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10 DC Cartoon Characters Who Would Have Been Better As X-Men


With What if…? returning for season 2 in 2023, Marvel certainly has strong modern animation credits. However, DC has largely won the comic book wars when it comes to cartoons.

The only Marvel series that has produced multiple high-quality cartoons over the past two decades is X-Men, with Wolverine and the X-Men and X-Men: Evolutions both being fantastic works. If the two were combined and DC cartoon characters with mutant-like powers became X-Men, there would be no better cartoon.


ten plastic man

While not one of the characters most associated with the JLA, Plastic Man is one of the best characters in the Justice League whenever he gets the attention he deserves.

While the X-Men in the cartoons are usually portrayed as being in their mid-teens, there are also often characters like Storm and Beast who are fully grown mutants. Plastic Man would be a welcome addition to this cast of characters, and his interactions with mutants like Wolverine would be hilarious to watch.

9 Matter eater boy

Matter-Eater Lad was one of the weirdest minor characters in Legion of Superheroes, with the surprisingly controlled ability to eat absolutely anything and everything.

While mostly used as a joke character in cartoons, Matter-Eater Lad has had some amazing moments in the comics. His age and bizarre powers would make him a perfect candidate in the X-Men as a minor character. In particular, it would be hilarious to see Matter-Eater Lad’s aide eat whole chunks of metal in a fight with Magneto.

8 jinx holder

Jinx was both a villain and a crucial member of the Teen Titans, one of animation’s top supergroups, throughout the acclaimed series. In particular, his relationship with Kid Flash was one of the best minor storylines.

Mutant powers like Jinx’s aren’t unheard of in x-men, and she would have been a fantastic replacement for Scarlet Witch. Wanda is pretty heavily rooted in the Avengers and the MCU, which means a new type of witch would be a perfect addition to replace her role with the X-Men.

seven Aqualad

One of the privileged few to be the leader of the “team” of young justice, Aqualad was a fearless leader. Similar to Robin’s Teen TitansAqualad even pretended to switch sides for a while to help save his friends.

While the Aquaman and Namor types have been ridiculed and parodied in a lot of superhero media, Aqualad’s hydromancy abilities feel like a very ingrained mutant power that would fit in well with the X-Men. His fantastic dynamic with Nightwing in young justice would also translate nicely to the type of friendship he could have with Cyclops.

6 Flash Child

Kid Flash has made an appearance in plenty of superhero media, but The Flash’s sidekick is best known for his charismatic portrayals in young justice and Teen Titans.

The quippy speedster would certainly have diminishing returns in the X-Men universe, thanks to Quicksilver, but two opposing speedsters are nothing new in the comics. If Quicksilver, as he has often been in X-Men animation, were to be portrayed for his meaner side, Kid Flash would have made a great movie.

5 timber wolf

Legion of Super-Heroes brought in a lot of fantastic young heroes, but one hero in particular would have a particularly interesting place in the world of the X-Men: Timber Wolf.

Timber Wolf is actually a mutant in Legion of Super-Heroes, though mutated through scientific experimentation rather than genetics. If he were the mighty wolfman of the X-Men, he would have a fascinating relationship with one character in particular: Beast. Henry McCoy could be a fantastic mentor and father figure to the struggling Timber Wolf, and they would have a lot to sympathize with.

4 Earth

Terra is both the most complicated and the most underrated Teen Titans characters from the original series. Her relationship with Beast Boy and Slade made her fascinating to watch.

In the x-men, Terra would be a fantastical mutant with earthly powers. It would be an inclusion far superior to a x-men cartoon that Avalanche of X-Men: Evolutions, who’s been a pretty mediocre field leader for the Brotherhood of Mutants and a weird love interest for Kitty Pride. Terra, however, would be a strong and powerful inclusion in the franchise.

3 Static

The protagonist of Static shock and a minor hero in young justice, Static is one of the coolest superheroes with electric powers. While most young superhero shows focused on bands or already big names, Static carried his show all on charisma and depth.

Unlike many DC heroes who often face planetary threats, Static often operates on a very local level. Along with his best friend and partner Gear, Static felt more on the scale of the X-Men on his show. Personality-wise, Static and Gear would add a lot of fun, laid-back energy to an X-Men cartoon.

2 Brainiac 5

One of the main characters of Legion of Superheroes, Brainiac 5 is the descendant of one of the JLA’s greatest enemies: Brainiac. Brainiac 5 is also one of the greatest cartoon robots.

It’s a shame that no X-Men cartoon has a solid robot character, given the incredible technology in the world. DC is already full of fantastical robots and cyborgs, but most of the big robotic characters in the Marvel Universe are villains. Brainiac 5 would give the X-Men an interesting n0n-mutant and something Marvel as a whole is missing: a super robot.

1 Beast Boy

Arguably the most beloved character from the original Teen Titans cartoon, Beast Boy was a former Doom Patrol member who became the lovable heart of the Teen Titans.

Beast Boy’s powers would fit right into the world of the X-Men. Not only would he be a unique character in terms of personality and power, but he would have all sorts of great interactions possible right away. He and Nightcrawler could relate to their appearances, and it would be hard for Cyclops and Wolverine to try and keep in line.

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