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Nintendo is giving Seth Rogen his own Donkey Kong animated film?


There were a few raised eyebrows during the casting of Nintendo’s new cartoon Super Mario Bros.. film earlier this month, starring Chris Pratt as Mario under heavy internet fire. However, one of the best-received names on the list was Seth Rogen like Donkey Kong, and that can be a good thing as it looks like the character is getting his own spinoff movie with Rogen voicing the barrel-throwing monkey. According to the report of Giant monster robot, Fred Armisen will also reprise his role as Cranky Kong in the Illumination production.

Although he didn’t find fame as a hero in his own right, Donkey Kong first appeared as a villain in the 1981 arcade game Donkey Kong, which introduced the world to Mario, the fearless plumber who tried to avoid Kong’s attempts to knock him off platforms. with a series of rolling barrels as he made his way to save the princess. In 1994, Donkey Kong got a redesign with Donkey Kong Country, a classic scrolling platform game in which players took control of Kong as he collected items and tried to reach the end of levels without being killed by various enemies. Over the years, Nintendo has developed many sequels, which in turn brought an entire Kong family, an enemy called the Kremlings, and the generally seen version of Donkey Kong that has since appeared in people like Mario kart, an animated series and numerous merchandising items.

Although the news of the Donkey Kong movie is currently classified as a rumor, it seems to fit Nintendo’s larger plan as they continue to expand their Super Nintendo World to Universal Studios Japan, and follow the Super Mario Bros. with a character already popular as a spin-off would be a safe bet for both the gaming giant and Illumination, who were responsible for the Despicable Me and Minions films among other hits. There is a strong belief that if the film continues it will likely be teased in a post-credit scene from super mario bros. the same way Paramount did with Sonic the hedgehog by featuring Tails in the closing scene and announcing the next film in the franchise.

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Sure, Donkey Kong Country is a pretty solid starting point for a Kong-based big screen release, as not only does it have the basis of a story, but also brought with it Diddy Kong, one of the only sidekicks of video game characters from the story that failed to bore everyone who played the game. In short, there is nothing to suggest that news of this Donkey Kong movie won’t be confirmed anytime soon by Nintendo, as there is plenty of room for where the character might be taken, and that means a lot of potential for sequels and new games to follow if the film turns out to be a success. This news comes from Giant Freakin Robot.

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