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William Shatner’s Tekwar could get TV series and media reboot



Boris Vallejo's Tek Secret cover insert.

Cover insert of Tek Secret by Boris Vallejo.
Picture: The sons of GP Putnam

Star Trek was not William shatneris the only foray into science fiction. He also created TekWar, a nine-novel cyberpunk mystery series that was big enough in the ’90s to spawn one TV series, four TV movies, a comic book, and a video game. Now, TekWar is almost forgotten, although that may change in the near future.

Pure Imagination Studios has partnered with Shatner to adapt the series into a “mixed reality adult animated series” to be developed by the former Star Wars: The Clone Wars chief screenwriter Matt Michnovetz. The plan is, in a nutshell, ambitious – so-called “viewers will be able to participate in the show in various forms of technology via mobile devices, tablets or portable devices.” The series can be viewed on its own, but the level of immersion in the series, its characters and its technology is enhanced by being able to be part of the narrative, ”according to a press release.

The TekWar novels begin in 2043, where a drug /“The bi-digital microchip called Tek is the hottest product in the world. Jon Cardigan, a former police officer who has previously been charged with trafficking Tek, teams up with Sid Gomez to solve Tek-related crimes in Greater Los Angeles, pitting them against criminals, drug cartels and a mysterious government agency called Office of Clandestine Operations. While Shatner described the stories in the books, they were written by ghosts by the extremely prolific author Ron Goulart. Despite the franchise’s old popularity, I don’t think we can be sure that a new TekWar the series will actually hit screens. First of all, the popularity of the series has waned dramatically since its heyday. Likewise, there is no advertised network or streaming service, which means these guys are going to have to tour an unsolicited series with a limited fan base. What if you watch Pure Imagination body of work, his hasn’t done anything quite as grand as this, which means it maybe overpromising what he Can deliver.

But I’ll be happy to be wrong. Since the only plan announced for this TekWar the reboot is “we’re going to get there”, obviously there’s no release date, but if that happens, I suspect it would air in 2023 at the earliest. If there is any more real news on this, we will definitely let you know.

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