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Cartoon Saloon’s “Silly Sundays” and “Puffin Rock – The Movie” premiered at BLE – Licensing.biz



Five-time Oscar, Golden Globe, BAFTA and Emmy award-winning Irish animation studio Cartoon Saloon will take part in the Brand Licensing Expo (BLE) for the second time to showcase licensing and merchandising opportunities for two new preschool properties: the recently announced animation preschool series Silly Sundays and their new feature film Puffin Rock – The Movie. Also featured is Cartoon Saloon’s Irish folk trilogy, featuring Wolf walkers, The The secret of Kells and Song of the sea.

Brian Tyrrell, Managing Director of Cartoon Saloon, Licensing & Merchandise, says, “This is going to be an exciting BLE for Cartoon Saloon. In the preschool area, we present for the first time our new animated series, Silly Sundays, for which we have already had many discussions and seen great interest since we announced our agreement with WarnerMedia Kids & Family to air the series on the new Cartoonito preschool block on HBO Max and Cartoon Network, with RTE in Ireland. We are also proud to start Puffin Rock – The Movie, based on the award-winning hit series, which will debut in 2022.

“BLE will also give us the opportunity to talk to potential partners of the Cartoon Saloon Irish folk trilogy. With the completion of Wolf walkers, with his Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA nomination among his more than 100 award nominations and 45 accolades to date, as well as Oscar nominees Song of the sea and The secret of Kells, we’re excited to be working with potential licensing partners to create fan-driven products focused on the film trilogy that offer increased engagement between brands.

Silly Sundays is an animated comedy series that follows cousins ​​Sonia, Hugo and Mel on fun and unexpected adventures at their family reunions. Created by Oscar nominated producer Nuria González Blanco (Late afternoon), Silly Sundays will debut in 2023 on Cartoonito in the US, LATAM and EMEA, as well as RTE in Ireland.

Co-produced with long-time partner Dog Ears and Chinese partner CNB, Puffin Rock – The Movie, based on the Emmy-nominated preschool television series Puffin Rock (78 × 7), will debut in summer / fall 2022. The film sees the heroic Oona working with his new friend Ursula to save their island and a precious little egg, in an action-packed story that celebrates the puffins’ beautiful natural surroundings. The popular series has enjoyed international success, having received an International Emmy Award nomination, two Kidscreen Awards and a Royal Television Award, and has been a huge hit with preschool audiences. Puffin Rock streams worldwide on Netflix and Tencent in China, where it has been streamed over 170 million times, and on linear TV worldwide.

Cartoon Saloon will seek licensing partners for all properties in toys, clothing, games / puzzles, crafts, publishing, props and more.

Celtic magic, fantasy and mythology come to life in the famous Cartoon Saloon Irish folk trilogy, featuring three Oscar nominated modern animation classics.

The first trilogy offerings include a 4-disc Blu-ray box set that will be available December 14 in North America with GKIDS and Shout! Factory and UK / Ireland with Studio Canal. This deluxe set includes animations and bonuses for the three films never before released in North America and comes in eco-friendly packaging that reflects each film’s loving portrayal of the natural world.

Cartoon Saloon will develop a consumer products program for the trilogy in several key categories, including clothing, games, publishing and accessories, with a retail start expected in 2022.

About WolfWalkers: Located in Kilkenny, Ireland in the mid-17th century, Wolf walkers tells the story of Robyn Goodfellow, a young apprentice hunter who comes to Ireland with her father to wipe out the last pack of wolves. Her life changes after saving an Indigenous girl, Mebh, which allowed her to discover the Wolfwalkers and transform into what her father is tasked with destroying. Wolf walkers is co-produced with Luxembourg-based Melusine Productions in association with Shenzhen-based V&P Media and has won over 45 major awards as well as Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA nominations. Wolf walkers is available almost worldwide on Apple TV +.

About the Secret of Kells: The secret of Kells is a hauntingly animated fairy tale for children and adults that passionately tells the story of the provenance of Ireland’s most treasured artifact, the Book of Kells, combining stunning works of art influenced by medieval Irish illustrations. It was Cartoon Saloon’s first feature film and it was nominated for an Oscar in 2010. The film was a co-production with Vivi Film (Belgium) and Les Armateurs (France).

About the Song of the Sea: Song of the sea is inspired by the mythological Selkies of Irish folklore, who live like seals in the sea but become humans on land. Song of the sea was a co-production with Cartoon Saloon, Melusine Productions (Luxembourg), The Big Farm (Belgium), Nørlum (Denmark) and Superprod (France).

Also in production from Cartoon Saloon and for release in 2022 exclusively for Netflix is My father’s dragon, a major animated feature film production based on the 1948 bestselling Ruth Styles Gannet with a screenplay by Meg LeFauve.



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