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What’s wrong, Mike Durant? Did you give your tongue to the cat?


This is an opinion cartoon.

Why doesn’t Mike Durant want to debate? Does the cat have its tongue?

When it comes to debates, interviews and personal campaigns, Durant is speechless. It’s one thing for an incumbent ahead in the polls to avoid debates and avoid unscripted posts. It’s weak, flabby and boring, but pretty much the norm these days.

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But a political newbie like Durant should be eager to tell his story and let people know who he is and where he stands. So what’s the deal with this foreign GOP Senate nominee reluctant to speak out loud in public but winds up with a lead over opponents Katie Britt and Mo Brooks?

It may not be a cat that has Durant’s tongue, but someone does. Under key.

Who is behind the mask? If Durant doesn’t reveal himself to voters during a debate, we can only speculate.

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