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Each Jay & Silent Bob movie in chronological order


Jay and Silent Bob have been lazy movie icons since their 1994 debut in Clerks, and here are their screen appearances in chronological order.

Jay and Silent Bob have had many crazy adventures over the years, but what’s the correct chronological order for their films? Writer / director Kevin Smith became an independent sensation thanks to his micro-budget debut Clerk in 1994. This comedy centered around the somewhat aimless lives of convenience store clerks Dante and Randal, and the film’s quotable dialogue made it a word of mouth success. It also featured Jay and Silent Bob, played by Jason Mewes and Smith himself, respectively.

Clerk would launch an interconnected film series called View Askewniverse, with subsequent entries attracting actors like Ben Affleck, Rosario Dawson, and Matt Damon. Smith has done a lot of work outside of this shared universe, including directing dramas like jersey girl horror movies like Defense. He has directed episodes of TV shows like Super girl, written for comics, runs a network of successful podcasts, and more.

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While Smith promised once the characters would be removed after Jay and Silent Bob strike back in 2001, the duo were dusted off several times in the years that followed. Newcomers to the series may be slightly confused as to the exact order of their View Askewniverse appearances, so here is the chronological order based on the movies’ timeline.

Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

  • Mallrats (1995)
  • Clerk (1994)
  • In pursuit of Amy (1997)
  • Dogma (1999)
  • Jay and Silent Bob strike back (2001)
  • Clerk II (2006)
  • Jay and Silent Bob reboot (2019)

While the Jay and Silent Bob movie timeline is mostly in line with the films’ production order, Smith said Mallrats is set one day before the events of Clerk, who introduced the pair. They were also featured in the animated adventure Jay and Silent Bob’s super groovy animated movie!, and when added to the overall View Askewniverse timeline, things get muddy. While it was released in 2013 – between Clerk II and Jay and Silent Bob reboot – it is an adaptation of a Bluntman and Chronicle comic link from 2001.

This comic book itself is best described as the one created by Ben Affleck’s Holden and Jason Lee’s Bankey in the 1997s. In pursuit of Amy. Jay and Silent Bob made numerous other film and television appearances outside of Smith’s fictional cinematic universe, most notably making cameos in the 2000s scream 3, Canadian drama Degrassi: the next generation, Flash and various music videos, such as Afroman’s “Because I Got High”, which appeared on the soundtrack of Jay and Silent Bob strike back. The duo are also expected to return for other View Askewniverse projects, including Clerk III and maybe even the long brew Twilight of the Mallrats.

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