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Hulk in the Comics vs. Hulk in the Movies – What’s the Difference?


Comic book readers often like to speculate what it might be like for their beloved superheroes to interact in real life. The MCU does a great job of encouraging similar debates, as do the comics.

However, this version of the Hulk differs greatly from the graphic novel adaptation. To make them work in the movies, many heroes, including the Scarlet Witch, require revisions like this. Unfortunately for the beloved green monster, this was also the case.

How powerful is the Hulk in the comics?

As any comic book reader knows, the Hulk has been featured in numerous stories that have explored a wide variety of themes and settings over the years. The Hulk’s power in his wrath, however, remained the same, as fans of the franchise noted on Quora.

When Banner gets really frustrated, he transforms into the Hulk. However, in literature, the Hulk’s strength increases with his anger. In reality, the Hulk’s power is proportional to the amount of radiation he absorbs.

Hulk’s rage and strength increased to the point that he could level worlds with a single punch.

Hulk in Marvel movies

Moviegoers on Reddit, however, pointed out that the Hulk never goes completely insane onscreen. In fact, Thor: Ragnarok nodded to graphic novels where it was established that the Hulk could annihilate worlds. After being stranded in Sakaar, the Son of Odin was forced to fight as a gladiator in Ragnarok.

There he had to face our green friend. On Sakaar, Hulk transforms into Worldbreaker Hulk and achieves exactly what his name implies, shattering worlds.

On the contrary, Banner has just been presented as an extremely powerful and aggressive character throughout the films. Thor, as well as Thanos, managed to defeat him, demonstrating that despite his great power, he is not invincible.

However, the Hulk has been shown in the films to have superhuman strength compared to the other Avengers. Hulk was the only one to use the Infinity Gauntlet and come out unscathed, unlike Iron Man who died from his heroic hitch.

Why is he the way he is?

Many comic book characters end up in outlandish or bizarre storylines, which makes for a really weird read. As a corollary, this implies that certain characters have the potential to become immensely strong, which is not necessarily a plus for films.

This is likely why Marvel chose to scale down the Hulk’s abilities; if they weren’t, he would be too strong compared to the other Avengers and villains.