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Dan Aykroyd’s original Ghostbusters script was very different


Aykroyd set “Ghost Smashers” in the future of 2012 where, through some wacky tech chatter, a hole was torn in the fabric of reality, allowing ghosts and other entities to pass into our world. This wave of paranormal activity led to the emergence of a new profession: ghost hunting.

In his original vision, the Ghostbusters were already formed and there were many teams, good and bad, competing against each other. They also had a boss called Shandor, who reminds of Rip Torn’s chef Zed in “Men in Black,” and was more like pest control guys people could call in an emergency.

The tone of the script was darker, characterized by the appearance of the Ectomobile. While the vehicle was still based on a Cadillac ambulance, it had a much more sinister appearance, with black paint and white and purple strobe lights. He could also dematerialize to escape the law, indicating the darker nature of the original Ghostbusters.

Likewise, Slimer, then known as the “Onion Head,” wasn’t so cute, and the damage from the Ghostbusters containment system explosion was far more apocalyptic. Instead of keeping the ghosts in the fire hall, they stored them in a New Jersey gas station. When this baby rises, it creates a 25-kilometer chasm that sets off a fiery hell.

The big bad was always Gozer, but his appearance varied wildly from project to project, from a benevolent-looking older man resembling Bert Parks to a swirling psychic maelstrom topped with a disembodied aphid head to monstrous proportions.

Everyone’s favorite Marshmallow Stomping Church originally appeared halfway through as one of Gozer’s many protests. The ending was very different, taking the Ghostbusters to alternate dimensions instead of the now famous Rooftop Showdown …


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