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Game that looks exactly like Saturday morning cartoons


Video games offer a truly remarkable escape from reality, guiding players through beautiful worlds to explore and get lost in. Another medium that does this well is cartoons, especially Saturday morning cartoons. These weekend cartoons have covered many different genres, styles, and stories. There is an important connection between many video games and anime, namely the visuals. Many games, both AAA and indie, often feel like a Saturday morning cartoon.

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Colorful characters, vibrant worlds, lighthearted storylines and a playful tone, Saturday morning cartoons, while diverse, generally do a great job of exciting their respective fans week in and week out. The following video games would be perfect for a Saturday morning cartoon, mainly thanks to their lively and dynamic visuals and graphics.

Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey New Donk City with Mario and Cappy

Super Mario Odyssey is easily one of the best 3D platformers out there, and not just as a mario Title. While everything mario the title could easily be turned into a Saturday morning cartoon, it’s Super Mario Odyssey this would really take the cake as it fleshed out a massive world full of unique and quirky locations.

Mario’s incredibly familiar trope of needing to save Princess Peach from Bowser is still alive and kicking Odyssey, these are the universes and characters that could make it a great Saturday morning cartoon. Imagine each episode taking place in a new world with New Donk City or Cap Kingdom taking center stage. Plus, Cappy is just a downright adorable character.

adventure buddies

heroes, mr rock and sparks jumping on villains in adventure buddies

For all who have seen adventure buddies In action, it’s clear this game is crying out to be turned into a Saturday morning cartoon. For strangers, adventure buddies features a brave young boy who, along with his pet (Mr. Rock) and crazy, tongue-twisting giraffe (Sparkles), must rescue his father from the clutches of the evil Mr. B.

If this setup alone doesn’t appeal to anime fans, it’s hard to know what will. Adding to the craziness is that Mr. B wants to turn old people into hot dogs, for reasons. This thoroughly enjoyable platformer is both charming and action-packed and would make a great cartoon to enjoy on a Saturday morning with a bowl of sugary cereal.

Legends of Rayman

Rayman and his friends defeat an enemy on the cover art of Rayman Legends

Legends of Rayman is a super-refined platformer that focuses on speed, precision, and tracking musical beats. Featuring Rayman, Globox, the Teensies and a host of other wacky characters, Legends of Rayman sees the player explore a magical fantasy land filled with devious traps and tricky stages.

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It’s pretty easy to see Legends of Rayman to be turned into a Saturday morning cartoon, and not just because of the gorgeous art style. The characters and worlds in this game are filled with detail and charm. More, Legends of Rayman is all about friendship and adventure, something many cartoons feature in spades.


poi hero jumping on bridge near penguin in snow world

poi is an underrated and much overlooked 3D platformer that plays much like Super Mario 64. This polished indie game deserves a lot more love than it gets, mostly thanks to its two spunky young protagonists, its fun and responsive platformer, and its stellar music that still manages to get players ready for adventure.

poi sees the player help an aging adventurer complete his mission through a colorful Milky Way galaxy. The sense of playfulness and brevity here is impeccable and could easily translate into a short weekend cartoon.

child of light

child of light fighting game featuring aurora and villains

Another game on this list that features the beautiful hand painted Ubisoft art that is featured in Legends of Raymanamong other things, is Child of Light. Child of Light is a dark and moving adventure RPG starring Aurora, a late 19th century Austrian princess who must travel through the harrowing dream world of Lemuria to rescue her father, the King, from the Queen of the Night.

Child of Light is unique in that it unfolds like a Metroidvania mixed with nuanced turn-based battles. This fantasy game can lean into the emotional side of a narrative, however, its art, memorable characters, and enchanting world could easily make for a great Saturday morning cartoon.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn

Kirby's Epic Yarn art featuring Kirby and other blue Kirbys

Kirby’s Epic Yarn doesn’t seem to be getting the attention it so badly deserves, especially given the nature of its thread and craft-like visual and gameplay elements. This game asks Kirby to explore stunning locations that are all made up of threads, buttons, seams, and many other handcrafted macguffins.

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This is a pure and simple Kirby end-to-end game with a lighthearted story filled with friendship, kindness, and adventure. The whole thread-like element alone could make for a cartoon that stands out from many others, mainly because it’s an aesthetically pleasing change from traditional cartoons.


pumpkin jack smashing ghost enemy in mine stage

For a slightly darker Halloween-themed cartoon, à la Tim Burton, Pumpkin might do the trick. The holder Pumpkin is charged by the devil to stop a powerful wizard. This twisted and often chilling tale eschews traditional good versus evil cartoon prompts in that Pumpkin actually fights on the side of evil.

Despite a somewhat darker and darker premise and setup, this 3D action platformer offers plenty of moments of brevity, humor, and Halloween shenanigans that wouldn’t feel out of place in something like The Nightmare Before Christmas. Perhaps, Pumpkin could be turned into a seasonal Halloween cartoon.

Yoku Island Express

yoku delivering mail in forest area in yoku island express

For fans of colorful Metroidvanias, look no further than Yoku Island Express. This charming island-themed Metroidvania stars Yoku, a lowly dung beetle who finds himself inundated on a tropical island paradise with his mission pretty clear; to deliver mail to local residents.

Okay, yes, this premise is very silly, but it makes for a very unique narrative premise that ensures players are always guided through the island in an enjoyable way. The twist this game gives players is that it plays out like a pinball game. Yoku can roll his ball in typical fashion, however, it’s the times when the game switches to a pinball zone that really sets him above similar Metroidvanias. Its light and engaging world and characters could make for a great weekend cartoon.

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