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Watch: Wilmer Valderrama says Encanto’s role is “nothing short of an honor” in “Kimmel”




Wilmer Valderrama has spoken about his upcoming animated film “Encanto” on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”. File photo by Jim Ruymen / UPI | License photo

November 17 (UPI) – Wilmer Valderrama has discussed his participation in Disney’s upcoming animated film Encanto appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The actor said on Tuesday he was in tears after watching a retrospective video that recounted every movie from Walt Disney Animation Studios. The clip then featured Encanto as the studio’s 60th film.

“Being the 60th movie and the legacy of movies that shaped so much how we question life and how we dream about things and how we believe in ourselves… I mean our whole childhood,” Valderrama told Kimmel .

“It is nothing less than an honor,” he continued.

Valderrama voices Agustín in Encanto, which hits theaters on November 24.

The film follows an exceptional family who live in a magical house in the Columbia Mountains. Stéphanie Beatriz voices Mirabel, who is the only member of her family without magical powers.

Valderrama also discussed the birth of her baby girl Nakano with her finacious Amanda Pacheco in February,

The 41-year-old said he did the most inside the delivery room and asked Pacheco what music she wanted to play.

“She’s pushing and she says ‘Push It’ and you know what, she pushed it really well,” recalls Valderrama of playing the track Salt-N-Pepa.