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10 Awesome Animated Movies For Goonies Fans


Although the hit series stranger things is inspired by many aspects of 1980s popular culture, one of its most recognizable referents is The Goonies, which also focuses on a group of children and their adventures. In fact, it’s a recurring trope in much of the popular culture of the 1980s and 1990s, especially in the realm of animation.

There are, in fact, a number of animated films that provide excellent viewing for fans of The Gooniesmany of which are powerful reminders of the power of animation to capture the magic and free spirit of childhood.


ten The Brave Little Toaster (1987)

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One of the remarkable things about The Goonies this is how it manages to be both funny and touching in equal measure. A similar dynamic is at work in The brave little toaster.

As its title suggests, the film focuses on the adventures of a brave toaster, as well as a number of household objects, who want to find their owner. Although it has much of the modern world, it’s also kind of a modern fairy tale, and it retains its charming power even after so many years.

9 Big Hero 6 (2014)

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Big Hero 6 is arguably one of the best Disney animated films of the 2010s. Focusing on a boy, Hiro, and the giant robot Baymax. Like all the best films from this particular studio, it captures the beauty and sadness of everyday life, and it also immerses the viewer in the uncertain world of adolescence.

It’s that last part that makes it an ideal choice for those who enjoyed The Gooniesespecially since much of the emotional power of the story stems from Hiro’s relationship with his older brother.

8 The Land Before Time (1988)

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Don Bluth was responsible for some of the best animated films of the 1980s, and one of his most notable creations was The land before time. As The Gooniesthe film centers on a group of children who go on a grand adventure in search of something, which involves quite a bit of heartbreak.

Besides the obvious difference that the children in question are dinosaurs, these children are looking for their families rather than treasures. However, it’s one of those animated movies that doesn’t speak to its audience but instead allows them to explore important issues like grief and growth.

seven Toy Story (1995)

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Although Pixar has been responsible for many great films, there is no doubt that toy story is one of his most notable achievements. Like with The Gooniesit’s very much about adventure, although in this case the main characters are coming back rather than looking for something.

It has Pixar’s signature blend of humor and emotion, which is part of its enduring appeal to viewers of all ages. Just as importantly, it also features a dynamic voice cast, led of course by Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, who really make Woody and Buzz their own.

6 An American Tail (1986)

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Many of Don Bluth’s best films have the ability to capture both light and dark, and this dynamic is very apparent in An American tail. Focusing on a group of mice who immigrate to the United States and face a number of challenges, much of the action revolves around Fievel, who is estranged from his family.

Like the heroes of The Goonies, he has to go through a great adventure, with a lot of sadness and almost despair. But, as is often the case with the best films of the 1980s, all ends well for the hero.

5 The Iron Giant (1999)

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One of the most enduring and endearing aspects of The Goonies is his sense of adventure and fun. More than almost any other film of the era, it manages to show just how magical childhood can be.

This is also true of The iron giant, which centers on a boy who finds a giant alien robot and tries to defend it against those who would destroy it. Like all the best animated films, it manages to blend both the joy of animation and the sadness of its story, and that’s precisely what makes it so remarkable.

4 The Black Cauldron (1985)

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While it might be one of the most underrated Disney movies, there’s still a lot to do. The black cauldron recommended to those who also enjoyed The Goonies. On the one hand, it’s an old-school adventure story, as its main characters aim to prevent the Horned King from gaining the sinister object known as the Black Cauldron.

On the other hand, it emphasizes the importance of bonds between friends and how these bonds are magical in their own right, a bond that has the power to defeat evil, be it a horned king or a family of crooks.

3 Oliver and Company (1988)

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Many great animated films emerged during the 1980s, and one of the most notable is Olivier and companywhich is a story of Oliver Twist featuring Disney-style animal characters. He has the same kind of adventurous spirit that is evident in The Gooniesand it’s a testament to the power of friendship.

As was typical of Disney movies of that particular period, it also features a very powerful voice and catchy songs, and characters that audiences can really love and cheer for.

2 A Clumsy Movie (1995)

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Even though it’s an adventure movie, there’s still something sweet and slightly nostalgic about it. The Goonies. This particular blend is very evident in A wacky movie which, as the title suggests, centers on the adventures of Goofy and his adult son, Max.

Unfortunately, things go a bit awry and it soon becomes clear that Max wants to break up with his dad, while Goofy wants to make the most of their remaining time together. For all that, it’s still a movie full of old Disney magic, and you can’t help but love the characters.

1 The Rescuers From Below (1990)

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In his heart, The Goonies really is a good old fashioned adventure story. The 1980s and early 1990s were a golden age for this type of film, because The Rescuers Below makes it clear.

Featuring the beloved mice from the original Disney film, who travel to Australia to rescue a boy kidnapped by an evil poacher, it not only features powerful voice acting, but also some of the best animation the studio has to offer. . It sweeps over the viewer from the first frame and never lets go.

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