so, not only for the sake of Sawant, but for all of us who wish to live in a society where politics is civil and public service is honored.

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The unpleasant politics of rising costs


While rising prices flatter the budget outcome thanks to range drift and nominal income gains, Chalmers’ ability to help households struggling with bills is limited by the need to avoid adding more fuel fire.

On top of all that, the Reserve Bank of Australia is expected to raise interest rates on Tuesday for the seventh consecutive month. Unions are on the rise again, with Labor Relations Minister Tony Burke poised to ram through Parliament multi-employer bargaining rights that business groups say will cost jobs, cripple supply chains and disrupt people’s lives.

Overturn the status quo

There are two figures that have most upset the post-election political status quo this week. The first was Wednesday’s Australian Bureau of Statistics report showing the consumer price index jumped 7.3% in the September quarter from a year earlier.

Not only does the fastest inflation in 32 years suggest that inflation is more entrenched and stronger than market economists had expected, it also raised doubts about the Treasury’s prediction – released less than 24 hours earlier – that inflation will not exceed 7.75% this quarter. That means Tuesday’s rate hike is unlikely to be the last.

RBA Governor Philip Lowe is expected to raise interest rates next week. Alex Ellinghausen

The second major event was the budget forecast that energy costs will increase by 20% in the second half of this year, followed by 30% until mid-2024, pushed up by the war in Ukraine, the failing coal-fired power stations and the lack of cheap gas.

Both figures threaten to drag the country back into ‘climate wars’, banned Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said when he won in May as the Liberal Party was swept from power by the teal wave.

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton crystallized this reality with his budget response speech, which he used on Thursday night to slam Labor for breaking promises to cut electricity bills and rushing to kill coal and gas before new technologies are developed and deployed.

“When the Prime Minister says the sun and the wind are free sources of energy, your electric bill tells a different story,” Dutton said.

High inflation and energy bills are not just an easy slogan for the Coalition. They are making life more difficult for Climate Change and Energy Minister Chris Bowen on issues such as industrial emissions and resource reforms, known as the safeguard mechanism.

Although he has the broad support of the business community for the changes, they will increase cost pressures in the short to medium term for households and industry.

The Greens will continue to demand greater action against the gas companies in Bowen’s ongoing safeguard mechanism review, which he will be loath to do. On the other side, the Coalition will oppose anything that has the slightest hint of inflation.

Pradeep Philip of Deloitte Access Economics says we see the price of a disorderly transition. Olive+Maeva

“We see the price of a disorderly transition,” says Pradeep Philip, senior partner at Deloitte Access Economics. “Part of this award reflects the past. Some reflect the present, especially the war in Ukraine.

“And some of them tell us that the cost of the transition is far from zero.”

Philip says one of the main causes of the spike in energy price forecasts is “because we’re trying to do a lot, spend a lot, in a shorter time frame.”

This increases the cost of the transition for the economy and increases the risk of a mismatch between supply and demand. “Reform is politically difficult because the benefits are always late. But if we don’t reform, we will have problems.

Intervention in the energy market?

Immediate political attention is increasingly focused on what form of intervention in the energy market the Albanian government should pursue. Most options are difficult or compromised, with unpleasant side effects.

Whether they have chosen a price cap, gas reservation, export controls, Petroleum Resource Rent Tax (PRRT) adjustments or a super profit tax, the solutions can either take too time to drive prices down, make the inflation problem worse, force the government to pick winners and losers, scare off foreign customers, or shift the whole problem onto the federal balance sheet.

European and UK governments are writing blank checks to cover their citizens’ energy bills this winter, embedding new uncapped tax risks that were at the heart of Liz Truss’ humiliating disappearance.

The seemingly populist option of imposing price caps on energy companies has alarmed existing energy producers as much as those wishing to stimulate investment in the new post-carbon economy. What is the incentive to take risks on solar and wind energy capacity if the government limits the increase?

But these difficulties do not mean that the gas and energy companies are off the hook. Federal Labor has made it clear that it needs energy providers to be part of the solution to lower prices.

If energy bills become even more politically intolerable for Labour, gas companies should not be surprised if the government takes drastic action. Prime ministers will always put their own political survival ahead of a foreign corporation.

New fault lines

Meanwhile, Friday’s meeting of federal, state and territorial energy ministers highlights new fault lines. New South Wales Treasurer Matt Keane is calling on Canberra to bail out households in his state for rising energy prices, a suggestion that has infuriated some federal Labor given the government’s dismal failure to New South Wales to unlock new gas supplies.

South Australia’s energy minister has threatened to withhold gas to NSW, while WA premier Mark McGowan urges east coast manufacturers to move west, where prices were significantly lower thanks to a domestic gas reserve of 15%.

Around the world, inflationary pressures are putting enormous strain on governments, eroding good policy-making and turning resource allocation into a game of hunger.

President Joe Biden’s presidency could be just over a week away from becoming irretrievably stalled if Republicans manage to sweep the Senate and House of Representatives in an election dominated by the faltering economy and runaway inflation.

So far, the Albanian government has done a good job in this week’s budget in managing the difficult hand of inflation that has been dealt to it. Chalmers resisted calls to spend “windfall” revenue increases and set the stage for a broader set of economic reforms.

“They avoided the temptation of what we’re used to, which is budgets with lots of sugar shots,” says Deloitte’s Philip.

“The global economy came to Australia’s rescue again, and they bet that improved revenue on the bottom line. But the past years show that the structural problems of spending in the budget persist.

In another echo with today’s politics, the Coalition ran its 1975 campaign on cost-of-living issues that contrasted with Labor outrage over Whitlam’s dismissal.

“We were performing ‘turn on the lights’ and they were performing ‘Shame Fraser Shame,'” Taylor explains. “You’re a mean person getting rid of Gough Whitlam, whereas ‘turning on the lights’ was much more pragmatic.”

Albanese knows his Labor history and the reasons for the chilling loss of Whitlam in 1975. He will do whatever it takes to prevent it from happening again.

Henry Selick: 5 Movies That Inspired My Animation Career


Realized by: Terry Gilliam | Written by: Terry Gilliam and Charles McKeown

I’m a big fan of Terry Gilliam’s work going back to the very simple animation he was doing with Monty Python. Time Bandits wlike a remarkable movie, but it’s The Adventures of Baron Munchausen that I like best. What I like the most is this idea of, what do you think? And can belief in a lie turn the lie into truth? There is a bombarded city — they are being attacked — and, to distract people, we put on a play, really badly. This is the story of this character, Baron Munchausen, this fabulous liar, and the adventures he claims to have experienced.

Then this old man comes rushing over and says, “That’s not how it’s at all,” and he starts telling his story. You enter his story as this character gathers all his servants, who are members of the Monty Python troupe, as they are going to defeat the invading Turkish army. It’s wildly fantastic. He enters a volcano and faces Vulcan, played by Oliver Reed. They travel on a balloon to the moon, and the Moon King is played by Robin Williams. He tells this story and finally, at the end, it turns out that he is Baron Munchausen, and he and his troupe have shown up, and they are going to defeat the army.

So it’s a story within a story, and then it’s one more story within a story. I thought it was just beautifully layered. To be able to go out three or four times and have this work and be performed wonderfully and, above all, with practical special effects. It could be puppets, miniatures, whatever, but no CG. That’s what I like.

Thunder God’s Tale is a touching family fable

Image for article titled Oni: Thunder God's Tale is a touching family fable

Image: netflix

Oni: Tale of the God of Thunder a new children’s tv show from the creator Dice Tsutsumi and Tonko House, the power station team behind the Oscar nominated film The keeper of the dam. A touching story unfolds cross four animated episodesaddressing the meaning of familyhow to build a supportive community and how we find our identities as children.

Image for article titled Oni: Thunder God's Tale is a touching family fable

Whereas Oni is definitely a show for kids, there is depth of storytelling, beautiful animation and wonderful characters that will appeal to adult fans of the medium. animation is really wonderful. By using a reduced frame rate and creating tactile and textured characters, ONI creates a stop-motion animation imitation that is unique and wonderful to watch.

The show follows a young girl named Onari and her father Naridon. They are Kami, living on the Kamigami mountain. AAt the Onari school, the teacher, Mr. Tengu, tries to teach all the Kami to tap into their special natural powers: their kushi. All the other kids at school know what their kushi is – they get it from their parents. But Onari’s father, Naridon, is non-verbal.

When Onari ventures across the bridge that separates Kamigami Mountain from the land of the Oni – the demons who will attack the village under the light of the blood moon in a few weeks – Naridon reveals his kushi in order to save Onari from the Oni; he is a god of thunder. As Onari attempts to awaken the thunder power within her, she ventures too far into the Oni Forest and comes across an Oni Village, complete with neon lights, skyscrapers, and cars.

When I tell you that this plot twist was shocking, I’m not kidding. I was so sure this was going to be a folk tale of two monster factions clashing, but it turned into a much deeper story of environmentalism, what it means to grow up differently and how to be a part of a community, even when that community makes it hard to be part of it. As Onari reluctantly befriends Calvin (mispronounced as Kalbi in Japanese), a black Japanese boy, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery and learns that her father Naridon saved her from an accident. car when she was a baby. Which makes her human, an Oni.

The fourth episode is heartbreaking. I’m a tough little weirdo with a healthy relationship with my parents, and I was still crying at various points at the end of this show. As the father-daughter relationship comes to a head, the Kami must face their own fears and the powerful hold that fear can have on a community anxious to ensure its survival.

As a matter of fact, Oni: Tale of the God of Thunder is a much deeper, layered show than most people will give it credit for. With truly gorgeous animation and a deep understanding of what it means to be a stranger even within your own family, Oni is a show that tackles difficult subjects head-on and does not speak to its target audience of seven to twelve year olds. Parts of it might scare younger kids, but the point of the show is for bravery to show up during the moments when you’re afraid you’ll lose something, and the final scenes between Onari and Naridon are painful in their intensity.

With clever writing, clear direction from Daisuke “Dice” Tsutsumi, and animation that truly mimics plush doll-like stop-motion, Oni is a show that is absurdly easy to get sucked into. It’s incredibly on point and will do its best to tear your heart out between silly fart jokes and family shenanigans.

Oni: Tale of the God of Thunder is currently streaming on Netflix.

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Opake: The artist who battled addiction and homelessness

Opake aimed at young people with lived experience of homelessness. Image: Eliza Pitkin/The Big Deal

Jamie moved out when he was 16 and lived in a Centrepoint hostel until he was 22. And Noor experienced homelessness at the age of 21 after a lot of instability in his life. Centrepoint supported her with her sanity, and they were the only stability during the most difficult time of her life.

Each young woman springs from the event and they seem inspired. “It’s a reminder that you’re not alone,” Priscilla said. “In my journey of homelessness, I feel very alone, apart from the support I have received from Centrepoint and other charities. It’s nice to hear from other people who have been through the same thing and to see them in much better spaces. We’ve all been through this tough time, but we’ve come out the other side.

Opake agrees, adding that he is still learning and trying to grow. “All these people sitting there in this room have a voice,” he says. “They started to open up and then the next thing you know there’s a really good conversation. They will leave here laughing.

Opake struggled with addiction and homelessness throughout his 20s, but is now a successful artist. Image: Eliza Pitkin/Big Deal

For Opake, it was by talking to his therapist and channeling his addiction to art that he finally broke out of a vicious circle of drugs, alcohol and self-harm. “Art can give us hope. 100%,” he said. “It saved my life. No bullshit, it saved my life. It’s not just about art, it’s about being creative in every way.

There is a lot of sadness in the world right now as the cost of living crisis takes off. Centrepoint found that almost half of 16 to 25 year olds had gone to bed hungry within 12 months to July. More than one in three young people (35%) had gone a whole day without eating.

“The cost of living crisis is having a devastating impact on the young people we support,” says Balbir Chatrik, policy manager at Centrepoint. “They tell us that they have to survive on one meal a day because all their profits are taken up by college or the purchase of textbooks.”

Centrepoint is calling on the government to increase benefits at least in line with inflation and change the system so that young people are paid the same as adults. The benefit system assumes that young people live with their parents, but this is simply not the case for the majority of people supported by Centrepoint.

Opake and the youngsters had a very positive conversation – and plan to work together again in the future. Image: Eliza Pitkin/Opake

“Everyone’s method and everyone’s life is so different,” says Noor as the young women reflect on Opake’s journey and their own. He managed to get out of homelessness, and so did they. “It’s inspiring. It showed me that success really can be very different for everyone.

Every young woman is inspired to use creativity – in her own way – to change her life. Priscilla loves cooking and the culinary arts, Jamie is a dancer and Noor, a newly graduated social worker, hopes to use her creativity in her work to help other young people.

“It only reinforced the truth that I already know to perfect my craft,” says Jamie. “Opake changed his addiction from drugs and alcohol to art, painting and drawing. I think I could definitely do it myself. It inspired me.

The exhibition runs at the Quantus Gallery, 11-29 Fashion Street, until November 5.

James Gunn to Co-Head DC Studios and Direct Upcoming DCEU Movies, Shows and Cartoons


With former DC Film President Walter Hamada officially out of business, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that filmmaker James Gunn and producer Peter Safran were appointed to lead DC’s film, television and animated projects as co-chairmen and co-CEOs of DC Studios, which was previously DC Films.

Gunn and Safran’s estate ends a month-long search for the recently merged Warner Bros. boss. Discovery, David Zaslav, who had been looking for a figurine type “Kevin Feige” to run this part of the studio. Gunn commented on his new post, but merely tweeted his excitement for things to come, albeit brief.

Gunn and Safran will now lead all development and execution of a long-term plan for many DC Comics characters and properties. In addition to these responsibilities, Gunn and Safran will develop, direct and produce their own projects.

Gunn will focus on the creative side, while Safran will handle the business and production side. They will also report directly to Zaslav and work closely with new Warner film bosses Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy.

“DC are among the most entertaining, powerful and iconic characters in the world and I’m thrilled to have the singular and complementary talents of James and Peter join our world-class team and oversee the creative direction of the legendary DC Universe,” said Zaslav in a statement (via THR), explaining why they felt like the right choice. “Their decades of experience in filmmaking, their strong ties to the creative community and their proven track record of enthusing superhero fans around the world make them uniquely qualified to develop a long-term strategy across film, television and animation, and take this iconic franchise to the next level of creative storytelling.”

Gunn directed both the soft reboot of The Suicide Squad and brought its Peacmaker spin-off series to HBO Max, and both received critical acclaim and solid ratings. Safran was able to build on The Conjuring Universe and produce DC movies like Aquaman, Shazam! (and their upcoming sequels), The Suicide Squad, and many more under its banner and through its first-look deal with Warner Bros.

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Australia increases spending on defense and Pacific diplomacy in its budget


SYDNEY (Reuters) – Australia pledged on Tuesday to increase defense spending and strengthen diplomatic ties with neighboring Southeast Asian and Pacific nations as it seeks to counter economic influence and growing strategy of China in the region.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s first budget since his centre-left Labor government was elected in May increases defense funding by 8% in the financial year ending June 2023 and to more than 2% of proceeds gross domestic until mid-2026.

In addition, the government has included previously announced A$1.4 billion overseas aid, which includes A$900 million for Pacific island countries and A$470 million for Southeast Asia. East.

Concerned about China’s growing influence among Pacific island nations, Canberra has sought to improve relations with its smaller neighbours, many of whom have criticized Australia’s past lack of action on climate change and the rising from sea level.

Western nations expressed concern earlier this year when China signed a security pact with the Solomon Islands, although Honiara says the deal does not allow for a military base on its territory.

Political cartoons about world leaders

Amid deteriorating relations with Beijing, Canberra and Washington have teamed up in two multilateral blocs to counter China’s influence: a group known as the “Quad,” which includes Japan and India, and AUKUS, which includes the UK.

“In handling relations with China, we will pursue our goals calmly and consistently,” the Foreign Ministry said in budget documents on Tuesday. “Where possible, we will engage constructively with China to address common challenges such as climate change. At the national level, we will work with key stakeholders to build resilience and social cohesion.”

The government will also appoint a special envoy to Southeast Asia and establish an office for Southeast Asia within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to coordinate whole-of-government efforts in the region.

To improve regional relations and address severe labor shortages in Australia, the government will grant 3,000 permanent visas to families of migrant workers from Pacific countries.

(Reporting by Sam Holmes; Editing by John Mair)

Copyright 2022 Thomson Reuters.

Wendell & Wild – A Mature Animated Throwback (First Review) –


Wendell and savage sees director Henry Selick’s return to stop-motion animation after a 13-year absence. His previous films include classics like The Nightmare Before Christmas, James and the Giant Peach and Coralina. He also directed the stop-motion/live action hybrid monkey-bone but the less said about this one, the better. The basic premise of Wendell and savage follows two scheming demon brothers Wendell & Wild (Peele and Key) who enlist the help of 13-year-old Kat (Ross) to help them summon them to the land of the living, while there are also several subplots related to the main story involving several other characters.

Wendell and savage is a solid return to the stop-motion animation genre for Selick even if it doesn’t reach the same heights as his other work. The biggest problem with the film is surprisingly its overloaded and messy story. There’s just too much going on and it feels very uneven as a whole because of it. There are so many different subplots and characters that unfortunately take away from the central storyline involving Kat, which is by far the strongest and most invested storyline in the film. The way a lot of the stories end in the final act feels a bit rushed as Kat seems to be pushed aside as the film progresses. It’s odd that it’s kind of a mess given that the script was written by both Selick and Peele, but it never really strikes a balance as smoothly as it should.

While the story might be a little underwhelming, the visuals and stop-motion animation more than make up for it. The animation and attention to detail in every frame is stunning, and it proves that Selick has lost none of his wondrous imagination when it comes to world-building. The world seems so unique and a lot of the ideas at play here are extremely creative. It’s a shame that this film is so full of intrigue, because it would have been a treat to be able to spend more time in this world and learn a little more about how it works. It also has a strong central message and a nice amount of heart which was a nice surprise.

A big part of what makes the film work is its talented voice cast and the quirky characters they all portray. Key and Peele as the titular duo are the standouts by far and even though they’re just voices, they still share such an entertaining and energetic chemistry together. Both do powerful voice work, as does Ross who makes Kat a very likable and unique protagonist to follow. James Hong is also excellent here as Father Bests and is arguably one of the best voice actors working today. There wasn’t a single weak link in the cast, and it was especially fun to hear the voices of Ving Rhames and Angela Bassett pop up as Buffalo Belzer and Sister Helley as well.

At the end, Wendell and savage does a lot and is perfect for watching on Halloween night even if the story leaves a bit to be desired. The film provides a nice throwback to the days when animated films weren’t afraid to go dark and potentially scare living children unlike today’s films. It’s also much more mature and layered than today’s average animation. It’s definitely worth watching, although it may be too much or may not work as well with younger viewers.

still courtesy of Netflix

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Beachcombers TV series will return to screens as an animated show


An animated version of a BC-based show The Beachcombers is under construction.

Nick Orchard, who worked on the original show as production manager, made the announcement during the show’s 50th anniversary celebration on Oct. 1 at Molly’s Reach, a Gibsons cafe that was a regular feature on the broadcast and still works today.

Created by LS Strange and her late husband Marc Strange, the original series follows the adventures of two men, the “beachcombers”, who earn their living by collecting stray logs along the coastline.

The idea to create the animated series came to producer Blair Peters last year while he was sitting in Molly’s Reach.

“I saw these characters on the wall and I thought ‘why not bring this great show to a whole new legion of fans?'” said Peters, who resides on the Sunshine Coast.

He partnered with Orchard and the two made a deal with the original creators of the series.

Now they are working with animators and some of the show’s original writers to develop the show.

“Beachcombers was, and still is, an iconic show and one of the greatest shows on Canadian television,” Orchard said.

“At its core, Beachcombers was a family show that told stories with comedy, drama, and heart…and many messages were slipped through that comedy and drama.”

Shot on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, The Beachcombers was one of the longest-running series in Canadian television history, airing on CBC for 19 seasons from 1972 to 1990.

The cast and crew of The Beachcombers on the last day of filming in July 1990. (Jackson Davis)

While LS Strange won’t have a practical role on the show, Orchard said she “will be there to cheer us on.”

The Beachcombers was ahead of its time in terms of portraying Indigenous characters on screen, according to Orchard. He said they hoped to continue this in the anime version.

“We were doing environmental issues, we were doing Indigenous stories, we were all on these things way ahead and we will continue to do the same things in the future.”

Orchard said the goal was to bring a whole new audience to the show, in addition to those who watched the original broadcast.

“Our design for the show is not to dive into nostalgia…the characters – we bring them back to the present day.”

Peters said they hope to recruit a broadcaster by next spring.

“We’re really excited to dive in over the next few months and see where it takes us,” Peters said.

In Olney’s “Dance Nation”, the exuberance and pitfalls of adolescence



Clare Barron’s “Dance Nation” Ohio college kids don’t take their art lightly. “I want to heal the world through dance,” they sing in preparation for one of their competitive dance team routines. They long for their clogs to somehow eliminate racism, end pet homelessness, and cure cancer. Going to Florida for nationals would also be nice.

Heard at the start of Olney Theater Center’s funny, poignant, and sometimes volatile production, directed by Jenna Place, the song suggests the complexity of the teenage experience that Barron captures. The girls (and one boy) on the team are mature enough to grasp the planet’s woes, but they’re also inexperienced enough to dream that a few side kicks and jumps could make the difference. Above all, they live in a pressure cooker that is partly chosen, partly adult-inflicted, and partly intrinsic to puberty and the growing process.

A 2018 off-Broadway hit, “Dance Nation” follows young troupes as they deal with that pressure: auditioning, competing, battling rivalry and disappointment, and letting off steam. It’s an often moving, but also comical portrait, exploring the incongruous collisions of childish and adolescent energies, and wickedly satirizing competitive school dancing. With Olney, the mix between comedic and empathetic moments doesn’t seem entirely seamless. But spirited performances and Nikki Mirza’s flawless choreography sweep the show for 105 minutes.

Adding interest, as the action unfolds on designer Paige Hathaway’s fitting dance studio set, the cast mirrors Barron’s directive that performers of all ages portray the young characters. The device reminds us how deeply adolescence marks our later lives.

Often surrounded by his delighted but restless students, dance teacher Pat (Michael Wood) is a fanatic who saddles up his team with a choreographed tribute to Gandhi. The talented Amina (Jasmine Joy, layering vulnerability and poise) is most likely to play the lead role, but equally perennial Zuzu (Ashley D. Nguyen) also covets the lead role, pushed by her mother (Yesenia Iglesias ). En route to a team crisis, Zuzu proves to be doubtful but resilient: at one point, in a mysterious and pungent touch, she seems to grow her fangs.

Each young character holds the limelight for at least one telltale beat. For example, in a gripping monologue, Ashlee (Brigid Cleary, stage owner) raves about her looks and intelligence, before confessing, “I never tell anyone that. …I want to bury it deep. It’s a discourse that seems to explore and push back the confidence deficit that can plague modern women.

Meanwhile, Sofia (sometimes a little too comedic Megan Graves) craves sexual precocity but by default innocence, as when she ceremoniously stirs mouthfuls of sugar into coffee to do what she calls the “magic”. Young people channeled by Louis E. Davis, Shubhangi Kuchibhotla and MaryBeth Wise have their own loves and quirks.

Pivot throughout is Mirza’s choreography for the audition and competition scenes: deliberately screaming movements, grafted together in a jerky fashion. The characters launch into these routines with unflinching enthusiasm. From our point of view, the effect is hilarious and a bit inspiring.

dance nation, by Claire Barron. Directed by Jenna Place; assistant director, Nikki Mirza; costumes, Moyenda Kulemeka; lighting, Sarah Tundermann; sound, Kenny Neal. 105 minutes. Tickets: $64 to $84. Through October 30 at the Olney Theater Center, 2001 Olney-Sandy Spring Rd., Olney. 301-924-3400. olneytheatre.org.

The best Halloween cartoons in 2022, from Batman to the Addams Family


Spooky season is here, and discussions are ongoing about what to watch on Halloween: “what is the best scary family movie?”, “where can i see the best Dracula film?”, “What scary movie can I watch every day in octoberAll very important questions, but they all revolve around the same basic premise: Halloween means horror movies, often aimed at adults.

The fixation of scary movies, however, leaves little room for an equally important discussion of scary TV shows. Even when discussed, these tend to revolve around the more adult-oriented offerings, often leaving the cartoons unmentioned. There are plenty of cartoons that offer spooky and spooky kicks suitable for the whole family and a full night out. From DeadEndia to the Boiling Isles, here are some of the best and brightest bump-in-the-night anime worth streaming, and where to find them in October 2022.

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Dead End: Paranormal Park is an Overlooked Netflix Spookfest

With vibrations similar to Steven Universe and Gravity Falls, Impasse: paranormal park feels sorely overlooked in the cartoon pantheon. Featuring a dog possessed by a demonic warlord in a nightmarish Dollywood-inspired theme park, the show is deservedly spooky. However, it also carries a sincere feeling coming-of-age tale for its main character, a trans man, and a romance in his own right. Sometimes it’s serious and poignant — deal with themes such as social anxiety – but do it in a way that allows for joy and fun. One of the show’s most important episodes features a musical curse, which understandably compels its brilliant cast (including Emily Osment, Zach Barack and Alex Brightman) to sing about their feelings. Impasse: paranormal park is a silly, family-friendly adventure with a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, making Netflix’s scarefest a bingable marvel.

The Owl House features witches, wizards and demons on Disney+

The owl house is a Disney fan favorite, despite its unceremonious early cancellation. It presents a world completely contrary to Disney’s own lighter version of fantasy. It has maniacal fairies and tricksters dotting the boiling isles where the majority of the story takes place. As he goes to gloomy and dark places, The owl house is primarily a comedy – and clever at that – heavily parodying fantasy while being a love letter to it. It even goes directly against the format of The Hero’s Journey, making it as much comedy as it is meta-commentary. Considering the large number of people who already subscribe to Disney+, it’s worth giving the 100% rated cartoon a chance on Rotten Tomatoes.

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The Addams Family (1973) is a perfect sequel to the original show on Pluto TV

The Addams Family the most famous releases are their live fights, with the 1991 entry being the widely accepted best. However, ignoring their unique adventures across America is almost as criminal as the creepy, cooky family themselves. It’s worth watching for the franchise’s mythos, as it added the macabre elements to the family’s repertoire and refined the best elements of the original TV show into what they’re known for today. It’s smart and fun, and well worth catching up on Pluto TV for free, even if its Rotten Tomatoes score is still undecided.

Over the Garden Wall is a fall-themed HBO Max Classic

Despite all of these shows having a Halloween vibe and some actually having episodes during the holidays, Over the garden wall is the only one who takes place entirely on a Halloween night. It’s yet another coming-of-age story, but it also plays into Halloween’s concept of a masked identity. Even the nightmarish atmosphere is itself called into question. From autumn leaves to winter winds, it evokes the Halloween celebrations throughout the Western world and all the seasonal changes they mark. It’s also goofy and hilarious while still being poignant. It’s also very short, meaning the series’ 93% rating is achieved in just a few hours of total runtime – short enough to watch on the same day as another scary short series.

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Gravity Falls is a summer Scarefest on Disney+

Without surprise, Gravity Falls – one of the best scary cartoons of the past decade – makes the list. It’s not technically a Halloween-themed series, as it canonically takes place over the course of a summer. However, it shares great DNA with the other shows on this list. For instance, Gravity Falls uses The owl houseatypical approach to mythical creatures, as well as the silly and adult-friendly (but not necessarily oriented) humor of Impasse: paranormal park. With a 100% critic score and a 96% audience score, a brilliant creative pedigree, and a huge fandom, it’s worth a shot, even off-season. While it pairs better with a cold soda than a hot cider, there’s nothing wrong with jumping onto Disney+ to stream coming-of-age and the beautiful goofiness of Dipper Pines.

Batman: The Animated Series is HBO Max’s best spooky superhero offering

East Batman: The Animated Series specifically set at Halloween? No. It’s not even limited to one season like a lot of scary TV shows. However, its dark kid atmosphere mixed with costumed villains and heroes makes the 98% ratings show well worth watching. Batman has always been associated with Halloween in its modern day, and the atmosphere and overall plot of the animated series goes far beyond the typical constraints of a Halloween-centric show. As an anime series centered on a society where evil is woven into its very fiber, it makes Batman feel like a slightly funny, action-packed Halloween epic. If nothing else, “Nothing to Fear” — an episode featuring the Scarecrow’s first appearance on the show — should be seen on HBO Max as it enters its prime season.

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Scooby-Doo, where are you? Is just part of the HBO Max classic collection

Perhaps no series is more strongly associated with the Halloween season than the classic adventures of Scooby and the gang. Their most recent shows have received critical acclaim for their unique and brilliant storytelling. Many scooby-doo the films have elements that are as classic and intrinsic to the series as the original series. It’s all well worth a watch, re-read and campaign for an HBO Max revival.

The show that started it all mixes a creepy atmosphere and corrupt, wicked men with brilliant, dumb characters who – in many cases – just want a snack. The goofy and silly characters strike a perfect balance that lends to the franchise’s persistence, even long before the era of reboots and legacy sequels. It’s well over half a century old and contributes to its 82% viewership score for Rotten Tomatoes, but the show is worth watching on HBO Max.

Naturally, there are plenty of movies to watch during the Halloween season. There are many live shows that we also owe a watch. However, it doesn’t have to stick it out without a good mix of childish fun and goosebumps. If we appreciate Taken away as if by magic but want a little more length on their thematic wedding, they could do a lot worse than watch some of the cartoons available to stream for an answer.

GOP campaigns against the IRS, promising to cut its funding



WASHINGTON (AP) — The IRS’ calls for more funding from Congress — made over the years by one leader after another — finally paid off this summer when Democrats added $80 billion to the agency in their landmark climate and health care law.

Armed with a new stream of funding, the IRS plans to eliminate a massive backlog of unprocessed tax returns, upgrade decades-old outdated technology and, yes, hire more auditors.

But, as GOP candidates across the country make clear, the battle over IRS funding has only just begun. They are making attacks on a larger IRS a central part of their midterm campaign pitch to voters, warning that Democratic legislation will fund an army of auditors who will harass middle-class taxpayers rather than help them.

“If you pull it off, they’ll come – after you,” says a commercial in an Iowa House run that parodies a scene from the movie “Field of Dreams.” Instead of baseball players emerging from a cornfield, they are IRS agents in black suits.

political cartoons

GOP warnings are generally alarmist and misleading. The agency isn’t hiring an army of 87,000 “new agents” to target lower- and middle-class Americans. Many hires will be used to replace some 50,000 retiring IRS employees in the coming years. Others will become customer service representatives answering telephone calls from taxpayers.

Some of the IRS hires will be added to the ranks of sophisticated audit teams that spend thousands of hours poring over complicated returns, but the Biden administration has also made it clear that small businesses or households earning $400 $000 per year or less will not see an increase in their chances of being audited.

“The purpose of the funding is to modernize a severely underfunded agency to provide the American people with the customer service they deserve,” said Natasha Sarin, Treasury Advisor for Tax Policy and Enforcement.

But campaign politics has a way of becoming politics. With GOP ads against the airwaves of the IRS cover campaign, agency funding looks far from secure and could be in jeopardy as soon as the next Congress is sworn in.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, the speaker-in-training, has promised that if Republicans win a majority, passing a bill repealing new IRS funding will be their first piece of legislation.

While such a bill is unlikely to become law — President Joe Biden will retain the veto even if the GOP takes control of Congress — Republicans are unlikely to drop the issue. Their greatest leverage over IRS funding will come when Congress passes must-have spending bills to fund government agencies or to avoid a government default on its debt.

Douglas Holtz-Eakin, an economist and president of the American Action Forum, a center-right think tank, doubts lawmakers will go so far as to force a government shutdown in a demand for less funding from the IRS.

“If it was big enough to shut down government on this, government would be shut down,” Holtz-Eakin said. He noted that lawmakers passed a short-term measure last month to fund the government through December and largely ignored the fight against the IRS.

Still, some proponents of additional IRS funding are concerned about the Democratic response to GOP ads, or to be more precise, the lack thereof. Instead, Democratic groups and candidates largely focus their campaign ads on non-economic issues such as abortion rights.

“There are crickets, that’s exactly the word, a cricket response from Democrats on this issue,” said Frank Clemente, executive director of Americans for Tax Fairness, a liberal-leaning advocacy group.

“It’s a messaging thing,” Clemente said. “…Candidates need to talk about it. They have to run ads on it. They need to tell people how they are going to benefit, not just personally from an improved IRS, but how the wealthy and tax cheats are going to have to pay the taxes they owe.

The IRS is still working out the details of how it would spend the additional $80 billion, but it stressed that the resources would be devoted to improving customer service and top-down scrutiny. income.

Among other things, the IRS says its new funding will go toward solving long-standing customer service issues, like answering the phone. The problem is so widespread that a bipartisan group of lawmakers wrote to the IRS last November complaining that phone calls were answered only 9% of the time during the 2021 filing season.

The IRS will also be tasked with figuring out how to move forward with an expanded system of free files for taxpayers.

Nina Olson, former head of the Office of the Taxpayer Advocate, said if funds were cut, taxpayers who hoped for better customer service would be hit hardest.

“If you don’t want the IRS to handle 85% of incoming calls, then cut funding — if you want the IRS to continue to have technology that comes from the 1960s, definitely cut their funding,” said Olson.

Democrats provided the increased funding to the IRS to help pay for other health and climate priorities, like helping millions pay their health insurance premiums over the next three years and capping the costs of insulin at no more than $35 per month for Medicare beneficiaries.

Of the additional $80 billion in IRS funding, the legislation allocated $46 billion to tax enforcement. The rest goes to other activities such as taxpayer services, operations support and updating business systems.

The agency’s additional funding has been politically contentious since 2013, when the IRS under the Obama administration was found to have used inappropriate criteria to review tea groups and other organizations applying for tax-exempt status.

In the years that followed, the IRS was mostly the loser in Congressional funding fights, though a later 2017 report found that conservative and liberal groups were singled out for scrutiny.

In April, IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig told members of the Senate Finance Committee that the agency’s budget had shrunk more than 15% over the past decade when adjusting for inflation. and that the number of full-time employees at 79,000 in the last fiscal year was close. at 1974 levels.

Vanessa Williamson, senior fellow at the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center, said if Republicans succeed in cutting funding for the IRS, “it will seriously harm a fundamental function of government,” she said, “that which is really disturbing.”

“The reality is that the government, through the IRS, plays a crucial role in the lives of Americans every day,” she said. “Pretending that role doesn’t exist to score political points is destructive.”

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Alana Haim Picked a Cartoon Classic as ‘The Greatest Movie of All Time’


Alana Haim has been a member of the pop rock band HAIM alongside her sisters Danielle and Este since 2007. Prior to releasing an EP, Stillin 2012 the band managed to tour extensively with well-known artists such as Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and even Kesha.

After gaining attention from a string of shows at SXSW, the band signed with Polydor Records in the UK. This led to even more supporting slots with Florence and the Machine and Mumford and Sons.

In 2013, HAIM released their first album – The days have passed, which was well received by critics. They performed at Glastonbury, joining Primal Scream on stage to perform backing vocals on several of their songs. Since the group’s successful year, they have maintained their momentum by releasing two more albums, something to tell you in 2017 and Women in Music, Part III in 2020.

Alana is the band’s guitarist, keyboardist and percussionist, making her a multifaceted player. She also contributes three-part vocal harmonies alongside her sisters. But Alana is not only a talented musician. In 2021, the musician made her film debut in Paul Thomas Anderson Licorice Pizza alongside the late Philip Seymour Hoffman’s son, Cooper.

The film is set in 1970s Los Angeles, specifically in the San Fernando Valley, where sisters Haim and Anderson grew up. As a close friend of the Haim family and having previously directed several music videos for the band, Anderson cast Alana to play the lead role. He said, “She has a ferocity. She is very impatient and she learns quickly. I don’t know how many more boxes you can tick.

Although the film was her acting debut, Alana was praised for her performance, receiving several nominations including a BAFTA and a Golden Globe. She has also won awards at smaller award shows, such as the Boston Society of Film Critics and the National Board of Review.

Alana and Anderson seem to have a mutual love for each other’s work. While the filmmaker has made 10 clips for her group, including valentinea short film featuring three performances, Alana has cited several of her films as some of her all-time favorites.

In an interview with identifierthe musician/actress shared that her favorite Anderson films were there will be blood, love stuffed with punchand Ghost thread. Her too praised Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood for her beautiful scores, which she called “crazy”.

However, her favorite movie turns out to be a much more unconventional choice. Alana revealed that her favorite movie is none other than A wacky movie, claiming that “people laugh at me” for loving the animated classic. She continued, “If you haven’t seen it, you need to watch A wacky movie. It’s the best movie of all time.”

Although we don’t know if A wacky movie might be considered the best movie of all time, the film has garnered a cult following since its release on home media in 1995, partly attributed to its soundtrack full of catchy tunes penned by Carter Burwell. The movie was even a big inspiration for Domee Shi, who directed the Disney Pixar movie. Become red. Maybe Alana’s next concert will voice an animated character similar to those of Goofy movie.

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Creature Comforts-style entertainment shows the benefits of nature for Cumbrians


Cumbria Wildlife Trust and partners have created four Creature Comforts-style animations to highlight how NFM can help protect Cumbria’s homes, businesses and farms.

Funded by the Environment Agency, the short films show how these techniques lessen flooding downstream, reduce the impact of drought on land and reduce pollutants in the water.

NFM is a catch-all term for a variety of landscaping techniques used to retain water during floods, reducing the downstream impact on buildings and infrastructure such as bridges.

Techniques include restoring peatlands so that they absorb water instead of flowing into rivers; re-meandering rivers to slow the rapid flow of water, which is more likely in straightened rivers; and protecting floodplains from development.

The four stop-motion animated films provide a unique opportunity to recreate the varied landscapes of Cumbria and meet several lovable characters who explain the different NFM techniques, bringing the subject matter to life.

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David Harpley, Head of Conservation for Cumbria Wildlife Trust, said: “Cumbria Wildlife Trust is working with local landowners and farmers to make Cumbria’s landscape more resilient to the impacts of the climate crisis, such as floods and drought.

“Many of the techniques explained in the animations have been used in Cumbria. Restoration of the bogs at Tebay Common included the installation of letter dams to slow the flow of water, and leaky dams were installed over ‘a housing estate in Kendal to reduce the impact during a flood.’

The four characters are narrated by “local voices”, including David Kennedy and Michael Farrell from the Environment Agency, John Gorst from United Utilities and Abigail Kennedy, art and photography teacher from Cumbria.

The four characters are narrated by “local voices”, including David Kennedy and Michael Farrell from the Environment Agency, John Gorst from United Utilities and Abigail Kennedy, art and photography teacher from Cumbria.

Pete the Frog tells us about peatland restoration and the benefits it has. Russell the Border Collie explains how temporarily holding water on farmland can slow water flow to downstream communities to reduce flooding and reduce damage to agricultural infrastructure.

Brook the Otter explains how floodplains can play an important role in flood management by storing water for a short time to withstand pressure from communities. Fin the fish, gives the case of natural rivers.

10 Famous Comic Book Characters Who Need To Meet The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Debuting over 30 years ago in their own comic strip, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has remained a beloved pop culture classic ever since. Memories of those early issues are rare and treasured, and the original negatives of their first comic only recently resurfaced via a collector in Colorado (according to the Portland Press Herald). From their origins in the comics to their success in TV and film, the Radical Reptiles have had many adventures and faced many threats over the years. However, one aspect of the series that makes it appealing is its ability to intersect with several other worlds.

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From their teams with the Power Rangers to fighting crime with The Dark Knight, the group has met and joined forces with several heroes. But there are a few they haven’t met, some even coming from their old comic book lore. With the ability to overlap other series, TMNT still has plenty of other characters they can meet and assist.

10/10 Wolverine: A Mutant Match in Heaven

One of Marvel’s most popular heroes, Wolverine has proven to be both a formidable adversary and a brave hero. Although Logan prefers to work alone, he will team up with other heroes if the need arises and the threat is too powerful for him to handle alone. This includes other mutants, like his fellow X-Men and, if possible, the Turtles.

At first, Logan would probably be annoyed by the Turtles, even getting into a fight with Raphael. However, when danger threatens the mutants, Logan tries to fight on alone, only to ask the Turtles for help. While thinking they are too “green”, he might learn to respect the reptile superheroes, though their humor might cause him to keep his distance after the conflict.

9/10 Shang Chi: Kung Fu Mayhem

Starting to gain the notoriety he deserves, Shang Chi would be an interesting choice when it comes to crosses. One of Marvel’s finest fighters and now possessing all ten rings, Shang would be a capable opponent for the Turtles, with only Leonardo likely able to take on the martial artist.

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After learning that they are on the same side, they could both learn from each other, showcasing different styles of martial arts and comic-style techniques. Plus, a crossover with the Hand and the Foot Clan would make for an interesting fight, with a final battle against Mandarin and Shredder giving comic book fans their money.

8/10 Invincible: Interstellar Action

Another rising star thanks to his hit TV show, Invincible, as people could probably point out, started life as a comic book superhero. For Mark Grayson, dealing with the abnormal is a normal day in the life of an invincible crime fighter. So, an alliance with the TMNT could be a worthy mashup.

With its villains ranging from monstrous mutants to space invaders, Grayson and the Turtles might find new and interesting ways to help each other. Plus, combined with the humor and colorful cast from both universes, these indie superheroes could provide a fun story for fans to follow.

7/10 Deadpool: Excessive Madness

It’s no surprise that TMNT have encountered many interesting and strange beings throughout their adventures. That being said, the Turtles have yet to team up or tangle with one of Marvel’s most eccentric anti-heroes.

Wade and the Turtles shared stories that were both goofy and mature, according to the creative team. Additionally, depending on the incarnation chosen, the two could go head-to-head by constantly breaking the fourth wall, allowing some interesting conflicts to arise in the process. A fun and experimental adventure that could go either way for the Turtles and the Merc with the Mouth.

6/10 Hellboy: Gothic Stories and Mysteries

Another longtime superhero not created by DC or Marvel, Mike Mignola Hellboy focuses on the half-demon paranormal detective as he battles all kinds of supernatural threats. Although he met the turtles in the video game Injustice 2they never really shared an adventure together, which would be cool to attest to.

Not only would readers see indie icons teaming up, but the five would explore different genres. The Turtles had occasional mysteries to solve and battled different demonic creatures, but none on the same level as Hellboy. On that note, Hellboy’s sarcasm and lust for action would pair well with the Turtles, battling terrifying foes like Baba Yaga or the Rat King.

5/10 Rocket Raccoon: Antiques from Outer Space

With the growing popularity of guardians of the galaxy, it would be quite appropriate for a space-themed crossover with the TMNT, which is no stranger to traveling where no reptile has gone before. One member in particular, the animal Rocket, would hold the most promise, as both he and the Turtles are mutants in their own right.

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Together, the Turtles and the alien could do some interstellar mischief, with Rocket’s greed or his feuds with Ralph possibly getting in the way of their alliance. This could be an interesting combo as they can fight Kree or Triceratons while trying to get away with their shells (or fur) intact.

4/10 Teen Titans: Combine Teenage Crime Fighters

Starting in the 80s, the Turtles were always seen as teenagers, getting into trouble and still learning to be the heroes they could be. During their rise, the Teen Titans, a team of superheroes made up of sidekicks, would see a resurgence under a new creative team and a colorful new cast.

What would make this meeting so unique would be the interactions of the two actors. With the multiple incarnations of the Turtles and the ever-growing roster of Titans, groups could meet anytime and anywhere, from the early years to the present day. The combination of superhero antics and bizarre misadventures could be a definite hit for these teenage adventurers.

3/10 Fantastic Four: Adventures Across the Cosmos

Another popular team of four, eights would make for some interesting combinations. Donnie and Reed would like to study each other, impressed by their intelligence and mastery of technology. Mikey and Ralph would fit in well with Johnny and Ben’s dynamic, getting into trouble and pulling pranks on each other.

But in the end, the two groups share a trait that has made the popularity of their respective series: the concept of family. And that could be tested by either a Shredder/Doctor Doom showdown, or a Skrulls and Kraang alliance for universal dominance.

2/10 Spider-Man: combining comedy and action

Who better to team up with the adorable reptiles than everyone’s favorite wall-crawler, Spider-Man? Unlike their crossover with The Dark Knight, the Turtles wouldn’t have to leave New York, only to be transported to another version of their home. While exploring, the turtles could encounter the hero, either helping him fight villains or fighting each other due to misunderstandings.

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Right away, the Turtles would come to like one or the other, either because of his formidable intelligence, his wise nature, or his respectable heroism. Together, the five could fight either their respected villains, creating some interesting mashups and other villainous alliances, such as Green Goblin and Shredder, providing a fight for comic book fans.

1/10 Daredevil: honor their source material

The Hell’s Kitchen Devil has a lot in common with turtles. From his work in the shadows of New York to his training as a ninja and a mutant, Murdock shares similarities with all four heroes. But their team’s coolest and most notable reason has to do with the turtles’ origins.

During their creation, Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman extracted plot elements from Matt’s story, acting as both an homage to and a parody of the superhero. From their chemical creations to forming a wise old master, the two would honor Murdock through their early comics, particularly during Matt’s run under Frank Miller. The Turtles owe Daredevil a lot, and seeing them team up would bring their stories full circle.

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The Panthers would trade McCaffrey for the right price


By STEVE REED, AP Sports Reporter

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — The Carolina Panthers are considering trading 2019 All-Pro running back Christian McCaffrey if they get something big in return, according to a person familiar with the situation.

The person spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity on Wednesday because no trade is imminent.

It’s unclear how many other NFL teams have asked about McCaffrey, who has been productive this season after missing 23 games in the previous two seasons due to various injuries.

The Panthers are 1-5 this season and are struggling to find stability at quarterback.

political cartoons

Earlier this week, the Panthers traded Robbie Anderson to the Arizona Cardinals for two late-round draft picks after he was embroiled in an argument with an assistant coach and sent to the locker room.

The Panthers are unlikely to have a sellout, despite having lost 12 of their last 13 games.

McCaffrey is one of the few bright spots on the offense at No. 32 in the league.

He has 670 scrimmage yards, which ranks him fourth in the NFL behind only Saquon Barkley, Tyreek Hill and Nick Chubb. McCaffrey and Chubb are the only players in the league with five games with at least 100 scrimmage yards.

McCaffrey said Wednesday he was trying to stay focused on Sunday’s game even as trade rumors swirled around the 2017 first-round pick.

“It’s out of my control,” McCaffrey said. “I try to control everything I can control. Right now I’m a Carolina Panther and I’m giving this place my all.

When asked if he would like to be kept up to date on trade negotiations, McCaffrey replied, “If they keep me up to date, great. Otherwise it does not matter. For me, I’m focused on playing the Bucs this weekend and doing everything I can to prepare for them.

McCaffrey did not practice on Wednesday as it is his normal rest day.

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A Studio Ghibli theme park opens in Japan in November


For many, the mere mention of Studio Ghibli is enough to conjure up a world of fantasy and intrigue.

The animation studio famous for some of the finest works in Japanese anime ⁠— My Neighbor Totoro, Taken away as if by magic and Howl’s Howl’s Moving Castle, to name a few⁠—has long welcomed visitors to the modest Ghibli Museum tucked away in the quiet outskirts of Tokyo. This year, however, visitors are invited deeper into the woods, as the studio’s new Park Ghibli officially opens in the sprawling Aichi Memorial Park (also dubbed Moricoro Park). The brand new theme park is located in Nagoya, a city accessible from Tokyo by shinkansen (high-speed train) in less than two hours.

The 7 Best National Parks in Japan

A display of Yubaba, an animated character from the Studio Ghibli copyrighted film Spirited Away, is seen in the Great Ghibli Warehouse area in Ghibli Park © Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images

Visitors accustomed to typical large theme parks will find Park Ghibli more low-key. Although the park is by no means small, there are no rides or large attractions. Instead, the lush gardens offer visitors ample space to explore and soak up the surroundings while strolling the park’s winding, tree-lined paths.

22 must-do experiences in Japan

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Three themed areas ⁠—Great Warehouse Ghibli, Dondoko Forest, and Hill of Youth ⁠—will be open to park visitors on November 1, with more areas scheduled to open in 2023. The largest of the three areas, the Grand Ghibli Warehouse, is where fans can see short films previously shown only at Tokyo’s Ghibli Museum, as well as exclusive exhibits. It also wouldn’t be Studio Ghibli if the environment didn’t transport you to a different world and the Grand Warehouse is several worlds rolled into one, all ready to be discovered. Next, enter the cozy World Emporium of Whisper of the Heart at the Hill of Youth, followed by a relaxing walk through the park to Dondoko Forest, where the world of Totoro awaits.

Top 10 places to visit in Japan

A member of the media takes a photo of an exhibit at Grand Ghibli Warehouse during a media tour of the new Ghibli Park in Nagakute
One of Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse immersive exhibits © Studio Ghibli/Yuichi Yamazaki/Getty Images

Separate timed entry tickets are required for admission to each area, with varying prices. Entrance to Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse will cost you ¥2,000 ($13.50) on weekdays and ¥2,500 ($16.80) on weekends, while tickets to the other two areas are ¥1,000 each. ($6.70). Children three years and older get in at half price. Tickets for November have already sold out, and the ticket lottery for entry from December is now open and available for purchase at Lawson convenience stores (Japanese language website only).

Best times to visit Japan

To eat

Grab a healthy onigiri rice ball with organic vegetables, along with a nice cup of coffee at Soyogo Coffee, located right next to the park entrance, to start your trip off right. For a hearty meal after a day of sightseeing, try the signature lobster broth tsukemen (dipping noodles) or seafood-based soy sauce ramen at Menya Hanzo near Fujigaoka Station. Want quiches, cakes and other pastries worthy of a Ghibli movie? Homely Cafe SAISON is the place to go – be sure to check out their adorable seasonal cookies. Osu Mori no Cafe Kodama can be a bit overwhelming, though Ghibli fans will find its storybook-like setting and beloved Studio Ghibli characters dotted throughout the establishment well worth the trip; reservation required for dinner between 11am and 1pm.

Eating on trains, embracing bidets and more tips for your trip to Japan

A bowl of hitsumabushi is a Japanese Nagoya rice dish decorated with grilled Unagi eel on top.  The eel is served in smaller pieces that allow it to be eaten simply with plain rice, or with accompanying condiments and an original soup broth or hot tea.
Hitsumabushi is a Japanese Nagoya rice dish decorated with grilled

A trip to Nagoya wouldn’t be complete without a hitsumabushi meal (crispy, grilled unagi, or eel, consumed in three different ways). Hitsumabushi Bincho is a popular spot, although there are plenty of other options dotted around Nagoya city.

How to get around Japan (even if you don’t speak Japanese)


Cafes and teahouses other than those located in the park are rare, but Fujigaoka’s nearby transport hub offers plenty of options for relaxing. Whatever the time, it’s always a cool and sophisticated evening at Jazz Tearoom Aoneko, a dark and cozy underground café with walls lined with records and delicious pastries. Get a caffeine fix and even discover your new favorite blend at Freak Coffee Roasters, a modern cafe serving specialty coffee varieties. Tohenboku Cafe sits close to Park Ghibli and doubles as a beautiful art gallery where patrons can sip coffee.

Japan’s Best Dining Experiences


Nagoya is easily accessible from Tokyo, Gifu, Kyoto and more by bullet train. There’s plenty of accommodation around Nagoya Station to suit all budgets: from glitzy 5-star fare to a hostel room, the heart of Aichi Prefecture has options to accommodate any traveler. . Access from Nagoya city to Park Ghibli is only 45 minutes away by public transport. Studio Ghibli fans or families looking to spend more than an afternoon at the park can opt for accommodation near the less central Fujigaoka station, where a 13-minute ride on the Linimo monorail takes guests directly to the closest station to the park.

Film Critic Slams Disney’s Animated Film Problem


Credit: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Walt Disney Animation Studios is gearing up for the premiere of strange world, an original film coming in November. But a film critic says The Walt Disney Company isn’t doing enough to promote the film.

Strange World's Ethan Clade
Credit: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Dave Lee Down Under has 125,000 subscribers on his movie review YouTube channel. On Tuesday, Lee responded to a strange world advertisement from Walt Disney Animation Studios:

Disney just doesn’t know how to market the originals. And everyone wonders why they depend so much on proven intellectual property. Even Walt knew – that’s why he built Sleeping Beauty’s castle at Disneyland 4 YEARS before the movie and commissioned a novelization of Lady & Tramp for release 2 YEARS before

Sleeping Beauty was Disney’s most expensive and cutting-edge movie at that time (apart from Fantasia) and Walt knew it was a VERY RISKY sell. So he subliminally raised public awareness of history and intellectual property using the most elaborate marketing tool in his arsenal – Disneyland.

According to Lee, Disney doesn’t do well at marketing original stories. Many commentators agreed. @NCLuke1024 replied:

I hope this movie is good because they didn’t do a very good job with the marketing. They’ve somewhat revealed what people are predicting the moral is going to be, and the jokes (they’re not really jokes) featured in the trailer are mixed and pretty sweet.

@ScratMarcoDiaz said that although the marketing was poor, they relied on director Don Hall to make a good movie:

Hopefully the film does well, even with limited marketing. Big Hero 6, which is from one of the Strange World directors, managed to do well, even though not many people knew about the original comics the film was based on.

Despite the criticism, many recent Disney Originals have fared well. Walt Disney Animation Studios Encanto (2021) grossed over $40 million opening weekend and became one of Disney’s most successful titles in years.

Safer strange world

The main character, a farmer, of Strange World and his dog panting with excitement.
Credit: Walt Disney Animation Studios

In the latest trailer, the Clade family is recruited by the President to travel to a strange new world… where the youngest Clades meet their missing explorer grandfather for the first time! From Disney:

The voice cast includes Jake Gyllenhaal as Searcher Clade, a family man who finds himself out of his element on an unpredictable mission; Dennis Quaid as Jaeger, Searcher’s larger-than-life explorer father; Jaboukie Young-White as Ethan, Searcher’s 16-year-old son who yearns for adventure; Gabrielle Union as Meridian Clade, an accomplished pilot and Searcher’s partner in all things; and Lucy Liu as Callisto Mal, the fearless leader of Avalonia who leads the exploration of the strange world.

Qui Nguyen is the co-director/writer of Strange World, and Roy Conli is the producer.

strange world of disney
Credit: Disney

“Inspired by classic adventure stories, strange world is an original animated adventure/comedy about three generations of the Clade family who overcome their differences while exploring a strange, wonderful, and often hostile world,” the film’s director, Don Hall, said in a statement to The Walt Disney Company.

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Manchester Consulate attack shows how China is flexing its muscles overseas | Nathan’s Law


I can’t help but imagine what would happen if I was taken to a Chinese embassy. Would I be detained in a small darkened room? Extradited to mainland China and forced to confess on state television? Or disappeared forever, like certain dissidents in other embassies of autocracies?

I have to understand this week that, for dissidents in Hong Kong, Britain may not be as safe as we hope.

Last Sunday, 2,296 delegates gathered in Beijing to launch the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of China (CCP). It is the most important gathering in the country and the top leaders present the result of predetermined political orientations. Beijing saw it as a festive event, but that’s not what the rest of the world perceived.

In Manchester, a group of Hong Kong protesters gathered outside the Chinese consulate. They displayed a caricature of Xi Jinping, the leader of China who is expected to stay in power for another five years, in which he was depicted as in the emperor’s new clothes, wearing only pants and a crown. Images of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Ukraine covered in blood are held in his hand. The banners read “End the CCP.”

Protesters expected their freedom to demonstrate would be protected on British soil, but the situation became tense when consulate staff came out with motorcycle helmets and vandalized the signs.

During my years of activism, I have been imprisoned, endured mob violence by pro-CCP thugs in Hong Kong, and been put on the list with a bounty for my whereabouts in the UK to threaten my safety. But being brought into the embassy, ​​which is basically People’s Republic of China (PRC) territory and they can do anything to you without the outside world knowing, is way too risky for any of us.

Protester assaulted over Chinese consulate in Manchester – video report

After the incident, a protester known as Bob was hospitalized, having sustained head, face, neck, back and waist injuries. He was lucky that after being surrounded by several PRC consulate staff and briefly beaten, the police managed to pull him out of the scuffle and out of the consulate area. Yet this attack left a scar in the Hong Kong community.

Many in the UK have overlooked the influx of Hong Kongers and their impact on the country. There have already been over 140,000 applications in the first 18 months since the launch of the UK National (Overseas) visa in early 2021. It is estimated that there will be 300-400,000 Hong Kongers moving to the UK United during the first five years of the visa regime, mainly due to the city’s political deterioration.

They fled Hong Kong for a supposedly safe haven where they are no longer threatened by the CCP’s long arms, but now it looks like they might face the same nightmare again here.

The extraterritorial persecution carried out by the Chinese authorities here is not only a matter of diplomatic and foreign policy, but also a domestic issue that affects the sense of security of freedom-loving Hong Kongers in this country.

This issue needs to be addressed appropriately and urgently in order to ease tensions within the community. The machinery of government began to roll: Greater Manchester Police said an investigation into the incident had begun; a spokeswoman for the prime minister, Liz Truss, expressed “deep concern” over the incident.

In response, the Chinese Embassy claims that a “small group of independent Hong Kong activists…has hung an insulting portrait of the Chinese president at the main entrance.” I do not consider the publication of a satirical cartoon of a dictator an “insult”. While this bothers Chinese diplomats, it does not give them the right to destroy protesters’ private property and physically abuse them.

If the involvement of consulate staff is confirmed, they should be immediately expelled from the UK, if prosecution is not possible due to their diplomatic impunity. China’s ambassador to the UK, Zheng Zeguang, should be summoned and criticized for this barbaric behavior.

Such actions must be taken to maintain Hong Kongers’ trust in the system that should protect them from persecution by the Chinese autocracy. Otherwise, all forms of “welcome” programs and devices are empty because Hongkongers will always live in fear.

  • Nathan Law is a politician and activist in Hong Kong, and was the leader of Demosistō from 2016 to 2018

  • Do you have an opinion on the issues raised in this article? If you would like to submit a letter of up to 300 words to be considered for publication, email it to us at [email protected]

Man kidnapped stepmom thinking she was a ‘witch’ during binge drug binge, court hears


A man who inherited hundreds of thousands of dollars began abusing drugs to the point of mistakenly believing his stepmother was a ‘witch’ when he kidnapped and stabbed her in August 2020, a source has claimed. court.

Ryan Louis O’Grady, 40, faces conviction in South Australia District Court for a series of crimes which included the kidnapping and stabbing of his 70-year-old stepmother and driving the police in a dangerous high-speed chase.

“It was a perfect storm of events that will probably never happen again,” Mark Norman KC, for O’Grady, told judge Michael Durrant.

“These offenses are as shocking as they are strange.”

The court heard O’Grady had inherited “hundreds of thousands of dollars” and a house in Unley, so he decided to move his wife and young daughter from Queensland to Adelaide.

“He became addicted to methamphetamine and with his money he was able to obtain it in huge quantities,” Mr Norman said.

The court heard that O’Grady had used methamphetamine, cannabis and a drug called “meow meow” for months and began having delusions.

Mr Norman told the court that he and his wife, Sharon Dyguazo Haywood, lost custody of their daughter in April 2020, after police found them with drug paraphernalia in a motel room.

“His mental state was really falling off a cliff,” Mr Norman said.

“About 48 hours later, O’Grady goes to SAPOL headquarters and appears to have said he had ‘Wile E. Coyote as a past’ and wanted to see Police Commissioner Grant Stevens.

“He asks to see the commissioner and talks about Looney Tunes cartoon characters.”

Mr Norman said that at the time O’Grady had been assessed by psychologists as a low level concern as there was “no targeted threat”.

O’Grady’s will be sentenced in a car chase that ends at Angas Street SA Police Headquarters. (ABC News: Kathryn Bermingham)

Court heard O’Grady suffered from drug-induced delusions in August 2020 and believed that her stepmother was a “witch”, practicing “black magic” and was going to sell her daughter into slavery.

Mr Norman said O’Grady and his wife paid a driver hundreds of dollars to drive them to Adelaide before forcing his mother-in-law into the car at Greenacres.

Prosecutor Leah O’Donnell said they stabbed her in the stomach and hit her in the head as they led police on a chase from the western suburbs to the foothills and back to town.

She said they were arrested outside the South African Police Headquarters in Angas Street.

The court heard that O’Grady had no mental incompetence defense for his crimes because his psychosis was self-inflicted by his own drug use.

O’Grady issued an apology to his victims and the wider community.

He will be sentenced in December.

Japanese PM orders investigation into Unification Church issues


By MARI YAMAGUCHI, Associated Press

TOKYO (AP) — Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on Monday ordered an investigation into the Unification Church in an apparent attempt to quell public outrage over his ruling party’s intimate ties to the controversial group, which were revealed following the assassination of Shinzo Abe.

Former Prime Minister Abe was shot dead during an outdoor campaign speech in July. The suspect, Tetsuya Yamagami, told police he killed Abe because of his apparent connection to a religious group he hated. A letter and social media posts attributed to Yamagami said her mother’s large donations to the church had bankrupted her family and ruined her life.

Kishida said a government hotline set up to receive church-related complaints and inquiries has resulted in more than 1,700 cases which have been handled by police and legal experts.

“Many victims are facing financial hardship and their families have been destroyed, but the government has been unable to provide adequate support and I take it seriously,” Kishida said. He also pledged to do more to support alleged victims, including a possible review of consumer contract law to prevent future problems.

Political cartoons about world leaders

political cartoons

The Unification Church, founded in South Korea in 1954 by Sun Myung Moon, was granted religious organization status in Japan in 1968 amid an anti-communist movement backed by Abe’s grandfather and elder Prime Minister Nobusuke Kishi.

Since the 1980s, the church has been accused of underhanded business and recruiting tactics, including brainwashing members into paying huge portions of their salaries to Moon.

The group acknowledged that there had been cases of “excessive” donations. He says the problems have eased since he passed stricter compliance in 2009 and recently promised further reforms.

A government panel submitted a report earlier Monday that revealed numerous financial problems and lawsuits stemming from the church’s methods. The report called for an investigation while considering revoking the group’s legal status, though officials are seen as reluctant to go that far.

Kishida told a parliamentary committee meeting on Monday that he had instructed Education and Culture Minister Keiko Nagaoka, primarily responsible for overseeing religious groups, to prepare an investigation into the church in under the Religious Societies Act.

The police investigation into Abe’s murder has led to revelations about widespread links between the South Korea-based church and members of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, including Abe, over their shared interests in conservative causes . The case also brought to light the suffering of adherents’ children, some of whom have come out and said they were forced to join the church and left in poverty or neglect due to the devotion of their parents.

Many critics consider the church a cult due to problems with worshipers and their families due to their financial and mental hardships.

An LDP survey in September found nearly half of its lawmakers had ties to the church, including cabinet ministers. Kishida has pledged to sever all those ties, but many Japanese want an additional explanation for how the church may have influenced party policies.

Kishida has been criticized and his government’s support ratings have plunged for his handling of the church controversy and for holding a state funeral for Abe, one of Japan’s most controversial leaders, who is now seen as a key link to the ruling party’s ecclesiastical ties.

Nagaoka, the culture minister, said she would set up a group of legal and religious experts next week to discuss a rare investigation into a religious group.

Members of the National Network of Lawyers Against Spiritual Selling, which monitors the church, submitted a request last week to the Ministries of Culture and Justice and the Attorney General to issue a dissolution order to the church.

The church has acknowledged Yamagami’s mother donated more than 100 million yen ($700,000), including life insurance and real estate, to the group. He said he later returned about half at the request of the suspect’s uncle.

Experts say Japanese worshipers are being asked to pay for their ancestral sins committed during their colonial rule of the Korean peninsula, and that 70% of the church’s funding comes from Japan.

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‘Halloween Ends’ wins box office but renews streaming debate


By LINDSEY BAHR, AP Screenwriter

No matter how you look at the numbers, “Halloween Ends” had a strong opening weekend.

Billed as the final showdown between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers, the slasher pic grossed $41.3 million in ticket sales at 3,901 theaters in North America, according to studio estimates on Sunday. It’s the first film to open more than $40 million since “Nope” premiered in July and it exceeded its production budget, which is said to be between $20 million and $30 million. Including international projections, it shows a worldwide total of $58.4 million.

“We are extraordinarily thrilled that Blumhouse has once again delivered an incredible film and another No. 1 opening,” said Jim Orr, head of national distribution at Universal. “Jamie Lee Curtis had audiences across North America engaged and terrified.”

The film has also renewed an ever-green debate over day-to-day movie releases and some in Hollywood are wondering if it might have been even bigger had it not concurrently debuted on Peacock, the service of streaming from NBC Universal.

political cartoons

At the start of the weekend, some analysts had pegged “Halloween Ends” for an opening in the range of $50-55 million. “Halloween Kills,” the previous installment in the David Gordon Green-directed “Halloween” trilogy, opened day-and-date last year and still grossed $49 million on opening weekend.

Green’s first “Halloween,” on the other hand, debuted to $76.2 million in 2018. But that was before the pandemic, a theatrical release only, and the much-anticipated revival of a beloved franchise. with good reviews. However, his later “Halloween” films further divided critics and fans. “Kills” had a Rotten Tomatoes score of 39% while “Ends” has a score of 40% and has consistently opened over $40 million.

“The day and date model has been tested again, but I think that’s a mandate for the theater,” said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst for Comscore. “Audiences had the option of watching it at home, but they chose to go to the theatre.”

Many studios have experimented with day-and-date releases in the second year of the pandemic with varying results, but 2022 has seen most return to traditional early theatrical releases — especially for their most treasured brands and franchises.

Yet it sparked a self-proclaimed ‘rant’ from filmmaker Christopher Landon, who tweeted over the weekend that he felt his ‘Freaky’ horror film had been hurt by its simultaneous theatrical and streaming release in November 2020. .

“Stop doing this. Please. This isn’t working. Studios: Stop messing with filmmakers and their movies to try and prop up your fledgling streaming services,” Landon wrote on Twitter. the studio for not doing that… We were showered.”

While there was likely a financial impact on “Halloween Ends,” it’s unclear exactly how much money was left on the table with the release. Peacock is significantly smaller than many of its streaming rivals, with 13 million paid subscribers reported at the end of July. Studios also rarely release specific streaming data.

“Smile,” meanwhile, continued to defy the horror movie odds with another strong weekend. Paramount’s original thriller added $12.4 million, bringing its domestic total to $71.2 million after three weeks.

Dergarabedian noted that it’s rare for two R-rated horror films to top box office charts.

“The appeal of being scared in a movie theater is honored,” Dergarabedian said. “Throughout the pandemic, horror movies have grossed over $1 billion, and that’s just domestically.”

Third place over the weekend went to Sony’s “Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile,” down 35% from its $7.4 million debut, while “The Woman King” landed in fourth. place with $3.7 million in its fifth weekend, bringing its national total to $59.7. million. “Amsterdam” completed the top five of weekend two with $2.9 million.

In limited release, United Artists Releasing’s Mamie Till-Mobley’s “TILL” got off to a strong start with $240,940 from just 16 locations. Director Chinonye Chukwu’s factual account of Emmett Till’s mother’s quest for justice will expand in the coming weeks.

“Hats off to producers Barbara Broccoli, Keith Beauchamp and Whoopi Goldberg who fought to get this movie made for decades,” said Erik Lomis, president of distribution at UAR. “This weekend, the film attracted an incredibly diverse and multi-generational audience, playing in both ‘smart’ and commercial theaters. We are off to a good start. »

Focus Features’ “Tár,” another hot contender, also expanded to 36 theaters this weekend — earning an additional $360,000 — and will continue to open in other markets over the next two weeks.

Estimated Friday-Sunday ticket sales at US and Canadian theaters, according to Comscore. Final national figures will be released on Monday.

1. “Halloween Ends,” $41.3 million.

2. “Smile,” $12.4 million.

3. “Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile,” $7.4 million.

4. “The Woman King,” $3.7 million.

5. “Amsterdam”, $2.9 million.

6. “Don’t worry honey,” $2.2 million.

7. “Barbarian,” $1.4 million.

9. “Terrifying 2,” $850,000.

10. “Top Gun: Maverick”, $685,000.

Follow AP Film Writer Lindsey Bahr on Twitter: www.twitter.com/ldbahr.

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How Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island flipped the franchise for the better


In many ways, Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island — now streaming on HBO Max — feels like a precursor to the franchise’s entire future. One of the most iconic animated properties in American media, the entire Scooby-Doo formula was effectively reversed in the 1998 direct-to-video animated film.

While remaining recognizable scooby-doothe series’ embrace of true horror beats elevated it to something special. Scooby-Doo and Zombie Island more or less set up the modern take on the franchise, and could still be one of the best entries in the series.

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What is Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island?

Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island starts much the same as the last one written by James Gunn scooby-doo film, opening with Mystery Inc. going their separate ways for a while. Eventually, Daphne and Fred reunite the group to help with their Ghostbusters show – leading the five to head to New Orleans and the supposedly haunted island of Moonscar Island. There they encounter the seemingly false fears they have faced in the past, including apparent ghosts and hordes of zombies. Only when Fred tries to pull off the creatures’ traditional rubber mask, he discovers that they are not costumes – the gang deals real supernatural threats.

The film picks up the established story of scooby-doo stories and overturns it – in more ways than one. The franchise has dabbled in supernatural forces in previous shows — like made-for-TV movies Scooby-Doo and the School of Ghouls Where Scooby-Doo! and the reluctant werewolf – but these had been defined by a cowardly and silly tone. Scooby-Doon on Zombie Island plays the deadly serious monsters, quickly forcing Mystery Inc. to flee. The film also plays the characters as more mature, with Daphne’s ambition and Fred’s attraction to Lena (one of the women who live on the island) adding the same kind of energy that would show in the action. live. scooby-doo.

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What makes Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island special?

In many ways, Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island changed the future of the series and revived interest in the characters. The film’s complete embrace of horror works particularly well once it subverts the series’ traditional trappings – something that has caused some behind-the-scenes controversy, such as an interview with the film’s Model Cordinator, Lance Falk with the APNSD! The podcast suggests a veteran scooby-doo Writer (and screenwriter of the film) Glenn Leopold initially bristled at the idea that the gang’s latest adventure would include overtly dangerous supernatural forces.

The film is still recognizable scooby-doo, finding time to slip in some cartoonish antics for the titular character, but the film is also packed with genuinely chilling imagery. The zombies are broken down and unresponsive, the ghost of a soldier is suitably sinister, and the film’s real villains – a group of immortal werecats – kill nearly the entire cast. On the screen.

Notably, the film is somewhat of a precursor to a resurgence scooby-doo properties from that era, and it was critically and commercially successful enough to spark a stream of other direct videos scooby-doo movies. Since then, the franchise has more openly embraced supernatural elements, with one of the best examples being Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporatedas it found a way to play with the traditional mystery structure and supernatural threats. Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island remains one of the best examples of just how spooky the series can get – and how effective it is as a true horror story.

Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island is now streaming on HBO Max

The Lost Voice of Tim Curry’s Joker in Batman: The Animated Series Surfaces


DC Comics has been trying to get its cinematic universe fixed for a few years and with successes like Aquaman, Shazam!, Joker and The Batman, they may have finally found their place. You’d think a company that had great success with its animated universe, created by Bruce Timm, wouldn’t have struggled so much with live action. With projects as classic as batman beyond, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, Static shock, Superman: The Animated Series and even Batman: The Animated Series there is a clear formula for DC’s success. Batman: The Animated Series definitely made Batman even more popular with kids growing up in the early ’90s, but it also made the Joker just as famous. In the animated series, Joker was best known for being voiced by Star Wars legend Mark Hamill, but he was previously voiced by Tim Curry. Curry was replaced by Hamill, but not before recording dialogue as the Clown Prince of Crime. A fan of the show found some of the actors’ dialogue from a recent documentary and replaced Hamill’s voice in a key scene which you can check out below.

“In a recent documentary with Batman TAS, they released some of Tim Curry’s Joker recordings before he was replaced by Mark Hamill,” the account revealed on Twitter. “I cleaned up and improved his audio recordings a bit while trying to sync them to better footage.”

DC Comics’ next project featuring the Joker will still be a sequel to 2019’s Joker film, Joker: Madness for two. The film is directed by Todd Phillips and will bring Phoenix back with Lady Gaga set to join the cast as Harley Quinn. Phillips has been in the news lately after his name popped up in reports suggesting he was a filmmaker. Warners potentially wanted to direct DC Films. At one point, the director admitted he threw a whole “dark” tag at DC bosses, though that never materialized – yet.

‘When I threw them’Joker“, it wasn’t a movie, it was, let’s do a whole label,” Phillips said in 2019. cinema? But they said, let’s do this one.”

He added, “Here’s the real truth about a sequel. Although Joaquin and I have talked about it, and traveling around the world with Warner Bros executives — going to Toronto, Venice and other places — of course we sit down to dinner and they say, ‘So, have you thought about…?’ But, speaking of contracts, there’s not even a contract for us to write a sequel, we’ve never approached Joaquin to be in a sequel. Will that happen? Again, I think. just that the article was at best anticipatory.

What do you think of Tim Curry’s Joker voice? Let us know in the comments section below or or by hit our writer @NateBrail on Twitter!

My Hero Academia’s sixth season kills off a major character


The paranormal war of liberation is currently underway in My Hero Academia’s sixth season, and considering the stakes and the large number of fighters facing off against each other, it should come as no surprise that the Shonen series is taking some serious casualties. With the release of the third episode of season six, a major character has passed from this deadly reel and neither the heroes of UA Academy nor the League of Villains will ever be the same.

Warning. If you haven’t watched yet My Hero Academia last episode, the third episode of season six, be warned that we are going to dive into massive spoilers.

As heroes young and old converge to ambush the combined forces of Shigaraki and Re-Destro, the biggest fight in the final episode is much more intimate. Hero number two, Hawks, has spent the majority of season five working to learn as much as possible about the League of Villains and the Meta Liberation Army, earning the trust of several villains. With the onslaught of heroes underway, perhaps no villain has taken more pain from Hawks’ betrayal than Twice, the duplicitous villain who had befriended the Commission member of the public security.

(Photo: Studio Bones)

Hawks has already acknowledged just how dangerous Twice can be, with the villain sporting a Quirk that allows him to create doubles that can number in the hundreds of thousands. While the number two hero took over at the start of their fight, with his feathers able to cut through any doubles Twice made, Dabi’s arrival in the fight kept Hawks on his toes, his wings being badly burned in the process. .

With Dabi giving Twice the moment he needed, the League of Villains almost had an ace in the hole that could have won them the war, that is until Hawks killed the villain in duplicate. in a tragic scene. With its double success in rescuing Toga and Mr. Compress, the animated adaptation confirms that Twice has perished, taking a major trump card from the villains but showing that the paranormal war of liberation is far from over.

Are you sad to see Twice go? Do you think the heroes now have that in the bag now that the villain has perished? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of UA Academy.

Cartoon Carnival The Daily Cartoonist


Home / Section: Alternative comics

Cartoon carnival

What’s a carnival without a side show? Introducing the Two-Headed Man!

Intermediate games. Can you pass the quiz stand? (It’s an easy test.)

The amazing vertical and horizontal log panel – another double feature!

As of 2008, this is how Wiley draw the daily Non-sequential sign.

wayno apparently goes in another direction with Weird.

The Incredible Shrinking Newspaper People

Gannett will require employees to take a week off without pay in December and is looking for volunteers for buyouts, CEO Mike Reed announced in an email to all staff on Wednesday.

The company has also suspended overall hiring and will temporarily suspend matching contributions to employee 401(k) accounts starting Oct. 24.

Gannett will also allow employees to voluntarily reduce their working hours or request an unpaid sabbatical.

Poynter carries the details and the context.

The baffling disappearing act

Apologies from The Beaumont (Tx) Enterprise:

Please accept our most sincere apologies for the missing comics in Tuesday’s paper.

There’s simply no excuse for missing an entire section of the document, and we recognize that.

The Mystery Tent. What happened to Mike Bannon?

The typical About Comics publication is published because the About Comics publisher Nat Gertler think it’s a good thing… but their latest book also has an additional reason. The reprint of a comic book series drawn by mike bannon is published not just because he thinks it’s funny, but because the editor and writer would like to reunite with Bannon, who lost touch with his comic book friends over a decade ago. Attempts to contact him through old contacts and old addresses went unanswered. And so the hope is that this book will somehow catch Mike’s attention, and he’ll realize that people want to hear from him.

Gamers Grade takes us into the unexplained.

Monster show. Strange creatures from the unknown!

Stephen Nadler tries to discover the origins from a previously unknown drawing by Charles Addams.

Film Choices: Cartoons Underground, Japanese Film Festival, Singapore Korean Film Festival


Launched in 1983, one of Singapore’s oldest country film festivals is back. After two years of hybrid screenings, this year marks its return to cinema only. The festival is presented by the Japan Creative Centre, the Japanese Embassy in Singapore and the Japan Foundation, in collaboration with the Singapore Film Society.

Among the 31 titles on the program is the Tsukamoto Horror Showcase (M18, 95 minutes, Friday, 7 p.m.). This collection features two low-budget shorts from horror master Shinya Tsukamoto, a filmmaker whose techno-fetish nightmares expressed in Tetsuo: The Iron Man (1989) had the world sit up and take notice.

In the short film Haze (2005, 49 minutes), a man played by Tsukamoto finds himself trapped in a concrete cell without knowing how he got there. Locked away with him are visions of hell. In the surreal short film L’Aventure From Denchu-Kozo (1987, 46 minutes), a boy with a power pole protruding from his body travels back in time to a future where cyborg vampires roam.

Where: Shaw Theaters Lido, Levels 5 & 6 Shaw House, 350 Orchard Road; Projector X: Picturehouse, 05-01 The Cathay, 2 Handy Road; and Oldham Theatre, 1 Canning Rise
MRT: Orchard; Dhoby Ghaut; City hall
When: Until November 5, various times
Tickets: From $10, with discounts
Information: https://str.sg/wHCi

Singapore Korean Film Festival 2022

9 Best DC Animated Movies To Watch Before Playing Gotham Knights


On October 21, 2022, DC fans and gamers will once again be able to dive into the world of Batman with Gotham Knights. Rather than Batman alone, fans will be able to embody Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl and Robin: famous members of the Bat-Family.

Those who are excited about the release of Gotham Knights can hold back by watching various movies about the Bat-Family. While live-action films primarily focus on Batman, animated universes are where the rest of Batman’s allies tend to shine.


The Teen Titans Go! Versus. Teen Titans (2019)

While not specifically the Bat-Family, Robin is the main character of the Teen Titans and it celebrates the many versions of the DC superhero team. See the more sitcom version of The Teen Titans Go! meet and confront the classic Teen Titans the animated series is a bit of a spectacle.

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It’s a silly adventure that even pokes fun at the DC Animated Movie Universe’s version of the Teen Titans at one point. Fans of both shows are sure to rejoice at this crossover, and the kids are going to go wild for all the wacky shenanigans.

LEGO Batman: Family Matters (2019)

LEGO Batman: Family Matters is an ideal choice for fun with the whole family. It brings together Batman, Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing and Ace The Bat-Hound to battle the Red Hood to satisfy longtime fans who want to revisit the LEGO Bat-Family.

It may not be the dark and epic story that Under the red riding hood is, but it has enough for all demographics, including plenty of wacky kid-friendly humor. It also features Troy Baker as the voice of Batman, a character the actor has become famous for in movies and video games.

Batman: Bad Blood (2016)

With Batman gone, Batman: Bad Blood shows how the Bat-Family runs Gotham without him, similar to the concept of Gotham Knights. Dick Grayson becomes Batman and the DCAMU is introduced to Batwoman and Batwing in the same film; characters that many fans would like to see in DLC for Gotham Knights.

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Although it gets a bit too complicated at times, especially with the main villain’s plot reveal, Batman: Bad Blood always delivers a Bat-Family story. It dives pretty well into Dick Grayson’s reservations about being a new Batman, showing that while he might be worthy of it, he doesn’t want it. Batwing steals the movie and the rest of the Bat-Family doesn’t shine as much.

Batman: Death in the Family (2020)

This animated movie may share the same name as a comic book about Jason Todd, the second Robin, but it’s far from a straight-up adaptation. Instead, it is an interactive movie that can allow the viewer to play different outcomes of Death in the family and the Under the red riding hood scenarios.

Although not as strong, Death in the family is the closest thing to a continuation of the Under the red riding hood film. The many ways Jason Todd’s story can be told is interesting, especially since the player can have him become both Red Robin and a new version of Hush.

Batman and Mr. Freeze: Sub-Zero (1998)

The game Gotham Knights boasts a whole slate of villains, including Clayface, Harley Quinn, and the ever-tragic Mr. Freeze. Although the episode Heart of ice of Batman: The Animated Series is the best place to start, Batman and Mr. Freeze: Sub-Zero is a good starting point for newcomers to the character.

It’s set in the same universe as the animated series and shows the lengths Freeze is willing to go to to save his wife, including capturing Barbara Gordon, which leads to him battling both Batman and Robin AKA Dick Grayson.

Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (2000)

To some extent, this straight-to-video film serves as a conclusion to Batman: The Animated Series and batman beyond, showing what happened to the Bat-Family. Unfortunately, it’s not a happy future for all of them, with Barbara Gordon now a cold and less optimistic police commissioner, Bruce Wayne a hermit, and Tim Drake now traumatized as a middle-aged man.

The Joker has left an impact on the Bat-Family, and his return to the DC Universe’s cyberpunk future is reopening old wounds. It makes for an incredibly dark but powerful animated movie that brings the DCAU Joker to a satisfying end and gives a more realistic depiction of life after vigilantism.

Batman: Under Red Riding Hood (2010)

Easily the most essential story for Jason Todd AKA The Red Hood, Batman: Under Red Riding Hood quickly became a fan favorite due to its dark and tragic story showing Batman discovering Red Hood’s identity. It’s easy to feel sad for Batman and the Red Hood in this story.

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This film is good for those who want to know the dark history of Jason Todd, played by Jensen Ackles, before his status as an anti-hero in recent comics and as presented in Gotham Knights. However, Under the red riding hood also features one of Batman’s best voice-over performances thanks to Bruce Greenwood, and it features an exciting story with plenty of emotional moments that turn it into something different from a typical superhero story.

Son of Batman (2014)

It was the film that first adapted Damien Wayne to film, expanding the Bat-Family even further. His rude and obnoxious attitude is often the reason Damien is such a controversial member of the Bat-Family, but he’s significant because he’s the first Robin to be a biological son of Bruce Wayne.

This, combined with being raised by both Talia and Ra’s Al Ghul, causes Damien to be at odds with other members of the Bat-Family, including Alfred and Nightwing. son of batman shows the complicated side of being part of the Gotham Knights and establishes a story that would continue with Batman Vs. Robin.

Batman Vs. Robin (2015)

In fact, the title of Batman Vs. Robin is a lie since the two heroes engage in a real fight once in the entire film. The best title would be Batman: Court of Owls since it is a better description of this sequel to son of batman.

The Court Of Owls being the main threat of the Gotham Knights Game, Batman Vs. Robin is definitely the movie to watch as it showcases Gotham’s elite evil organization quite well. The fight between Bruce Wayne and his son is a bonus. It’s worth watching Batman Vs. Robin simply for when the Talons break into the Batcave and Batman pushes them away.

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Long-Lost Pilot For Kingdom Hearts Cartoon Series Revealed


Despite the involvement of many well-known Disney characters in the Kingdom Hearts Over the years, Square Enix and Disney have kept the relationship between the two franchises relatively distant. Kingdom Hearts characters tend not to appear at Disney parks, for example, outside of the rare costumed appearance. But there was a time when Disney itself intended to involve Sora and others more directly. Kingdom Hearts characters from his media empire. Animator Seth Kearsley has revealed an animatic sequence once intended to serve as a pilot for a Disney-produced film Kingdom Hearts cartoon.

Check Kingdom Hearts animated cartoon below. An “animatic” is essentially a “concept art” scene for animated and live-action productions. It is generally designed to give production personnel a rough outline of how a given sequence will play out while in motion. Animations are often created by shooting storyboard footage in sequence and setting the result to music or dialogue reads. More modern productions sometimes use rough CGI animation or pre-existing placeholder models and assets.

The 11-minute pilot takes place in the media, plotted as if it were an episode set somewhere after the start of the series. It uses Jiminy Cricket narration to lay out the basic principle of Kingdom Hearts, as well as briefly recap his take on the relationship between Sora, Riku, and Kairi. In the Kingdom Hearts cartoon, Sora would travel the universe in search of his lost friends, while Riku would be stuck cooperating with Maleficent for the same reason. Meanwhile, Donald and Goofy would act as guides and mentors for the young traveler, as they are tasked with finding a prophesied hero to fend off an invasion by the Heartless. The trailer shows a rough summary of Sora, Goofy, and Donald’s adventure in Agrabah.

Kearsley, who worked as an executive producer on the project, found a VHS recording of the animatic late last month. It was originally produced in 2003 to launch the Kingdom Hearts cartoon to the executives of Disney and Square Enix. Although the project was initially greenlit in 2002 (after the first game launched on PS2), it was eventually scrapped.

In a video on his YouTube channel, Kearsley explained his motivation for sharing the content despite not having spoken much about it for nearly 20 years. Additionally, he showed off more production material that had almost never been seen publicly. An interesting trivia point: actor Haley Joel Osment was unavailable to voice Sora due to programming commitments, although much of the game’s voice cast reprized their roles.

Although the Kingdom Hearts cartoon was canceled before it could be produced, the games are available on different platforms. kingdom hearts 4 is also in development.

Embrace our youth – The Daily Rider


No one ever fully grows up – in the sense that we all want children, no matter how old we are. In our younger years of discovering our interests and desires, we are often drawn to activities that help shape our identity. Novelty items like stuffed animals and Legos that we grow up playing with have become trendy and collectible these days, making them desirable for all ages.

Retailers come to us that way. Brands feature our favorite movie characters or make smart, eye-catching products that are simply irresistible. Everyone has something that catches their eye. For me, one toy I was particularly fond of growing up was ugly dolls. I took the ones I collected in my youth and hung them on my backpack and displayed them in my bedroom.

Ever since I was little, I’ve seen something in tiny, sturdy plush dolls that I’m still able to appreciate, as I continue to surround myself with them. When I see them they make me happy and that goes for many other items I’ve collected – I always had an eye for quirky trinkets and art growing up. The shopping I do now may not always be conventional at my age, but giving myself fun decorations and accessories has become a hobby that I enjoy.

For me, it doesn’t matter if something has no inherent purpose. Stuffed animals are made to sit on, be cute and be loved. Decorating for the different seasons, putting fall colors around my house, or putting up a Christmas tree with an assortment of ornaments is a tradition in my house, like many other Americans. It has become ingrained in our culture to adorn our living spaces and make them a special place that reflects a person’s interests and personality – as I explained in my recent column on what defines the house.

I feel like my experience living in Japan for three years has heightened my appreciation for the little things I surround myself with and how I now choose to live. Unlike the US these days, malls are popular destinations in Asia and normally very extravagant. The Aeon Mall I went to Okinawa with a huge aquarium at the entrance and stores with items that were the epitome of innovation to me. The stationery, toys and accessories on display in each pane were things I had never seen before, reinvigorating my passion for collecting. Every time I went to the mall, I picked out something new for my collection of things that some people would consider unnecessary, but that I really care about.

I was influenced by the scene of maximalism presented in Japanese fashion and design. stores like Don Quixote, Village Vanguard and Daiso in Japan are all examples of stores where trinkets, fun candy, and novelty household items are the focal point. Even the many functional items they sold like dishes or school supplies were extremely cute and ornate. Cartoon characters would be drawn on plates while notebooks and pencil cases lined the walls, with more designs available than even imaginable.

With the wide range of products out there, I don’t collect a single thing, but an assortment of things that satisfy my youthful desires. From Japan in particular, I have my treasured Line Friend and Sumikko Gurashi stuffed animals as well as Totoro products. Recently I’ve been collecting ceramic cats, adding to my cat themed kitchen and crystals to put in my bedroom. What I collect evolves according to my interests and what I find beautiful at a given moment.

Another way I’ve found to pursue my interests is second-hand shopping, which allows me to collect small decorative items without spending too much, as well as making my own jewelry. I started making the “kitchen sink” style necklace which features a mix of random beads that work together in a beautiful, fun and unique creation! I can express myself through this art form which requires me to put together beads of different colors and shapes that add meaning to each piece.

Creative expression is a means by which everyone is brought back to their child within, and it takes many different forms. For my brother, he really likes drawing and building Legos. My sister loves music and building new structures on Minecraft. My father is happy when he plays the video games of his youth like Galaga, where he is considered the best. My uncles often rejoice in the music that brings them back to fond memories of their past.

What I mean is that we all have certain agents or mechanisms that have piqued our interest since our formative years and elicit the joy of seeing them again now. Objects and activities from our past often convey nostalgic feelings in our current state.

With all the responsibility that comes with life, it is important to remember our desires that stem from youth and innocence. Fun rewards become necessary to stimulate us and motivate us to work hard. It’s okay to go back to the things that made us happy in our youth – in fact, we should do it more often, to renew the way we live now.

Ella Powell is a life columnist for The Cavalier Daily. She can be contacted at [email protected]

Power cuts increase risks at Ukrainian nuclear power plant


By FRANK JORDANS, Associated Press

BERLIN (AP) — A Ukrainian nuclear power plant that was surrounded by Russian forces lost power Wednesday morning when a Russian missile damaged a remote electrical substation, raising the risk of a radioactive disaster, the operator said. of the central.

Power at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant was restored about eight hours later, the International Atomic Energy Agency said. But experts say the outage – the second in five days – shows just how precarious the situation at Europe’s biggest nuclear power station is. They say repeated power cuts over short periods of time only make the problem worse.

Here is an overview of the risks:

Political cartoons about world leaders

political cartoons

Fears of a nuclear disaster have been at the fore since Russian troops occupied the plant at the start of the war. Continued fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces – as well as the tense supply situation for the plant – raised the specter of disaster.

Ukrainian authorities decided several weeks ago to shut down the last reactor to reduce the risk of a disaster like Chernobyl in 1986, where a reactor exploded and emitted deadly radiation over a large area.

But the reactor core and the spent nuclear fuel still need to be cooled for long periods of time to prevent them from overheating and triggering dangerous meltdowns like those that occurred in 2011 when a tsunami hit the Fukushima plant in Japan. Japan.

Some European countries are trying to prepare for the worst and have started stockpiling iodine tablets to help protect their populations from possible radioactive fallout.

In others, such as Germany, authorities have calculated that there is a low risk of radiation levels harmful to human health reaching their territory.

In the event of a disaster, the biggest risk outside Ukraine could be Russia, “depending on which direction the wind is blowing”, said Paul Dorfman, a nuclear expert at the University of Sussex in England.

“The main deposit will probably be in Ukraine and/or Russia, but there could be significant radioactive pollution in Central Europe, which is why countries around Ukraine are now very seriously considering releasing iodide tablets stable potassium,” he said.

The Zaporizhzhia power plant has received external power to ensure the continuation of the important task of cooling the reactor and spent nuclear fuel, but the connections are constantly at risk of being interrupted due to the conflict.

As power lines and substations were damaged in the fighting, Ukrainian nuclear operator Energoatom was forced to repeatedly rely on diesel generators. These generators, which have enough fuel for at least 10 days, came into action when the external power supply failed, but experts say their repeated use over a short period of time increases the risk of disaster.

“There are several redundancies and the facilities are now repeatedly on the last one,” said Mareike Rueffer, head of the nuclear safety department at the German Office for the Safety of Nuclear Waste Management.

“Having to repeatedly fall back on diesel generators also limits room for manoeuvre,” she added. “At that time, there is no more backup and it is a high-risk technology.”

Diesel generators started immediately on Wednesday when power to the missile-damaged substation was cut off. External power to the transmission line was restored a few hours later.

The shutdown of the plant’s last reactor several weeks ago greatly reduced the risk of a radioactive disaster by gradually increasing the time it would take for a meltdown to occur. But if the cooling fails due to a total loss of power, meltdowns would still eventually occur, Rueffer said.

Dorfman said that in the worst case, Ukraine could see a situation similar to what happened in Fukushima.

“You would see a warming of the spent fuel ponds at high level. You would see a hydrogen explosion, like we saw in Fukushima,” he told The Associated Press. “And then you would see a significant radiation release.”

Associated Press writer David Keyton contributed from Stockholm.

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Pound falls after UK bank chief rules out aid extension


By JILL LAWLESS and DANICA KIRKA, Associated Press

LONDON (AP) — The pound fell against the dollar early Wednesday after the governor of the Bank of England confirmed that the bank would not extend an emergency debt purchase plan introduced last month to stabilize markets. financial.

Andrew Bailey said the program will end on Friday as scheduled.

“My message to the concerned (pension) funds – you have three days left now. You have to do this,” Bailey said Tuesday night in Washington. “Part of the essence of a financial stability intervention is that it is clearly temporary.”

The pound fell nearly 1% to just below $1.10 after Bailey’s speech, before recovering slightly after the Financial Times reported that the bank was, after all, ready to keep going. buy bonds past Friday’s deadline.

Political cartoons about world leaders

political cartoons

The central bank stepped in after the British government on September 23 announced plans for 45 billion pounds ($50 billion) in tax cuts without saying how it would pay for them. The announcement spooked financial markets and sent the pound plummeting to a record low of $1.03 against the dollar.

The Bank of England stepped in to support the bond market and stem a wider economic crisis that was particularly threatening pension funds.

Analysts say pension funds lobbied the central bank to extend the program for two weeks, but Bailey stuck to the schedule during an appearance at the Institute of International Finance’s annual meeting in Washington.

The market turmoil has caused pain for many Britons, especially would-be home buyers, who have seen mortgage rates soar on the heightened prospect of a sharp central bank rate hike during its meeting next month.

He has also exerted intense political pressure on the Conservative government of Prime Minister Liz Truss, which took office in early September with a promise to boost growth through tax cuts and deregulation.

Friction grew between the government and the independent Bank of England. Business Secretary Jacob Rees-Mogg suggested on Wednesday that the market turmoil was primarily the result of the bank’s inability to raise interest rates as quickly as its US counterpart, the Federal Reserve.

He said the market response was “much more related to interest rates than a minor part of fiscal policy.”

Many economists dispute this view and blame the government’s budget announcement for the chaos. In an effort to allay concerns, Treasury chief Kwasi Kwarteng said on Monday he would release the government’s detailed budget plans on October 31, three weeks earlier than expected.

But the government has still not made it clear how it will pay for its tax cuts, except to say that faster economic growth will boost tax revenue. Economists say deep cuts in public spending will be needed. The Independent Institute for Fiscal Studies says the government may need to cut spending by up to £62billion a year to meet its public debt control targets.

In more bad financial news, the Office for National Statistics said on Wednesday that Britain’s economy contracted 0.3% in August, down from 0.1% growth in July, manufacturing and services to consumers, both registering declines.

“The economy contracted in August as output and services fell, and with a slight downward revision to July growth, the economy has contracted over the past three months as a whole. “said the bureau’s chief economist, Grant Fitzner.

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With Beauty and the Beast, Angela Lansbury gave Disney Animation its most beautiful theme song


“Beauty and the Beast” was so difficult because Howard Ashman was in the final stages of his life due to complications from AIDS. Ashman couldn’t even see the film’s release. His pain was so excruciating that production eventually moved to New York so he wouldn’t have to travel to Los Angeles all the time. If you’re an artist who struggles so much and counts the days you have left, I guess all you can do is throw yourself entirely into what you’re doing, and you can feel that emotion in “La Belle et la Stupid”.

He and Menken were writing specifically for Angela Lansbury, but the actress was very hesitant to play him. She would have been in her fifties at the time, and although the melody is hummed by everyone, the song demands a lot from the singer. In the “Ever a Surprise: A Portrait of Howard Ashman” featurette, Lansbury said:

“I listened to it and thought, ‘Oh, my God. I’m not sure if I can pull this one off. Although I loved the idea… You have to feel like they’re with you, they believe in what you’re going to give them, and what you’re going to give them is what they’re looking for. It’s a combination of all of those things, and Howard definitely gave me that feeling. He trusted me.”

The result is a number that I rarely find without crying. The intimacy of Lansbury’s voice mixed with the sweeping orchestrations and groundbreaking camera movements brings out a primary reaction in me that I can’t control. Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson’s version was the hit at the time, but decades later all we remember is Angela Lansbury.

Cartoon Network will premiere anime show “Digimon Adventure” in India on October 24


Cartoon Network is set to air “Digimon Adventure” produced by Toei Animation for the first time in several regional languages ​​– Hindi, Tamil and Telugu, starting October 24 and then Monday through Friday at 8 p.m.

“Digimon Adventure” follows the story of a fifth grader – Taichi Yagami, who, on his way to rescue his mother and sister, suddenly finds himself in the digital world. This unexplored virtual space where things are not what they seem is on the other side of the network and the realm with its creatures unknown to mankind. The adventures begin when Taichi and his six “chosen” friends, aided by seven Digimons, or digital monsters, navigate the unpredictable and dangerous digital world, trying to escape to return home. ‘Digimon Adventure:’ is action-packed from start to finish, and audiences will retrace the journey with their heroes – both human and Digimon – in a world that is both real and highly imagined.

The show’s main characters are popular Hindi voiceovers, including Vaibhav Thakkar for protagonist Taichi, Dev Singha for fierce digimon Agumon, Sriparna Chaterjee for young computer whiz Koshiro, Neshma Chamburkar for Taichi’s mother Yuuko Kamiya and Pooja Punjabi for the best of Taichi. friend Sora.

Uttam Pal Singh

Speaking of the launch of the show, Uttam Pal Singh, Children’s Group Manager, South Asia, Warner Bros.. Discovery, says, “Cartoon Network led the way by being the first channel to bring Japanese anime content in local dubs to South Asia. After the overwhelming success of “Dragon Ball Super”, we are excited to bring fans a new addition to the versatile genre with “Digimon Adventure:” in three local languages, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.We’re sure this latest addition with its gripping narrative and world-class animation will be another instant favorite.

Starting October 11, Cartoon Network’s social media channels will showcase the characters and their powers through a series of fun posts and engaging content giving fans plenty of social moments to show off their fandom. Additionally, as part of the launch campaign, the channel will invite young fans to participate in the #DigiQuest – a watch-and-win contest with exciting rewards.

‘Prodigy’ Producers Talk Jellico’s Role, Promise More Star Trek ‘Wild’ Legacy Characters and Races – TrekMovie.com


October 27 Star Trek: Prodigy returns with 10 more episodes (technically the second half of the first season). At New York Comic Con, the show’s producers and stars gave a heads-up on what to expect.

Jellico is Janeway’s boss

One of the big announcements of the weekend was the return of Ronny Cox to play Admiral Edward Jellico, reprising his role as Star Trek: The Next Generation. And executive producer and co-creator Kevin Hageman explains how he fits into the series:

Kevin Hageman: Admiral Jellico, because Admiral Janeway needs a foil. She needs a boss who will make things difficult for her. Who better than Admiral Jellico?

First look at Ronnie Cox as Jellico

More legacy characters and races are coming

Last month, on Star Trek Day, it was revealed that Billy Campbell was also returning from The next generation to play Thadiun Okona in the second half of the first season. But Kevin Hageman has indicated that there are more legacy characters to come.

Kevin Hageman: Also, Outrageous Okona is coming. These are just glimpses into the future. There will be so many more. Our characters now venture closer to Federation space. And we promise there will be some truly wild, fun and legendary characters returning. Prodigy.

When the moderator noted that the new mid-season trailer also had a brief glimpse of the Borg, co-executive producer and director Ben Hibon chimed in to promise even more familiar runs were on the way.

Hibon: The Borg, the Romulans, the Klingons, we’ll see them all. It’s a gift that continues to be given to us and the crew. We love these characters, we love their designs and what they represent and how they’ve been approached in previous shows. We just like to iterate on them and respect them from the ground up and add that little Prodigy twist at it.

Borg in the mid-season trailer

Mulgrew wants more Janeways

As seen in the trailer, future episodes will see Kate Mulgrew do double duty by voicing both Hologram Janeway and Admiral Janeway. But during the panel, asked about this challenge, the Traveler The star has made it clear that she’s ready to take on even more versions of Janeway.

Mulgrew: Approaching a saturation point, that’s what you’re saying?… No, I want more iterations and more iterations. Alex, can there be more iterations? [Kurtzman replies “As many as you like”] It’s exciting to play Vice Admiral Janeway and Hologram Janeway. Of course it is. And knowing that children are watching it is wonderful.

Mulgrew also talked about how acting with just her voice has given her more opportunities as an actress.

Mulgrew: When I go into the cabin with Kevin and Dan, it’s absolutely liberating. That’s something you really don’t get in live action, because live action is, by its very nature, rigorous, demanding and demanding. But you walk into the booth with these guys, and Ben at the end and it’s just freeing. So I can do with my voice, some things that I could never do on a set. And it’s a fabulous feeling as an actor.

Embed from Getty Images

Some answers and more questions for Dal

The trailer also hinted that Dal might learn more about his mysterious origins. But voice actor Brett Gray revealed that there would be more to this story:

Gray: I can tell it’s going to be epic. And there may be more questions than answers. It’s really great to see some sort of growth because Dal hasn’t known who or what he is or what his purpose is from the very beginning of the show. So while he’s learned a lot and been through a lot, it’s only really begun.

Jamil is excited for Trek and the second half of the first season

Jameela Jamil plays Ensign Asencia, a trill deck officer on Admiral Janeway’s ship, the USS Dauntless. She was seen briefly at the end of episode 10 but will be more present for the rest of the season. The actress who plays Wonder Woman in the new animated film DC League of Super Pets and currently appears as Titiania in the Disney+ MCU series She-Hulk expressed how being on Star Trek is a role she’s always wanted:

Jamil: I can’t believe it. I’ve been watching Star Trek since I was four years old with my brother. So when the email offering me the role came, I didn’t ask how much money. I didn’t ask to read a script. I wrote like a screaming “YES” in all caps. Yeah, I was over the moon and I couldn’t believe it. And you guys [Kevin and Dan Hageman] were with me in the booth every time you revealed to me what character would be coming to our show and now I’m absolutely terrified I’m about to reveal something… I’m a huge longtime fan and it’s a huge honor . And for making this show so beautifully written and beautifully animated, as a fan I thank you. Because it means you take us seriously and you take the next generation that comes into the world seriously and you give them the best. I’m really proud to be part of this show. Thank you for.

Later, she used adult language to express her feelings about the second half of the upcoming season:

Jamil: It’s been one of the most fun projects I’ve ever worked on… And you’ve also created such an environment of love for Star Trek that’s so contagious. And we did this with all our love for you. And I personally think that [the second half of season one] gonna blow your f–king b—s off.

Embed from Getty Images

Prodigy mid-season trailer

In case you missed it, here’s the mid-season trailer released at NYCC again. [international version at startrek.com]

Prodigy will have its mid-season return on Thursday, October 27, exclusively for Paramount+ subscribers in the US and Friday, October 28 in Latin America, Australia, Italy and the UK After the series returns, new episodes of the 10-episode second half will be available to stream weekly on Thursdays. The series will air later this year in South Korea, Germany, Italy, France, Austria and Switzerland.

More NYCC Star Trek

The panel is over but there’s more coverage to come, so check back to TrekMovie.com for all the latest NYCC 2022 news. And click here for all of our NYCC coverage.

Follow the news of the Star Trek universe on TrekMovie.com.

German expert group proposes two-step energy subsidy


BERLIN (AP) — A government-appointed panel is proposing a two-step system to distribute up to 200 billion euros ($195 billion) in subsidies announced by Germany to ease pressure from high prices Energy.

German news agency dpa reported on Monday that the panel will offer one-time payments to natural gas customers equivalent to a single monthly bill this year, followed by a price subsidy for part of people’s consumption next year. .

Citing unnamed officials, dpa said that from January companies would pay 0.07 euros per kilowatt hour for the first 70% of their gas bill, based on consumption in the previous year. Private gas customers would pay 0.12 euros for the first 80%, starting in March.

The proposal drawn up by a panel made up of representatives from industry, unions, scientists and lawmakers is to be announced publicly later on Monday.

Many European countries have offered similar subsidies on fossil fuels, the prices of which have risen sharply around the world following Russia’s attack on Ukraine. But some of Germany’s neighbors have criticized the huge sum Berlin is setting aside, arguing it will shut others out of the deal.

political cartoons

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz argues the criticism is based on a misunderstanding of his government’s plans and says Germany’s subsidy will prevent a gas shortage that could arise under a price cap system imposed by other countries.

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10 Animated Horror Movies To Watch Before Wendell & Wild Hits Netflix


With Henry Selickthe new stop-motion horror Wendell and savage releasing on Netflix on October 28, we’ll see once again that animation isn’t a genre just for kids. It will be so exciting to see another horror movie that uses the limitless creativity that animation can provide, but while we look forward to it, there are more animated movies that will get you in the spooky mood. Pulling from a range of animation styles, levels of scares, and a litany of talented creators, here are some animated movies you can have fun with during a Halloween movie marathon, watch as a family. after a trick or treatment, or staring recklessly alone in your bedroom in the middle of the night.

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Monster House (2006)

The legacy of Robert Zemeckis‘ Motion-capture animated films are certainly messy, but The monster house is by far the strongest feature. A haunted house movie taken to the next level, it follows a motley trio of kids investigating the spooky mansion across the street that seems to eat both property and people.

A great horror movie for older kids – it might scare the little ones a little too much – it has an incredibly original and at times quite moving story. He also has a sardonic sense of humor, and the house itself is one of horror cinema’s most creative monsters. This movie isn’t talked about enough, and if ImageMovers’ other animated movies were at this level of quality, it might still be around today.

Paranormand (2012)

It was really a challenge to choose between this film and Coraline with the aim of showing as many filmmakers as possible and avoiding repetition, but while Coraline is a stunning dark fantasy with its share of scary moments, Paranormand is the one that gets you in the Halloween mood. It has everything a good Halloween movie needs: a misunderstood boy with supernatural powers, a witch’s curse, a zombie uprising, and a small town with a dark past.

We can see a lot of elements that Laika Studios would use perfectly in her next film, Kubo and the two ropes: Creative mixes of stop-motion and computer animation, and mixes of fun adventures and suffocating moments. Paranormand was overlooked in the 2012 awards season, but it deserves far more praise than it was given.

Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island (1998)

You can’t have Halloween without the Mystery Inc gang, and there are plenty of movies to choose from. The monster Scooby-Doo animated movie franchise has an unreal range of quality from one star to five, and there’s a lot of debate among fans about which movie is the strongest. There are people who like for ironic or nostalgic