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Spanish projects at the Cartoon Forum: detailed analysis


Eight animated television series projects involving Spanish companies will be presented to buyers and producers participating in the pitch sessions of the Cartoon Forum 2022, the main attraction of the event.

Well-known production companies showcasing their latest cartoon shows include In Efecto Atlantis, the Spanish-French studio behind Disney’s “Tara Duncan” series; “Sygnatia, the producer of the multi-award-winning animated film ‘Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles’. and Peekaboo Animation, creator of the worldwide hit series ‘I, Elvis Riboldi’.

Two of the selected Spanish projects (“My Brother is a T-Rez” and “Polka Dot Zebra”) target preschoolers; five titles (“Bertie’s Brainwaves”, “Best Friends Forever… Stranded!”, “Mervyn’s Album”, “The Little Orchestra” and “Zoey Oceans”) are intended for older children; “Firsts” is aimed at a family audience.

“The eight magnificent Spanish series demonstrate the wealth of knowledge and talent that Spain has generated since we started developing the industry in the 1960s,” says Nico Matji, president of Diboos, the Spanish federation of film producers. animation and VFX production companies.

Nine other Spanish production companies will present their latest projects in the promotional videos shared during the Cartoon Forum Croissants and Coffee Shows: 3 Doubles Producciones (“The Book of Dreams”), Barrios Producciones (“Annunaki Files”), DeAPlaneta Kids & Family (“Magic Lilly”), Hampa Studio (“Melbits”), Imagic Telecom (“Les Wawies”), Koyi Talent (“Yanco, Dina and the dinosaurs”), Pikkukala Barcelona (“Taste Buddies”), Teidees Audiovisuals (“ Jasmine & Jambo”) and Verjim Animation Studio (“Counting Sheep”).

Additionally, two Barcelona-based companies, Peekaboo Animation and GoldBee, are nominated for this year’s Cartoon Tributes for Best Producer and Best Investor/Distributor respectively.

Spanish projects at Cartoon Forum 2022

“Bertie’s Brainwaves” (TBC, Spain-UK)

Spanish-French studio In Efecto Atlantis, producer of Disney’s French Princess Sam Pictures series “Tara Duncan”, is teaming up with Britain’s Flickerpix to adapt David Roberts’ best-selling “Dirty Bertie”. In Efecto co-founder Raúl Carbó is producing this 52-episode, 11-minute adventure series project about a 10-year-old boy with a wild imagination.

Bertie’s Brainwaves

Courtesy of Cartoon Forum

“Best Friends Forever… Stranded!” (José Balbuena, Spain)

Barcelona-based Peekaboo Animation, producer of the hit series ‘I, Elvis Riboldi’ – sold in over 140 territories worldwide – is seeking co-production partners for this project, which centers on a clever rooster who dreams of becoming a famous writer. Peekaboo co-founder Iván Agenjo discovered Balbuena’s potential during a Cartoon Springboard edition. The goal is to start production in 2024.

Best Friends Forever… Stranded!

Courtesy of Cartoon Forum

“Firsts” (“Primeras”, Paloma Mora, Bambú Orellana, Spain-Chile)

An 11-minute anthology show in 13 episodes, retracing the life stories of women around the world who have become pioneers in fields hitherto reserved only for men. The project is produced by Paloma Mora of Valencia-based TV ON Producciones in partnership with Typpo Creative from Chile.


Courtesy of Cartoon Forum

“Mervyn’s Album” (Jody Gannon, Spain, Germany)

Produced by screenwriter Marie Beardmore at Barcelona’s Kick the Door, teaming up with Germany’s BigB, the project follows 10-year-old Mervyn, who is able to enter the world inside postage stamps. But the Stamp Realm also has a darker side: a group of questionable types plot to cross the gap between fantasy land and reality. A 52-episode 13-minute adventure series, targeting ages 6-9.

Mervin’s album

Courtesy of Cartoon Forum

“My brother is a T-Rez” (Javi Peces, Spain-Portugal)

Directed and produced by Javi Peces at Mr. Klaus Studio (“Bento”) in Madrid in co-production with Celine Fernandes of Lusco Fusco Animation in Portugal. A 52-episode show featuring Coco, a 6-year-old girl who loves to spend her time inventing stories with her little brother, a real big pink T-Rex.

My brother is a T-Rez

Courtesy of Cartoon Forum

“Polka dot Zebra,” (“Cebra con lunares”, Laura Blanco, Margarida Madeira, Spain-Portugal)

Upper preschool television series adaptation of the inclusive book of the same title by Ana Paula Catarino and Helena Perim. The story centers on Bella, a little zebra who, instead of stripes, was born with spots. Produced by Xosé Zapata at Sygnatia Studio (“Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles”, “Dragon Keeper”) and co-produced by Catarino’s Bro Cinema in Portugal, the series was bought by the Spanish public channel RTVE.

Polka Dot Zebra

Courtesy of Cartoon Forum

“The Little Orchestra” (“La orquestita”, Juan Carve, Martín Guido, Spain-Peru-Uruguay)

The adventures of a cool children’s rock band traveling the world, meeting strange characters and trying to reveal the secrets of music. Produced by Peter Keydel, founder of Mago Audiovisual Production from Barcelona, ​​in co-production with Apus Animación y Contenido from Peru and Chucho TV from Uruguay.

“Zoey Oceans” (Alice Guimarães, Spain)

A 13-minute, 26-minute adventure comedy about a 9-year-old girl who built an amphibious vehicle to search for her father, lost at sea. Only the cargo of rubber ducks she was carrying remains, appearing in the darkest places. more disparate on the planet. Awarded by Netflix and the female animation lobby Mianima, the project is produced by Carlota Pou at Studio Kimchi in Barcelona.

Zoey Oceans

‘Zoey Oceans’ / Credit: Cartoon Forum