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Lobo & Crush R-Rated Animated Series Almost Has Happened (And There Are Pictures)



Olan Rogers, creator of the animated show Final Space, recently posted footage of a discarded Lobo and Crush show that he featured on Warner Bros.

Olan Rogers, series creator Final space, recently revealed footage of a Lobo and Crush show that he once started. Projects involving Lobo have been the subject of discussion for years. In 2012, Dwayne Johnson opened up about playing the character in a movie directed by Brad Peyton. The project never happened and since then Johnson has approved Jeffrey Dean Morgan to play the character. Lobo has appeared on shows such as Young justice and Krypton. It was featured in the second season of that last show and was supposed to have a spin-off, but Krypton was canceled and so was the Lobo spin-off.

Lobo was introduced in DC Comic, Omega Men # 3, in 1983. He was born on the planet Czarnia and interacted with popular characters like Superman. He was originally used as a villain, but has since evolved into an antihero / bounty hunter. Since the personality change, DC fans have loved the character. Crush, another character who was scheduled to appear on this canceled show, is Lobo’s daughter. She first appeared in Teen Titans Special # 1 in 2018. Their DC Comics media appearances have been revered every time they show up, and fans wanted as much Lobo and Crush content as they could get.

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Now fans can get a taste of what a Lobo and Crush show might have looked like. Twitter user Up to TASK shared images of Rogers’ pitch to Warner Bros. that he recently published on LinkedIn. They show Lobo and Crush, along with a nice photo from space, and one of Lobo riding a creature as they fall from an explosion. Check out the images below:

These images show how much fun a Lobo and Crush show could have been. Rogers’ earlier work on Final space shows that it can make an exciting and fun story in space while giving adult themes to those who want it. The Lobo and Crush show would have had an R-rated feel, like the HBO Max Harley quinn spectacle. Harley quinn is known for its raunchy and adult content, while also managing to appeal to DC fans, so the Lobo and Crush show would likely have followed in his footsteps. A Lobo show would also be a smart move because the character is so popular.

Unfortunately for DC fans, it doesn’t look like there will be any Lobo content anytime soon. Olan Rogers’ footage reveals what appears to be a strong and thoughtful vision for Lobo and Crush take center stage in a series. Hopefully he and Crush can appear in more projects or get one soon, as DC’s attention to their villains has been high lately.

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Source: Up to TASK

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