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‘Spirit Untamed’ has Dreamworks’ weakest box office opening of all time


Untamed Spirit ‘This weak performance also does not reflect the rest of the US animation market, which is doing well. Raya and the last dragon opened with a relatively slim amount of $ 8.5 million in March, but this movie was available for purchase day and date on Disney +, not to mention the fact that it hadn’t even been released in Cinemark theaters, the no. 3 chain in the United States. Despite Raya ‘s digital availability and limited theatrical footprint, the film remained viable at the box office – last weekend (its 14th!) the film placed fifth with $ 1.3 million, bringing its revenue national to $ 53.5 million. Add in the Disney + numbers – we can only guess what they are since Disney hasn’t revealed them – and the movie probably worked out well.

And then there is the Japanese phenomenon Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the movie: Mugen Train, which took 8th place in its seventh weekend with $ 576,000 and a total of $ 47.7 million, the second highest grossing anime release in US history. This figure is all the more remarkable since it is classified R.

Finally, there is Dreamworks’ own The Croods: a new age, who took 15th place last weekend with $ 50,000, an impressive feat considering he’s been out for over six months. Released in theaters last November, during one of the waves of the pandemic, the film has now grossed $ 53.8 million domestically.


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