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HBO’s Upcoming Black Canary Movie May Reverse Arrow’s Huge Mistake



The Black canary The film is one of many DCEU projects coming to the HBO Max app, and it offers an intriguing opportunity. Blonde Badass’s version of Birds of prey the movie wasn’t the character’s first live-action appearance, and luckily he might end up being the best. There is, however, a very different opinion for Arrows version of Black Canary.

Black canary

The movie can prove to be a huge improvement over the Arrowverse version of Black Canary by not being an underrated minor character with an ambiguous heritage and identity. These problems and many more are rooted in the tangled web of Arrow was to portray the Black Canary story, leading to the creation of several versions of the character that didn’t quite connect with the one in the comics. Here’s how the movie can fix it all.

Avoid love triangles

Among the major consequences of being a CW series was that Arrow was as much a teen-centric daily soap opera as it was a superhero / crime show. So, important characters were repeatedly involved in quintessentially cheesy love triangles, and Black Canary was no exception. Dinah “Laurel” Lance was originally chosen by Oliver Queen and Tommy Merlyn, with the return of her sister Sarah further complicating the romance.

Arrow – Black Canary

This implied that for the first two seasons in particular, Laurel was just an object who had to compete for a suitable character, putting aside the strong and skillful fighter from the comics. Plus, when she eventually became the Black Canary and fought alongside Oliver, she never felt on an equal footing and was seen as just another side character.

Arrow & Black Canary

Keeping Black Canary at the center of the narrative and avoiding soap opera-style love triangles would do wonders for not repeating those mistakes. However, there should be an element of romance, of course, but it could be better planned from the Arrowverse version by making Oliver and Dinah the only true love of each other. So the film could prove to do justice to the Arrow version of the Black Canary.



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